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What is Field Service Scheduling?

Field service scheduling is all about effectively assigning and managing service tasks, appointments, or tasks to skilled technicians or service specialists. The process involves efficiently allocating mobile resources like technicians, equipment to surpass customers' expectations by ensuring effective and timely service delivery. The process is managed via an automated field service scheduling software.

What Difference Does a Field Service Scheduling Software Make?

Automation-enabled field tasks or service scheduling systems provide a digital touch that aid in:
  • Managing technician's shifts and schedules in real-time.

  • Assigning jobs to field technicians based on their availability, skills, and proximity.

  • Navigating them to the task or job site via optimised routes.

How to Automate Field Service Scheduling and Dispatching?

Challenges in Scheduling Field Service Jobs

The field service scheduling process is dynamic and complex. When you have a mega field force to manage, the process can become challenging in the following forms.

  • Poor allocation of resources while balancing different work requirements, priorities, and durations.
  • Difficulty in scheduling technicians after factoring in their skills, expertise, and proximity to the job site.
  • Not so agile scheduling. The process often fails to adapt to real-time changes such as traffic conditions, cancellations, emergencies, shortage of technicians, etc.
  • Efficient scheduling requires customer tickets details, technician availability, inventory levels, and historical performance. Which is hard to gather and sync from different platforms.
  • Old-school or too-basic scheduling platforms are not that great in meeting growing service demands, and expanding to wider geographical areas.

Benefits of Field Service Scheduling

Right field service scheduling software addresses your problems like they never existed.

  • Reduces response time (you dread about)

    Efficient scheduling ensures that service requests are addressed promptly, minimizing downtime for customers and preventing potential revenue loss due to delays.

  • Improves your resource utilization (giving you value in every wage)

    By optimizing technician routes and workload distribution, businesses can make the most out of their workforce and equipment, reducing idle time and unnecessary expenses.

  • Enhances task prioritization (stay on top of urgent requests)

    Field service scheduling software allows businesses to prioritize urgent or high-priority tasks, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

  • Minimizes service disruptions (no delays, no lapses)

    Proactive scheduling and preventive maintenance help identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate into major problems, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions and costly emergency repairs.

  • Enhances communication (to end chaos)

    Scheduling software facilitates better communication between field technicians, dispatchers, and customers, ensuring everyone is informed about appointment times, service updates, and any changes in plans.

  • Optimal inventory management (All thanks to API)

    By integrating scheduling with inventory management systems, businesses can ensure that technicians have the necessary parts and equipment for each job, minimizing delays and improving first-time fix rates.

  • Increases safety and compliance

    Scheduling software can help businesses ensure that technicians have the required certifications, licenses, and safety training before assigning them to specific tasks, reducing the risk of non-compliance and workplace accidents.

  • Scales as your business grow

    As businesses grow and evolve, field service scheduling software can adapt to changing needs and demands, allowing for seamless scalability and flexibility in managing resources and operations.

Which Shifts Type Our Service Scheduling Platform Supports!

Features of Field Service Scheduling Software You Get with TrackoField

Here are some features TrackoField offers to ensure smoother and hassle-free field service executive scheduling and dispatching.

  • Service Calls Acceptance & Sorting

    Field service scheduling app is easy to integrate with an in-house job booking system that has all the customer information with required service or job details. The scheduling software imports the leads from the booking system, sorts them, and further distributes them amongst qualified technicians.

  • Capacity Analysis & Service Scheduling

    Our Scheduling software lets you effortlessly ascertain the current capacity of the field workforce. Based on that, you get to schedule jobs for multiple staff based on their day’s availability, occupancy at a current service call, proximity to the job site, and as per 50+ custom factors.

  • Effective Service Technician Dispatching

    Scheduling software comes bearing tools to simplify and speed up the field employees’ dispatching process. The software not only assigns tasks to technicians after assessing their current location but also helps plan the most efficient routes for them to navigate toward the job site.

    It offers the most time and cost-saving route after factoring in variables like traffic, distance, etc. The software shoots details of tasks, locations, and routes over an the employee app. Managers from a distance get visibility of their staff’s movements and routines and can ensure on-time dispatching and prevent cases of no-shows.

More Features in Automated Field Service Scheduling Software

  • 0.1 Field Employee GPS Tracking

    Field scheduling software enables businesses with GPS tracking features, with which field managers can view where their field technicians are or are headed next throughout the day. TrackoField offers a robust distance calculator tool with a playback option. This tool lets managers play the overall travel routine or history of field staff in a video — for the current day or previous months.

    Live on a map, managers can walk through the itinerary or journey of each technician with halts location and duration. And get accurate data on how much total distance they travelled across assigned job sites and task locations. This feature aids in reimbursing allowances for fuel, food, or lodging.

  • 0.2 Work Hours & Time Tracking

    Scheduling software comes embedded with smart timesheets or time tracking functionality which helps calculate actual working hours for accurate invoicing and payroll processing.

    Work Hours & Time Tracking
    Managers get complete visibility on the work hours of their field staff divided as further as:
    • Technicians’ drive time to the task location
    • Frequent vendor runs
    • Fix or wrench time

    Each employee gets to remotely clock in and clock out over a technician’s app (installed over their devices and synced with right field service scheduling software)

  • 0.3 Technicians Mobile App

    Technicians or executive apps, installed in field service employees’ devices empower them with tools and functions that enable them to fulfill service requests promptly.

    A single yet consolidated technician app gives field service staff access to:
    • Compete task/job details with the recipient’s locations and the best route for navigating towards it.
    • Multi-format ePODs such as barcode scans, e-signatures and more to validate successful service delivery.
    • Leave and attendance management platform to manage clock-ins/outs, apply for leaves, and keep an eye on the remaining leave balance.
    • Automated salary computation and transparent reimbursement processing as per working hours, leaves, and on-the-job expenses.
    • Custom forms and fields to note or enter important data or gather customers’ feedback.
  • 0.4 Toolkit for Field Executives’ Reporting

    Note that some service scheduling apps are standalone solutions that just offer shift scheduling features. But when you choose cloud-based field service management software like TrackoField, you enjoy a complete field service management software wherein you don’t just arrange shifts but also:

    • Track technician's whereabouts during duty
    • Oversee their geo-verified attendance & leave requests
    • Assign and track their tasks
    • Manage their taken orders, expenses, and payrolls

    Field service scheduling app is a complete toolkit you need to make your field service technicians' or specialists’ jobs a breeze.

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How TrackoField's Field Service Scheduling Software Surpasses the Rest?

Our solutions are made while minding the complex requirements of field service businesses. We offer just what you need.

  • Efficient Shift Planning

    Our shift and scheduling planning module gives you free shift templates and drag-and-drop functionality to plan from weekly to monthly shifts. Whether you want to plan recurring shifts or flexitime shifts – our platform got you. You name your requirement and we have a platform to manage just that.

  • Dynamic Scheduling (for Last Minute Service Calls)

    We know how fast and dynamic the field service business is. Our software is suitable even if you wish to dynamically adjust schedules as:

    • 01. You have new jobs or urgent service requests cropping up
    • 02. There is a rescheduling of shifts due to staff shortage or any last-minute circumstantial changes.
    • 03. You are facing an increase in demand (as more customers are placing service requests off-season to save money).

    Our dynamic scheduling feature ensures your service technician's schedule in a way — the travel is reduced, response time is fast and they have enough time to complete more appointments.

    What You Walk Away With…
    • 01. More productivity
    • 02. Minimised downtime
    • 03. Improved arrival times and faster service
    • 04. Better customer satisfaction

    The system automatically aligns priority jobs and auto-assigns and re-arranges service appointments in case of re-scheduling

  • Seamless Integrations with 200+ Apps

    Worried you may have to manually insert data over our software? No chance. TrackoField is easy to integrate with any internal CRM, ERP, HRM, or classic timesheets that you pre-own or use. You sit and sip tea, while our software does the heavy lifting of data migration.

Which Shifts Type Our Service Scheduling Platform Supports!

Industries Ensuring “On-time Technicians Dispatch With TrackoField

With a presence in 30+ countries, our platform serves vast field service businesses with requirements ranging from simple field employee management to complex technician scheduling. We have served over 100+ brands from the following domains.

  • Field sales and

  • Transportation &

  • Courier & Hyperlocal

  • Manufacturing &

  • Home/Appointment

  • HVAC & Utilities

  • Hospitality & Property

Have a Use Case that Doesn’t Fit the Above Label?

How Do Customers Benefit from Our Field Service Scheduling Software?

TrackoField is Helping Brands Across 20+ Industrial Sectors Ensure On-Time Field Service Scheduling!
  • Schedule weekly/ monthly shifts and tasks in advance to ensure the right executives are available at the right time to get the job done.

  • Assign jobs to the best-suited technicians as per their skills, availability, occupancy at a current service call, and proximity to the job site.

  • Easily queue up new service calls or jobs for technicians before they free up from their current call. Ensure no one is idling and clueless.

Start Creating an Efficient Workflow with a Holistic View to Stay on Top of all Work Orders!

Frequently Asked Question

Have some more looming doubts about field service scheduling software? Here are your answers!

  • What is Field Service Scheduling?

    Field service scheduling is an effective way to ensure on-time assignment and oversight of service tasks, appointments, or any field services to adept technicians or service specialists.

    It involves the efficient allocation of mobile resources such as technicians and equipment through shift schedules based on technicians' skills, proximity to the job site, priority, and more. The entire process is proficient, error-free, and fast when it’s managed via an automated field service scheduling software.

  • What are the benefits of field service scheduling?

    Field service scheduling software helps optimize resource allocation while reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction. It makes technicians dispatch a seamless process. More than that, it ensures:

    - Timely appointments with fast ETA
    - Enhanced communication between executives and managers
    - Minimizes travel time and room for more service requests
    - Increase in productivity and new revenue.

    The importance of field service scheduling is never an understatement with scaling field employee management like TrackoField.

  • What is the purpose of Field Service scheduling software?

    The purpose of field service scheduling software is to:

    - Efficiently assign shifts and tasks to field technicians.
    - Optimize scheduling to avoid underbooking or overbooking of technicians.
    - Minimize technicians' travel time and maximize their service deliveries.
    - Track technician availability, workload, and current whereabouts.
    - Improve response time and resolve tickets faster for better customer satisfaction.
    - To sync communication between dispatchers, technicians, and customers.
    - Enable real-time updates and status tracking

    All in all, the goal of the platform is to auto-manage the process in a way you experience growing ROI from field service scheduling strategy.

  • What are the challenges in scheduling field services?

    Here are a few challenges resulting from poor or manual field service scheduling:

    - Poor resource allocation
    - Difficulty scheduling skilled technicians
    - Lack of agility in adapting to changes
    - Inefficiency in syncing customer tickets, technician availability, and inventory data across platforms hinders efficient scheduling.

    Even if you use basic platforms for shift scheduling, you would struggle to meet expanding service demands and wider geographical coverage. Therein, you need a more efficient field service management software that does more than scheduling and is scalable as per your growing business requirements.

  • What features to expect from excellent field service schedule software tools?

    Whenever onboarding a scaling field service scheduling software ensure it offers:

    - Intuitive shift and task scheduling interface backed by advanced scheduling algorithms for optimal resource allocation.
    - Up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting capabilities to technicians' performance and overall business productivity.
    - Robust integration with pre-owned CRM, ERP, and invoicing systems for seamless data migration.
    - 50+ custom and automated reminders and alerts for events like task and shift reminders, upcoming appointments, and more.
    - Customizable fields to accommodate more service requests and growing data inputs.

  • What is the price value of field service scheduling software?

    The price of field service scheduling software varies depending on the:

    - Software providers you choose.
    - The level of features, scalability, and next-level functionality you are looking for.
    - Differing subscription and pricing models – offered by different vendors.

    Typically, the pricing of this field service scheduler can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars/month, tailored to suit the needs of small businesses to large enterprises.

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