9 Best Attendance Management Systems to Track Field Employees

Top 9 Attendance Management Systems for Field Organizations

Are you looking for one of the best attendance management systems to manage your field employees’ attendance? If yes, here are the 9 best picks listed.

Plague caused by manual attendance marking can sick your overall field processes. It can bring inaccuracies and inefficiencies in tracking field employee presence, their accurate billable hours, PTOs, and leaves to evaluate their compensation sum. But guess what? Getting rid of all these is possible with the automation-driven best attendance management system.

The system helps you prevent the infringement of timesheets and lets you accurately track attendance data. That in turn, streamlines processes, enhances accuracy, and monitors employees precisely. But the question is which attendance management system is worth using to track employees’ working hours.

The answer is in this guide! Learn the features, capabilities, and functionalities of the 10 best attendance management systems and make the appropriate choice.

Best Attendance Management Systems for Field Organizations

Choose the best attendance management system to enjoy accurate attendance marking and efficient time tracking.

1. TrackoField

TrackoField -Employee Tracking Software

TrackoField offers fool-proof attendance marking with zero loopholes and saves lots of time and paper chase.  It equips you with options to regulate geo-verified attendance for field staff through in-app clock-in/out and facial recognition features. Moreover, the software does support biometric attendance syncing for offices with in-house shift patterns. It’s an all-in-one dashboard that offers complete information about employees’ availability, work hours, status, current location, leave patterns, and overall performance.

You can even integrate this attendance data into your existing payroll management software for seamless salary processing. And as well customize the software according to your organization’s needs.

That’s not it! It doesn’t just offer a bird-eye view of employees’ attendance but rather offers a detailed analysis to help make better workforce management decisions.

Top Features of TrackoField’s Leave and Attendance Management System:

✅Geo-coded/ geo-fenced attendance marking

✅Shift-wise leave and attendance monitoring

✅Image-verified attendance marking

✅A dynamic dashboard to check the real-time status of employees

✅Productivity reports on executive’s attendance record

✅Simplified payroll data compilation

✅20+ unique features and modules for attendance management

✅Offline time tracking

TrackoField comes in with a  free trial and a free demo…avail any one right away!

2. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a time-tracking software used to track both in-office and field executives. Having the software, field managers can easily monitor executives’ work hours. The software provides accurate attendance monitoring that also helps in project planning and scheduling. It enables you to keep your team motivated, balance their workloads, and mitigate burnout.

Hubstaff’s automation capability combats messy Excel templates, manual tracking systems, inaccurate paper time cards, etc. Field businesses can utilize this attendance management software to track your employee attendance without any trouble.

Top Features of Hubstaff:

✅Location or time-based attendance tracking

✅Shift alerts for missed, late, and abandoned shifts

✅Filters to manage shifts

✅Idle time detection

✅Details on user activity

3. TrackOlap


TrackOlap lets you easily track your remote, in-office, and hybrid employees. The software helps you build a healthy workflow by providing insight into employees’ productivity —individually and collectively. You can monitor, analyze, and understand employees’ working hours while using its time tracker feature.

Managers also receive alerts on employees being idle, which is helpful when they are not meeting working standards. Instead, a rich dashboard is provided using which you can learn about employees’ whereabouts, task status, and location for further decision-making. TrackOlap’s computer application lets managers manage executives’ login, break, and long off time from a centralized solution.

Top Features of TrackOlap:

✅Remote attendance marking from anywhere at any time.

✅Automatic ideal time detection to expose unproductive employees.

✅Auto screenshots for analyzing employees’ performance.

✅Automated email alerts to managers when employees complete a task.

✅Accurate employees’ time tracking to better understand their scheduled work patterns.

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

Using Time Doctor’s attendance management system, managers can track time across different projects for all team members. The software enables the team to stay focused and accountable for their work. The manager tracks who is absent, late, or currently available. You receive all of these without relying on multiple platforms.

It helps analyze the patterns of absenteeism resulting from health issues, poor work-life balance, family issues, etc. Time Doctor’s time tracking capabilities also help in streamlining schedule and shift creation.

Top Features of Time Doctor:

✅Provides daily alerts on absenteeism to reduce employee churn.

✅Tracks employees’ whereabouts, login time, and work hours once they mark their attendance.

✅Compares actual work hours with the expected work hours to balance workloads.

✅Helps in collaborating with employees seamlessly.

✅Lets you schedule multiple shifts per day.

5. Clockify


Field organization can streamline related processes using Clockify’s time and attendance software for small businesses. It is loaded with a time management feature that tracks employees’ billable hours, attendance, and task productivity. When employees know that their attendance is tracked, they will limit unjustified absences ⎯ thus, reducing absenteeism.

Just after login, employees enter their time in a timesheet, which is further used by the manager to export the data. The software utilizes GPS technology to confirm each employee’s hours in a timesheet. Not only Clockify offer mobile apps, but also web apps, browser extensions, and desktop apps.

Top Features of Clockify:

✅Provides timesheets for employees to fill their working hours.

✅Easy exporting of timesheet data for smooth payroll processing, client billing, project status reporting, etc.

✅Tracks time spent per task and activity.

✅Uses auto tracker to track apps and websites employees use.

✅Syncs the data online and works across various devices.

6. Keka


Keka assures accurate attendance and time tracking for field organizations. The software enables geo-based fencing technology that provides alerts to managers when their executives enter into a specific area.

Employees receive the workflow setup notifications so they don’t miss out on anything and lets them swiftly manage their tasks. Additionally, It offers a biometric and image-verified attendance management system. Having the software in place helps you mitigate micromanagement and lets you avoid switching between different apps.

Top Features of Keka:

✅GPS and mobile attendance tracking

✅Selfie attendance followed by facial recognition

✅Attendance reminders to employees and managers.

✅Enables attendance marking with passcode, fingerprint, facial recognition, and passcode

✅Live tracking dashboard to view all your employees’ location status.

7. Desktime


Desktime’s attendance management system automatically records the arrival and departure of employees. By accessing its absence calendar, the managers can instantly acknowledge all absent employees. Even it successfully detects employees’ idle time to make a mark on unproductive employees.

Overall, desktime lets you precisely manage your team’s work hours at your fingertips. It also emphasizes fair distribution of workload while providing insights on employees’ productivity — individually or collectively (as you demand).

Top Features of Desktime:

✅Tracks activities of desk-led or in-office employees’

✅Precise tracking of employees’ work hours, clock in, clock out, and breaks.

✅In-depth reports on employees’ performance.

✅Employees can learn when they are scheduled to work

8. WebWork


WebWork’s attendance management platform ensures employee attendance monitoring with less effort. It provides detailed reports on employees’ attendance by compiling the relevant data on employees’ workhours, availability, etc. You can look into the total work hours consumed by each employee.

The software shares alerts to employees and managers when the former is delayed in starting the work than the usual schedule. Also, WebWork asks for reasons from each employee when they come late or leave early. You can learn how your employees are actively involved in work with time-tracking screenshots, activity levels, etc.

Top Features of WebWork:

✅Locates which apps or websites employees are using the most

✅Provides a detailed view of the staff’s work progress.

✅Tracks activity levels based on mouse clicks, scrolls, and keystrokes.

✅generates screenshots to see all events of employees per minute.

9. Fieldproxy


Fieldproxy lets managers keep track of time spent by field technicians or executives at customer sites. The system produces time sheets, generates reports, and mitigates a lot of mundane tasks. Managers can streamline real-time tracking, automate relevant operations, and manage their employees more efficiently.

Using Fieldproxy, managers can also improve employee time tracking, location reporting, and task allocation. It gives them organisations an upper hand in managing their field employees’ attendance.

Top Features of Fieldproxy:

✅Automatic check-in and check-outs using a mobile app

✅Location-based attendance monitoring

✅Attendance reports showing the time, location, and tasks of each employee.

✅Timesheets to replace the over-hyped Excel sheets.

Must-have Features of a Good Attendance Management Software

Now that you have learned about some best attendance management systems, it is time to opt for the one that consists of these essential features:

  • Geo-coded Attendance uses geographical coordinates, i.e., latitude and longitude to track and verify the location of employees. It improves accountability by verifying employees’ presence at the client’s site.
  • Attendance-task linking lets employees get their further tasks just after marking their attendance online. Managers without handing over the tasks traditionally, can automate task delegation. This allows them to utilize their time in building strategies that drive business growth.
  • Image-verified Attendance is a modern way to confirm the presence of field employees at the location with pictures that consist of the lat, long, and time of capture.
  • Offline Time tracking enables field executives’ tracking even when the internet goes off. It stores data locally on a device and synchronizes the information once connectivity is restored. Moreover, data collection goes on even in a limited or no connectivity environment.
  • Biometric Integration scans the unique fingerprints of employees to approve their attendance. If any fingerprint does not match with the database, the system discards its attendance proposal.
  • Productivity Reports are leveraged by managers to check on their employees’ productivity, tasks, work hours, etc. Most attendance management systems provide reports for managers, which eliminates the need to go through different paper-based documentation.
  • Idle Time Detection works in two different ways. For in-office employees, it identifies periods when systems remain inactive or unproductive. However, for field employees, idle time detection uses GPS technology and identifies employees who are not giving more time than the expected hours.
  • Timesheet enables employees to record their login and logout times whenever they start or end their work. Using those timesheets, employers can seamlessly assess employees’ working hours.
  • Shift Scheduling automates the entire process of scheduling your employees to a certain task based on their skills, prioritization, and location.
  • Integration with Payroll Software helps field organizations process payroll for each employee using accurate attendance records.
  • Leave Compilation divides leaves into specific categories. I.e., sick leave, paid leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave, etc. The leave balance appears in the portal immediately after managers approve an employee’s request for leave.
  • Setting Geofence enables managers to specify an area where employees log their hours. Moreover, managers receive notifications on their web portal whenever employees enter or exit that location.

How to Choose the Right Attendance Management Software for Employees?

👉Identify Your Niche

Recognize the business tasks, niches, or needs of your organization before selecting the best attendance management software. Because it will later categorize the features you need and tasks you want to automate.


The software should be able to meet an increasing number of staff and data volumes when your organization goes through expansion.

👉Features and Functionality

Majorly look for all the fundamental features like attendance management, policy configuration, shift management, attendance regularization, etc. However, if your operational needs cannot be aligned with the basic features, you should look for dynamic features like a mobile app, AI-based face recognition, geofence/geocoded attendance marking, image-verified attendance, etc.


Consider the attendance management software that can seamlessly integrate with your existing HRMS or payroll and leave management system to minimize manual intervention.

👉Configurable Policy

Use the software that allows managers to opt for policies that meet with your business process such as multiple shifts, late-in, early out, leave types, absences, etc.

TrackoField’s Attendance Management Software for Employees

Employing the best attendance management system brings more options for you to stimulate your employees’ performance.

It helps organizations stay ahead of the curve with an impeccable range of features. The system removes hurdles like integrating a ton of software and lets your organization move towards stress-relieving workforce monitoring.

Besides, you can simplify task allocation, enhance collaboration between managers and employees, and minimize time wastage like never before.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get a miraculous cure for your business and unlock its full potential.

Make Attendance Management a Breeze with TrackoField's


  • What are the top 9 attendance management software in India?

    We have curated a list of the best budget or free attendance management systems. Utilize what’s best for you and enhance your organization’s productivity.
    - TrackoField
    - Hubstaff
    - Time Doctor
    - Keka
    - TrackOlap
    - Desktime
    - Clockify
    - WebWork
    - Fieldproxy

  • What are the benefits of using one of the best attendance management systems?

    Here are the top advantages of using attendance management systems. Such as:
    - Paperless work environment
    - Real-time tracking
    - Accurate data
    - Enhanced productivity
    - Improved company culture
    -Easy access to reports

  • How to choose the best attendance management software 2024?

    To opt for the right attendance management software for your business, you must make consideration of pointers like:
    - Organization goals
    - Scalability
    - Features and functionality
    - Integration
    - Configurable policy

9 Best Attendance Management Systems to Track Field Employees

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