How and Why You Should Use Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless

How and Why You Should Use Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless

Field force management software does all the obvious to generate profits – track employees, log tasks, and manage attendance.

However, it also soars business profits by managing documents digitally. 

With FFM software, your executives and managers only need to log documents on the cloud. No more hefty files and hectic paper documentation!

Going paperless helps save time, money, and space in your organization (and trees outside of it!) So, we will inscribe this digital page with why your organization should use FFM software to go paperless.  

Why Ditch Physical Paperwork?

How and Why You Should Use Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless

As we mentioned before, going paperless helps your business save time, money, and space. Moreover, it also safeguards the environment by preventing trees from getting chopped.

While the above are some obvious concerns for an organization, physical documentation poses the following unexpected threats too.

  • Hard Organization: Regardless of your filing skills, organizing physical paperwork is always cumbersome. There will always be a file of miscellaneous documents that you do not know what to do with. 
  • Difficulty in Locating: Paper documents generally take so much physical space that finding them in a hurry can be difficult. There is no other way than to browse through a huge pile of sheets when looking for anything remotely distant in your mind. 
  • Mood Boosting: Research shows that the more paperwork executives have to carry on the field, the more they’ll be stressed. When your organization goes paperless, you will be obviating a massive stressor from your executives’ lives. 
  • Inflexibility: Once something is on paper, it cannot be reversed or changed. Therefore, even if you make the slightest of mistakes, you will have to rewrite or re-print the entire document causing massive wastage! 
  • Confidentiality: Anybody can quickly get a document from your executive’s bag, copy it, and put it back. Similarly, executives can mistakenly drop or lose important papers. But confidential paperwork should not be left that vulnerable! 

How Does Easy Documentation Through Field Force Management Software Increase Business Profits

Field force management software plays an important role in digitizing the documentation environment in an organization. Digital documents, resultantly, play a vital role in increasing profits. Let’s see how! 

1. Reducing Operational Costs 

Saving money through negating paperwork might sound frugal, but it is not. If you calculate the amount of money that goes into physical paperwork, you will be surprised. 

After all, it is not just the papers, but also the printing costs, pens, and other supporting stationary costs that are included in this estimation. Physical paperwork comes with several secondary costs such as clerical fees that go unnoticed until you go paperless. 

Through field force management software, all you need is a computer and a keyboard. You never have to print the document and it is easily stored and organized on the cloud. Therefore, your organization saves a lot of money spent on secondary paperwork costs. 

2. Better Utilisation of Time

Three things defeat productivity while adhering to manual paperwork:

  • Time spent on clerical work 
  • Time wasted in locating documents
  • Rewriting mistakes in a document 

With digitized paperwork, organizing becomes so simple that you do not have to care about the clerical work. Moreover, you can also easily locate documents by using the search and locate function on any field employee tracking software

Digital paperwork is also re-writable. Therefore, even if you make a mistake, all you need to do is hit backspace instead of rewriting the whole thing. 

3. Increased Flexibility 

A paperless organization is a flexible organization. Field force management software such as TrackoField allows custom fields and forms. Therefore, employees and managers only have to make small changes to pre-made forms instead of rewriting entire documents. 

Moreover, this flexibility allows companies to personalize their forms for clients, increasing overall customer relations. 

4. Digital Calculations 

Digital documents allow executives, managers, or clients to input information that they can apply formulas to solve simple problems. Therefore, while calculating field expenditure or client invoices, instead of resorting to fault-prone manual calculations, digital calculations come in handy. 

Even in case, there will be some variables, all you have to do is change a few figures and the software will recalculate everything automatically. 

Even if an executive doesn’t want to calculate things on the software, just uploading all bills on the cloud negates faults. 

5. Complete Privacy 

With field force management software, managers and executives can store all documents in one place. Moreover, they can also protect all these documents behind a login password. Such cloud storage also saves documents from getting lost or being handled by the wrong hands. 

Going paperless is a step further into safeguarding your field force operations’ privacy and safety. 

6. Contactless Documentation

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, transactions should be as contactless as possible. 

Digitizing your organization’s all documents is a major step towards protecting your clients and executives from physical contact. People on all levels can fill, review, edit, and view the documents on personal devices, significantly hurdling the spread of the virus. 

Summing Up 

Workforce management software such as TrackoField is a spectacular way of managing a field operative team. Not only does it make everything more secure and hassle-free, but also helps businesses save a lot of precious resources. 

Future organizations will go completely paperless, so taking the first step towards that digitalization with FFM software will prove profitable for your business.

How and Why You Should Use Field Force Management Software to Go Paperless

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