Automated Workflow Management: Latest Task Management Update by TrackoField

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What’s new in TrackoField? Haven’t you heard of the Workflow management solution, the latest addition to our Task Management module?

Software without updates is like a watch without time. The former makes no sense without the latter. 

A farsighted software provider will strive to bring new features, useful solutions, and up-to-date UI/UX for a better user experience. With technology growing at a lightning-fast speed, so are customer/user expectations.

So here we are, with the latest addition to the Task management solution of TrackoField – Workflow management!

What is Workflow Management?

Workflow management involves designing, optimising, and monitoring the sequence of tasks and activities within a business setup. It ensures efficient task allocation, progress tracking and resource utilisation. 

Workflow management is crucial in any industrial domain that involves multiple-level task execution. Workflow automation is equally imperative for in-office and on-field enterprise operations in this time and age. 

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Why is Task Management Module Important in Employee Tracking Apps?

Task management solution is the most relevant and important module in the employee management software. The entire concept of employee monitoring stands on the foundation of task monitoring. Everything from resource assessment to performance tracking relies on the task module to assess the metrics.

Let’s understand the importance of task management in the employee tracking app.. 

  • Progress Tracking

The task monitoring system tracks tasks in real-time, allowing you to see what’s completed, pending, or delayed, streamlining project management. 

  • Productivity Enhancement

Efficient task allocation and time management improve employee output and resource utilisation, increasing overall productivity. With numbers and data accessible to everyone, an inner urge to perform well kicks regularly. 

  • Workflow Transparency

The software provides visibility into task assignment, progress and execution w.r.t. to time and resources involved. This promotes accountability and allows clear communication within the team. 

  • Easy Collaboration

With all the historical and shared data available on the software, task details and other information easily accessible on the app, the scope for miscommunication is very slim. Features like chat, custom forms and alerts make this a cakewalk. 

  • Data-driven Insights

Analysing task data helps in identifying trends at individual and team levels. Spot anomalies and areas of improvement for better decision-making backed by insights.  

  • Goal Alignment 

Numbers and data put things in perspective. Analysing task vs. achievement is the small part of the bigger picture. Tasks are aligned with overarching company objectives, ensuring that every effort contributes to the organisational goals. 

  • Operational efficiency

All the things mentioned above come together to work wonders in enhancing operational efficiency. Automation of task reminders and notifications streamlines processes, reducing manual efforts and errors. Thus enhancing operational efficiency. 

NOTE: Automated workflow management is one level up of the existing task module. In the next software update, workflow automation will be incorporated into the TrackoField Apps. 

What Makes Task Management Solution by TrackoField Different?

The task module of the TrackoField app is the most applauded solution for its seamlessness and accuracy. Automated workflow management will take the task management game to another level. 

What’s so special about the Task Management Solution? 

  • Easy Scheduling and Allocation

After we integrate TrackoField with your CRM or ERP solutions to fetch order/lead details, everything after that is easy peasy. You can allocate tasks to the best-suited and available agent on the field. The calendar view makes weekly or monthly task scheduling convenient for managers.

  • Self Allocation 

TrackoField allows self-allocation to the field employees if the business model is such. Managers can grant task creation, edit and allocation access to employees and voila, it’s done. Don’t worry, you get reports for every action performed on the app. 

  • Ad Hoc Tasks

Have everything planned for the day or the week already, and something urgent comes up at the end moment? We allow easy allocation of ad-hoc tasks without compromising on optimal task planning. How? That’s a secret recipe. We shall discuss that over a coffee at our office. 

  • Group of Tasks (GOT)

This is where automated workflow management fits! The GOT as the name suggests is a set of multiple tasks to be performed over a short or a long time span. Once the task is created in the name of a client/customer or user, the system automatically generates a strategic workflow w.r.t. optimal timeline. 

  • Location and Time Check

TrackoField’s task management or workflow management solution comes with location and time checks. What does it mean? 

Location check: Field executives can’t start or end the task from anywhere other than the assigned location.

Time check: Employee can’t start or end the task before or after the stipulated time. 

This is absolutely optional for managers to use depending on their business operations. 

  • Scan Support

It seems like a very minimal feature, but the scanner on the app has many crucial use cases. They come in handy when extracting the details of the order or product. Scan and go works as the fastest POD method. Everything happens in a matter of a few clicks.  

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Task Management Software v/s Workflow Management Software

As I said earlier, workflow automation is the upgraded version of our task management module. Thereby, it-obvisouly-is the advanced version of the solution. Nonetheless, we’ll clear the picture with a point-to-point comparison. 

Scope of Action 
Primarily focuses on individual or team-level task assignment, tracking and completion Includes the design, automation and monitoring of the entire process, including task sequence and interdependencies. 
Deals with specific to-do tasks, often at a micro-level.  Broader process orchestration, incorporating tasks as part of a larger workflow. 
Offers limited automation, such as task reminders and report generation. Manual task allocation.  Pre-defined rules and triggers, automate the entire process from one task to another.
Suitable for specific and single-level task flow processes.  Apt for more complicated, multi-level task processes. 

Industrial Applications of Automated Workflow Management.

While TrackoField’s task management module is quite equipped to streamline field operations, workflow automation is one level advanced. What could be the possible applications of automated workflow management?

In this time and age, there could be a million but we’ll discuss a few!

  • Appliance Delivery and Installation 

Once the manufacturer receives the order for an electronic appliance, the system shoots the lead to the nearest dealer. Then the task gets assigned to the available delivery agent. Once the order is delivered, task two is assigned to the technical expert, who assembles or mounts the appliance as required. 

Later, the third task is assigned to the engineer, who would brief them about the usage and instruction. 

Once all the tasks are done as per the stipulated timeline, the group of tasks(GOT) is considered complete. 

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  • Appointment for Services

Appointment services such as internet installation and pest control require more than one visit at a certain interval. In order to ensure streamlined task allocation, execution and assessment, automated workflow management has to step in. 

Similar to the above-mentioned use case, the lead is arranged into a group of tasks – right from sight visit to connection availability check, then modem installation to wiring. Until the last of the tasks is completed and the customer shares the happiness Code/OTP, the GOT is considered incomplete. 

  • Business Process Automation

Other than operational workflow automation, the TrackoField app is of benefit in automating business processes too. It orchestrates tasks related to inspecting, assigning, and ensuring quality work. Workflow automation helps maintain consistency, reduces errors and ensures compliance with deadlines. 

This fits in well in any industrial domain that involves multi-stage workflow and remote operations. Where movement monitoring is involved real-time location tracking comes in handy. 

Will the Workflow Automation Add Value to the Existing Working Model?


With time, businesses are not just realising the importance of automation but also adopting it. Only those who gauge technology’s true worth scale and prosper. Hence, catering to the evolving needs of the customers and users.

Just like before, our employee monitoring software is perfectly adaptable to any working model, business size or industry. As far as value addition is concerned, it will totally enhance the efficiency of your team and reflect the improvement in numbers too. How?

Simply by optimizing the workflow, bridging the gaps with automation, reducing human errors and displaying productivity in legitimate numbers. This will infuse the quality of smart work in employees and instil the attitude to perform better.

Automated Workflow Management: Latest Task Management Update by TrackoField

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