5 Ways to Transform Field Service Business (Shared by Experts)

5 Ways to Transform Your Field Service Business

Wondering what are the secret recipes that will help you modify your field service business? Here is what you must follow to transform your field service operation.

Delayed scheduling, poor task allocation, inaccurate attendance records — these are some biggest nightmares for field service managers.

Do you find it tough to keep track of your scattered field force?

Or do you find it difficult to allocate ad-hoc tasks to your technicians?

If yes, looks like your business hasn’t signed up for modern field service management solutions that empower you to automatedly:

  • Schedule shifts for thousands of field staff
  • Assign last-minute or urgent service requests
  • Allocate sales order requirements

It’s a hard pill to swallow but your field service business needs a transformation. Wondering how? Here are some 5 proven strategies to simplify, automate, and optimize processes or workflow for your field service business.

5 Strategies for Successful Field Service Business Transformation

5 Ways To Improve Your Field Service Operations

A field service operation should follow these strategies to modify its overall processes.

1. Embrace Automation

Automate repetitive and mundane tasks with field employee management software. Equip your team with a one-stop solution that helps manage their everyday tasks, and attendance and usher effortless communication with superiors. When you embrace automation, your field force will never miss a thing, and manage everything from attendance to tasks via their mobile phones itself.

But, which software should be used to enable automation?

TrackoField! It is specifically built for field service businesses to monitor their field staff. The software helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Its capabilities are hidden in its variety of toolkits that include:

  • Leave & Attendance Management System

Having TrackoField’s leave & attendance management system for a field organization means:

  • Recording attendance data in real-time without the scope of errors.
  • Checking field strength at any time from any place.
  • Reducing faulty attendance marking and buddy punching
  • Synchronizing with smooth payroll processing.
Wondering how the tool rolls out such functions effectively? Here is all that makes it impactful:

  • Single-tap remote attendance
  • Strength tracking dynamic dashboard
  • Comprehensive reports on attendance records
  • Geo-sensitive attendance management
  • Bespoke absence management system
  • Effective payroll management software integration

What’s more to ask?

  • Task Management System

TrackoField leaves no gaps between various stages of the task. It automates the entire task management process by:

  • Facilitating uninterrupted workflows with automated task delegation and digital checklists.
  • Assigning team members with the tasks and responsibilities that match their abilities.
  • Providing instant updates and notifications to managers on all tasks completed by team members.
  • Monitoring employees’ task progress and keeping track of deliverables with priority window or deadline.
  • Analyzing performance better with distance travelled reports.
  • Managing tasks in a calendar view for the entire week’s or month’s planning.

Field service businesses can stay on top of deadlines, priorities, and progress using a task management system. It works way better than optimizing manual task allocation and offers impressive room for turnaround time.

Know how TrackoField’s task management system is incredibly potent for organizing, managing, and streamlining workloads.

  • Uncluttered ad-hoc task allocation and monitoring
  • Insightful target vs. achievement report
  • Scanner support for seamless POD
  • Self-task allocation for executives
  • Optimal schedule planning
  • Instant task alerts on the move
  • Daily, weekly, monthly task planner
  • Custom forms and attachment

To learn more, enroll yourself for TrackoField’s free trial. The software lets your field service business tap into the world of automation.

  • Expense Management System

Keeping an accurate record of your inflow and outflow is not easy. When your field service business deals with reimbursement, fraudulent or paper-based expense reporting, it requires a lot of changes in expense management.

But what if we tell you that a significant change is just a step away? Your field service business can redefine expense reporting and various other related aspects. All thanks to the expense management system that aids in:

  • Eliminating paperwork and automatically routing the reimbursement request to the manager.
  • Flagging duplicate entries with expense evidence upload, task management, and distance traveled reports.
  • Quickly submitting and approving claims as notifications come in.
  • Increasing operational efficiency with employees spending less time on mundane manual expense reports.
  • Compiling employee expense data in an easy-to-use visual format.
Now, let’s explore the features of TrackoField’s expense management software:

  • Real-time expense tracking
  • Automated reimbursement procedure
  • Detailed logs of all expenses with evidence upload
  • Digital receipt capture
  • Real-time status check
  • Categories like office, travel, food, & stationery, expense

🔍Any field service business seeking to automate and streamline employees’ expense, claims, and reimbursement can make the most of expense management system.

  • Order Management System

TrackoField’s order management system makes ad-hoc order placement a breeze. Using the system, field employees can take orders on the go. Moreover, they can select products, specify quantities, and apply discounts on order volumes seamlessly.

Here are some features of an order management system that track related processes:

  • Real-time order visibility
  • Faster order placing
  • Ad-hoc order placement
  • Access to an extensive product list

🔍Sign up for a free trial to find out how TrackoField offers a module to place fast, flexible, and feasible orders for any industry.

2. Emphasize on Clear Communication

Lapses in real-time communication within field service management are common, especially when you use manual methods to portray or convey information. You will experience an increased scope of errors, inaccurate records, and even struggle to manage your field staff. Therein, you need solutions that let managers and executives communicate more than just about tasks, leaves, and orders, such as:

  • Offline tracking that tracks executives even when they are in no network zone.
  • Battery network status that lets managers learn about the executive’s device battery for accurate updates.
  • In-app chat that facilitates organized communication between managers and executives.
  • Unreachable reports which bring updates on why an executive’s status is not visible.

Having all these features ensures your field staff is well connected, despite the physical distance, and is conveyed about important requirements very well.

3. Prefer Digitalized Reporting

Handling field operations via paper-based is not a rational approach. It only adds to the ineffectiveness of field service business processes. Root for a field service management software that eliminates paper chase via offering custom and scalable e-forms – wherein you can easily add, edit, or expand fields as you like or your business requires.

With all these incredibilities, your field service management will never compromise on workforce productivity, transparency, and reporting.

4. Utilize Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software helps field businesses in tracking and analyzing employee activities and productivity. The software provides insight into employees’ whereabouts, location, time, and how they spend their work time. Moreover, it helps in identifying the most punctual employees.

Field service businesses can eliminate manual time tracking, buddy punching, and spreadsheets by using the software. In short, they can tackle all challenges associated with manual employee monitoring. The software works as a great companion for field operations and here are the reasons:

  • It tracks employees’ work hours just after they clock in.
  • It provides reports on employees’ productivity.
  • It helps in monitoring the live work status of employees.
  • It keeps tabs on employees’ productive time.

5. Make Data-based Decisions

Data is essential to acknowledge the potential threats and opportunities of your business. However, collecting and analyzing data is not possible with the same manual methods. Even we cannot ignore issues like data theft, loss, and corruption involved while recording data in registers.

Therein, software that facilitates a secure place for data is required. You can avoid data threats with encrypted files, and acknowledge consumption trends and weak points in your processes to make futuristic decisions.

To Sum it Up!

Transforming field service business is not rocket science if you try the above-stated strategies by signing up for effective field service management tools that let you:

  • Automate shift schedule and task planning
  • Manage attendance, PTO, leave, and work status records
  • Track employees in real-time
  • Look through data-based reports to analyze gaps

So, use a one-stop solution that compiles several functionalities in the same place and helps you in improving your business flow.

Looking for one such software?

Don’t go anywhere. Just start using TrackoField, by signing up for free. TrackoField as a complete workforce management solution streamlines your field operations. Test it out for yourself and learn how it helps you in automating your business process.


  • Which is the best way to transform your field service business

    Successful field service transformation can be achieved when you use:
    - An attendance and leave management system to accurately record your field employees’ working hours, leaves, PTO, etc.
    - A task management system to delegate ad-hoc tasks to each technician and get updates on the same.
    - An expense management system to seamlessly verify and reimburse expense claims.
    - An order management system to take orders on the go.

  • What are some best practices for field service management?

    Field service management best practices include:
    - Capture real-time data
    - Use smart scheduling
    - Automate workflows

  • How to make your field service business productive?

    In this digital age, automation is the only way through which you can make your business productive. Here are various tools that help you in automating and managing field service business. Such as
    - Task management software
    - Leave and attendance management system
    - Expense management software
    - Order management system
    All these tools come with an easy-to-use interface and various other offerings that will make your field service business grow.

5 Ways to Transform Field Service Business (Shared by Experts)

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