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With Field Order Management Software

Discover how order management software helps track, place orders, and optimise all order data from a single dashboard — without delay!

Quick receiving and processing of sales orders is what keeps your field staff’s productivity on top and your customers super happy!

If you ask any experienced field staff, they will tell you how chaotic it is to organise and manage orders. Especially, if there is no automated sales order management software in place. Imagine them having a responsibility to manage hundreds of paper-based orders — almost on a daily basis.

Manual sales order processing can be full of delays, inaccuracies, and even miscommunications. All this can become costly if it happens on a continuous basis. This is when you need the best sales order management software to your rescue.

How Does the Best Mobile Order Management Software Define Business Success?

Here’s how feature-rich order automation software helps define the success of the delivery and distribution businesses. 

  • Ability to Take Orders on the Go

Ability to Take Orders on the Go

Automate the entire process of managing orders!

Field service order management software makes it easy to take orders on the move. It lets anyone, be it MR or any sales rep, place instant orders. Managers get an update within a few seconds whenever their field staff places any new order.

This adds more efficiency to the order placing as it leads to:

  • Faster order processing
  • Easy placing of any ad-hoc orders
  • Real-time visibility on each order placed
  • Selective Product Listing

Manage Extensive Product Lists

Manage Extensive Product Lists

Field order management software helps create and display an exhaustive product list. The product list created can be visible selectively. What is selectively, you may ask? It means managers can control which field staff can view the product list or which cannot. 

Modern workforce management software comprising an order management tool lets managers make product lists visible based on:

  • Teams (very suitable for field staff with cross-functional order management)
  • Location (maybe product teams are divided region-wise and have different order placement needs)
  • Product category (useful when a business has diverse products)

The software makes it easy to monitor product inventory in real-time. Moreover, it allows field agents to apply custom pricing and discount orders.

  • Distance Travelled Reports

Trace Path Followed by Each Executive

Trace Path Followed by Each Executive

Every field manager’s aim at the end is more than getting order requests. They want to know which of their field staff is more capable and works hard to bring more orders by walking miles and fulfilling all tasks as assigned.

Field sales management software makes it easy to track the real-time movement of employees in the field. It gives accurate data on their field staff’s:

  • Total distance travelled (best when you have to pay per mile/Km travelled)
  • Current location and whereabouts
  • Total tasks completed 

This feature comes with a playback option. This means that managers at any point can run their executives’ distance travelled reports (for past months) — to look through any gaps or highlight any achievements.

Real-Time Order Tracking Software – Serving Vast Businesses!

TrackoField order management solutions cater to various business models, be it D2C sales model, van sales, or else.

  • Van Sales

Van sales is the most common model of the FMCG sector. It requires ad-hoc order creation and fulfillment at a quick turnaround. Executives with automated sales order tracking solutions find it easy to take orders on the go while managers instantly receive notifications of every sales information.

  • B2B Distributors

Our order management feature supports the traditional sales business models that usually begin from manufacturers and then lead to distributors and retailers. Our sales force management software feature makes it easy for managers to assign tasks to field sales executives to visit their dealers and obtain purchase orders for each step.

  • Direct Sales

Our software is adaptable for both direct sales comprising inbound and outbound sales. Totally suitable for every scenario, be it when you have inbound direct sales where the customer contacts the supplier or outbound ones where the supplier directly visits the customer with deals and offers.

Manage Sales Orders Through All Stages With…


The classic and automation-driven sales order tracking app by TrackoField helps fill the gap between clients’ requirements and suppliers’ ability to meet them. With our software solution, we ensure you stay confident in your field team utilisation and achieve the highest productivity. 

With one click, easily manage, place, and track sales orders and ensure they are approved without any issues. Imagine having order automation software that lets you:

  • Meet the business outcomes your customers demand.
  • Speed up invoices and cash flow.
  • Build relationships that drive new service revenue.

Now don’t just imagine and start with a free trial today!

Order Management Software

FAQs on Field Order Management Software

  • What is order automation software?

    Order automation software is a newfound platform to automate order scheduling, approval, and management. The best software solution to let field sales executives remotely process purchase orders from the client site itself.

  • Who can use order automation software?

    Order planning software is useful for businesses requiring field remote or sales staff to take orders on the go. It is ideal for managerial employees and the field sales team that want to speed up order scheduling, approval, and management processes.

  • What to look for in an ideal order optimization software?

    A good sales order tracking system should help automate the entire order placing, measuring, and approval process. It should have key features that help review the product inventory and take a look at the distance travel report of field executives' order status.

Field Order Management Software – Automate Order Placing

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