13 Best Employee Productivity Monitoring Software in 2024

13 Best Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

Here is a list of 13 best employee productivity Monitoring software in 2024. Choose the best software to streamline operations and drive success in the workplace.

Attention Managers and Business Owners!

Are you noticing your employees slacking off, not being their best, and you are unable to detect why? Well, the reason very well could be the tanking productivity. And since we believe that prevention is better than cure, it’s time we turn towards technology for help.

Employee productivity Monitoring software are the best resort to empower managers with features to assess their teams’ quality of work and improve task completion time. The best part, all this can be done without micromanaging employees’ day-to-day work.

Employee Productivity Software- What are they?

Did you know?

67.6% of employers with 500 or more employees utilise employee monitoring software to effectively track and monitor their employees’ activities.

Employee productivity Monitoring apps provide you with real time insights into your team members’ performance and engagement. With the appropriate tool, you can monitor employee activity for mobile devices, remote teams, and more.

These software have common features such as:

  • Automatic time and location tracking
  • Employee behaviour analytics
  • Productivity reports on employee time and productivity
  • Integrated task management software to monitor how much time staff members spend on particular tasks.

Nowadays, modern productivity tools are topped with automation, which continuously and dynamically analyses and tracks employee productivity in the background.  With this data, you can produce an extensive report that will assist you in the effective management of your employees’ performance.

13 Best Employee Productivity Monitoring Software in 2024

1. TrackoField

TrackoField -Employee Tracking Software

Let’s begin the list with TrackoField, which is way more than a simple employee monitoring software. The software is a whole army itself. It has solutions that automate task assigning, performance and productivity analysis, and workflow management in a second. Its highly accurate real-time locational updates let you gain complete visibility of the in-office or on-the-field employees.

TrackoField features include:

  • Geocoded attendance management: Allowing employees to mark their attendance only when they reach their first task location to get the correct punch-in and out time.
  • Allocated task tracking: Besides allocating tasks remotely, managers can track real time status of the tasks assigned to better understand employees’ time utilisation.
  • Analytical reports: Reports for exactly measuring employee productivity, performance qualities, task assigned vs completed and behaviour analysis are auto-generated in real time.
  • Real-time tracking: Keep a tab on remote employee locations and activities in real time to avoid idealing or time theft.
  • Order management: Managers are notified whenever their field sales rep places an order.

2. ClickUp


If you are looking to supercharge your employees’ productivity, then ClickUp is what you need. It is a comprehensive employee productivity tracking software that is designed to improve collaboration among your team. With ClickUp, expect enhanced visibility without having to indulge in unessential meetings and repetitive updates.

ClickUp Features Include:

  • Time Tracking: An employee activity tracking tool that works with any device to improve productivity monitoring. There’s even a Chrome browser extension included.
  • Dashboard: A productivity-boosting tool that offers thorough and advanced insights into individual projects.
  • ClickUp Goals: A function that links intended results to active work, improving task management and increasing the strategic nature of your work.
  • Project Views: Your teams can access a range of options to gain more insights into their work in a manner that works for them.
  • ClickUp Docs: Real-time editing features that can be used by teams of any size and increase the productivity of your remote workforce.

3. Teramind


Teramind is a dedicated employee monitoring software. It is helping businesses strengthen security, improve employee productivity and manage compliance with a single, scalable solution. With its data driven behaviour analytics, businesses are able to optimise their process and create a much more efficient system.

Teramind Features include:

  • Sophisticated business intelligence reports that provide useful insights for user activity monitoring.
  • Tools for managing employee privacy that safeguard sensitive corporate information without sacrificing the efficacy of monitoring.
  • Remote video recording that verifies suspected employee behaviour to enhance employee monitoring.
  • Remote desktop access and keystroke recording that stops malicious activities before they endanger the business.

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Time Doctor’s automatic time-tracking solution is perfect for employee productivity 2024. This is because it lets you know where the team excels and where it needs assistance individually. Plus, Time Doctor’s insight lets managers recognise strong performers, building team morale.

Time Doctor’s Features include:

  • When an employee turns on their computer, it starts automatically, making monitoring attendance and work hours simpler.
  • Option for automated time tracking, meaning Time Doctor can start watching as soon as a worker begins a task.
  • Teams can use productivity ratings for individual sites to determine where their time is most effectively spent.
  • Keystroke logging called idle tracking, detects when staff members aren’t using their keyboards or mouse or are inactive.

5. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a popular employee productivity tracking app that possesses an extensive list of features. This list definitely includes remote workforce management and automated time tracking features. The app plays a vital role in keeping in office and remote teams on track with real time insights.

Hubsatff’s Features include

  • Employee scheduling and time tracking are made simple by automated timesheets.
  • Geofencing employee tracking allows individual team members to use.
  • Self-managed productivity tools, like habit tracking and daily stand-up monitoring, to keep track of how much time each team member spends at each job site.
  • Integrations with Hubstaff Tasks and Talent, extending your employee-monitoring suite with task and HR management.

6. ActivTrak


Activtrack with its software for tracking time and employee monitoring, ActivTrak provides businesses with an automated solution for tracking employee activity, productivity, and time.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, employees and business owners can effectively manage their time and maximise productivity throughout the day.

ActivTrack’s Features include

  • A thorough dashboard of workforce intelligence that offers deep insights into team performance.
  • For workers who are dispersed, automated time monitoring and location analytics improve productivity tracking.
  • You can determine the possible impact of organisational changes on team performance with the use of impact analysis.
  • With the help of advanced reporting, you can evaluate how well your top worker performs on a particular task and share the results with your team.

7. I Done This

I Done This

I Done This is a simple time-tracking software that also has some task management features. Its deliberately minimal feature set aims to maximise worker productivity.

I Done This enhances engagement and perspective by enabling managers and other team members to like and comment on done reports, providing a manager with valuable insights to gauge the team’s sentiment.

I Done This Features include

  • A feature called daily check-in that enables team members to promptly inform others of their progress every morning.
  • A feature for commenting on reports that enable explanations for a variety of work.
  • Supervisors and their teams can celebrate victories and grow from setbacks when they have a synchronised team.
  • Implementation and daily use are made simple by a clear, simplified interface.

8. ProofHub


ProofHub is the productivity tracking app best to use if you’re looking for a project management-focused tool. It enhances your basic employee-monitoring features with simple and intuitive project management, enabling you to gradually increase productivity and engagement.

ProofHub Features include

  • Time-tracking tools that are directly integrated into specific tasks.
  • Workflows and custom fields that make even the most unusual projects possible.
  • Reporting at the employee level that simplifies team monitoring.
  • Integration of Slack and Microsoft Teams that facilitates communication with your remote workers.

9. Teamwork


What is better than Teamwork to trace employee performance across every project, team, and client? Even though Teamwork’s main purpose is project management, there are still a lot of options for increasing employee productivity. You can increase team productivity while fostering engagement through the use of time tracking and resource management.

Teamwork Features include:

  • Team capacity is balanced for more realistic, balanced workloads with the aid of advanced reports and management features.
  • Users can keep client records, including correspondence and financial information, in one location with the help of client management features.
  • Better recurring revenue management is made possible by keeping track of time, spending, and budgets.

10. SmartTask


SmartTask is another project management program. It is a useful productivity-tracking software tool because of its time-tracking features. With the ability to track time spent on tasks automatically and manually, each team member will be able to better understand the needs and outcomes of the project.

SmartTask Features include:

  • Time and money tracking are automatically incorporated into advanced project reports for more thorough insights.
  • The tool’s extensive customisation options make it appropriate for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • Onboarding and free training facilitate the initial setup process.

11. Insightful


Many organisations use Insightful, a popular employee monitoring tool, to keep tabs on the time and output of their staff members. Businesses can view employee performance, manage workflow effectively, and produce thorough reports all from one web-based platform.

Insightful features include:

  • Sort time and attendance by timeframe, schedule shifts based on past data, and easily export attendance data for payroll.
  • Track time on projects and tasks, identify workflow bottlenecks and use time insights to better manage resources.

12. Timechamp


Time Champ is a one-stop shop that assists companies in tracking down and cutting down on lost time while increasing worker productivity.

It offers a dashboard that enables managers to document daily information on employee activity while effectively identifying issues and using analytics to solve workplace problems.

Timechamp features include:

  • Automatically monitor and record late arrivals for precise attendance management.
  • Its application usage insights feature improveteam’s tech optimisation and visibility of tool usage. 
  • Track employee activities with the Monitor Tab: keystrokes, mouse movements, screenshots, screen recordings, audio tracking, and location tracking.

13. Whatfix


Whatfix is not necessarily an employee productivity tracking software but is a digital adoption platform. It simplifies organisational processes and drives productivity levels by providing employees with on-demand training on the software they use on a daily basis.

Features like in-app guides, walkthroughs and flows, self-help FAQs, and task lists improve employee productivity. Whatfix helps employees understand their tasks by offering contextual resources directly in your team’s software apps, thereby reducing third-party intervention and saving time.


Decreasing employee productivity and engagement leads to missed deadlines, unfilled tasks, and expectations. Using employee productivity monitoring software is proving to be a successful strategy for gaining insights into the workings of the workforce.

Some level of tracking is essential in every company, team, and industry to improve accountability and overall growth of the employee and organisation. Using employee tracking software helps eliminates micromanaging and balances employee productivity and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Benefits of Employee Productivity Monitoring Software?

    Some of the benefits of using employee productivity monitoring software are:
    - Improve Employee Engagement and productivity
    - Identifies struggle and Internal Problems
    - Efficiently Track Attendance and Effort
    - Effective Project Management
    - Increases Security and Safety

  • Which is the best employee productivity tracking software in 2024?

    Some of the best employee productivity tracking tools in 2024 are:
    - TrackoField
    - Hubstaff
    - ProofHub
    - Doctor Time
    - ActivTrak

13 Best Employee Productivity Monitoring Software in 2024

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