How to Automate Field Staff Scheduling and Dispatching? Easy Ways

Optimize field Service Scheduling dispatching

Learn how you can automate field staff scheduling and dispatching while streamlining the process, improving efficiency, and ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Are you tired of putting your field workforce through last-minute schedule changes? Experiencing delays as your staff picks inefficient routes for client visits? 

Is that so? Looks like your field service organization isn’t putting efforts into optimizing field service dispatching and management. 

Today, increasing operational efficiency to enhance customer satisfaction is everything. And the aforementioned is not possible to achieve without technological solutions like field service route management software.

Find how field service scheduling and management software with innovative solutions, including GPS-enabled field workforce tracking, automated scheduling, and route optimization tools — empowers your field service tasks.

What is Field Service Management?

Field service management is a process where you organise and optimise activities or services outside the office or in the customer field. Field services involve  appointment-based or after-sales services you provide to keep up your customers’ trust and value for a long time. (Yup, customers like Steve who trust your AC maintenance services).

And people visiting for consultations, sales, repair and maintenance, customer support, and regular inspections are called – Field service staff/executives  (aka superheroes).

Optimal scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring of field staff is very important. One wrong move while planning resources can flood your email box with customer complaints (seeding serious trust issues).

Let’s now learn how optimizing field Service dispatching can make a difference to your business.

Ditch Manual Field Service Scheduling – Right Now!

In the time when customers look for on-demand delivery of services 24×7, are you still doing manual field service scheduling? That’s Bad!

Let’s imagine, you are a superhero managing everything manually through emails, excel, or Betty (the assistant who calls and assigns tasks to field staff). Phew,…exhaustive!!!

These old-school methods only make the task of scheduling complex, error-prone, and time-consuming. Plus, you cannot optimise tasks when an executive calls in sick or there is bad weather, or there are last-minute changes in the job. Coordinating every task manually is seriously messy. 

Whether you are an app-driven pest control company or an appliance brand with services under warranty, you need automation and digitisation through software. You need a field service management software that lets you:

  • Automatically assign tasks and allocate field jobs
  • Know the current whereabouts or availability of riders or field executives 
  • Do order and expense management 

Don’t worry, Betty’s job won’t go anywhere; she can quickly learn the software.

Before & After Field Staff Scheduling

Automate Field Staff Scheduling and Dispatching With Field Management Software

If you are a business with a field force, you need an automated field service planning solution to optimise scheduling and dispatching of executives. 

1. Easy Field Service Scheduling & Dispatching

With software, managers can easily arrange employee schedules, and plan service appointments and unexpected work order completion timelines. Thus, improving field service efficiency. The field service management software sends real-time notifications to the field staff and assigns tasks digitally to each one of them.

Dispatch management solution allows dispatchers to plan, allocate, and assign tasks to field service agents based on their availability and capacity. 

💡 Geo-tagged Task Allocation

💡 Ad-hoc Job Delegation

💡 Accurate Performance Reports

💡 User-preferred time slots

2. Route Planning and Optimisation 

To meet consumers’ service requests in a faster and cost-effective manner, field services need effective route planning and optimisation. It helps with optimal field service route planning; helpful for saving time on the road.

Route optimisation feature makes it easy to find the most optimised routes for any scheduled field service appointments by evaluating over 120 factors like traffic, weather, capacity, priority & more. 

With our field service scheduling and route optimization software, executives can plan their appointments and find the most optimal route. The software offers a well-displayed digital map that lets riders input their destination and identify the most optimal routes to honor service tasks, without delaying TAT.

What You Get —> 

  • Optimised field service routes in real-time.
  • Minimum delivery time.
  • Scheduling, tracking, and allocation of work orders.
  • Dispatcher-friendly platform with dynamically arranged addresses.
  • Reduction in idle time and wasted mileage.
  • Reduced fuel costs with shortest routes.

3. Simplified Workflow Calendar

The field service management app helps streamline the process of assigning and tracking service work orders – through a centralised workflow calendar.

Managers through workflow calendars can easily plan daily, weekly, or monthly tasks or service appointments for each executive. Each task entails a further detailed description and complete task details for the field service executives to comprehend. 

4. Staff Roster Management 

The system with advanced settings & dashboard, makes it easy to automate field executive roster management — right from service order allocation to processing. Our last-mile delivery software displays the total number of executives and vehicles available with complete shift timing and day’s availability. 

Based on that, you can evaluate what combination of vehicles and service executives will work out the best —  without any wastage of time, space, and cost.

Achieve Automation Like Urban Company

How Does Brand Like Urban Company Optimise Field Service Dispatching?

This service-based business simplifies the process of scheduling and dispatching like a pro by using scheduling software for field service organizations:

  • For Field Service Scheduling, Urban Company has an intuitive mobile app and a web platform through which customers can book services. 
  • When a customer requests a service, the system checks the availability of service professionals ( called “partners” or “experts”) based on their location, availability, and skill set.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, the software system assigns the job to the most suitable service professional in real-time.
  • The assignment takes into account factors like the proximity of the professional to the customer’s location and the type of service required.
Route Optimization
  • To optimize routes for service professionals, Urban Company’s software uses field service route management algorithms that consider various factors such as traffic conditions, distance, and the order of scheduled appointments.
  • This ensures that service professionals pick the most optimal routes and complete their appointments right on time.
Real-Time Tracking
  • Both customers and Urban Company’s operational teams can track the real-time location of service professionals using the app.
  • This transparency helps in better management and communication.
Dynamic Scheduling
  • Urban Company’s software continually updates schedules based on real-time events.
  • For example, if a service professional is running late due to unexpected traffic, the system automatically reschedules their next appointment to minimize delays.

Just like this brand, you too can automate field staff allocation. Through field service management software, you can simplify field service — right from order management, and dispatch planning to route optimisation and on-field rider management.

Empower your business with features like real-time tracking, intelligent scheduling algorithms, and seamless communication to automate and optimize the allocation of tasks to field personnel. Experience field service with automated scheduling & dispatching, with TrackoMile!

Optimise Appointment Based Services

FAQs on Field Service Dispatching

  • What is field service dispatching?

    Field service dispatching is when the company sends technicians, specialists, or engineers to a client’s site to troubleshoot a problem.

  • Which is the best field service management software?

    TrackoField is the best field service management software that lets you track, monitor, and manage field staff without spying.

How to Automate Field Staff Scheduling and Dispatching? Easy Ways

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