11 Best Attendance Tracking Software Reviewed For 2024

11 Best Attendance Tracking Software Reviewed For 2024

Adopting the best attendance tracking software of 2024 can help simplify marking attendance, tracking time worked, employee productivity and more.

With so many different attendance tracking software solutions available, figuring out which is right for you is tough. You know you want to simplify the process of tracking time worked, absences, and leaves, aiding in payroll calculation, and ensuring compliance with work policies. And all of this is possible with only the best tool.

 In this post, we will help make your choice easy by sharing dozens of different attendance tracking tools suitable for teams of all sizes. 

11 Best Attendance Tracking Software for 2024

Here is the list of the top attendance tracking software with noteworthy features to choose from in 2024.

1. TrackoField

TrackoField -Employee Tracking Software

Trackofield does an excellent job of tracking, marking, and managing employees’ attendance. Whether you have a remote team or an office team, this scaling attendance tracking software helps mark absence or availability from any in-house to a remote location. It allows field employees to mark their attendance only from the first task location through a geo-sensitive feature. Plus, it is easy to connect with biometric machines and supports attendance marking of in-house staff effortlessly. This helps with maintaining the authenticity of the recorded data.

To make the attendance marking foolproof, it even has a visual verification option where the employees have to click pictures through the executive app. The picture is time and current location stamped. Additionally, it is a solid leave management feature that allows employees to apply for leave remotely and managers to view and schedule tasks accordingly through a dynamic dashboard.

Key Features of TrackoField Attendance Tracking Software

  • GPS live tracking of remote employees
  • Face Recognition avoid buddy punching
  • Executive app for easy log-in and log-out
  • Reports on each employee’s working hours and overall productivity
  • Seamless integration with any pre-existing accounting or payroll software

2. Hubstaff


Hubstaff’s attendance management software automates employee activity and attendance tracking. With Hubstaff’s timesheets, employers can quickly review the time spent on tasks and projects.

The software’s location-based time tracking is excellent; location-based limitations guarantee that employees’ time tracking starts automatically as soon as they enter the work area. Additionally, Hubstaff automatically notifies managers when a worker arrives late or skips a shift.

With seven distinct report types covering project budget information, time and activity tracking, employee attendance and leave, payments, invoicing, scheduling, and site visits, the reporting feature is also very comprehensive.

Key Features of Hubstaff

  • Tracking time for each task, client, or project
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Position-based time monitoring
  • Electronic timekeeping and shift planning
  • Requests for time off with adaptable policies
  • Automated alerts for missing or running late shifts

3. Clockify


For managing and tracking employee time, timesheet collection, and attendance, Clockify offers excellent time and attendance tracking software. The software’s automated clock-in and clock-out reminders are incredibly handy for employees who are as forgetful.

Project budgets can also be established by users using Clockify’s attendance feature. Another interactive feature of this software is the dashboard’s charts showing employee activity details concerning time spent on each task.

Key Features of Clockify

  • Automated clock-in and clock-out reminders
  • Employee time clock kiosk shareable and usable by all
  • Tracking of employee breaks
  • Comprehensive weekly attendance records

4. WebWork


Ditch timecards, excessive paperwork, and manual attendance tracking with WebWork’s attendance system. Automate the attendance monitoring process and view the start and end of each employee’s working hours.

Gain transparency of employees’ punctuality by filtering early leaving and late coming, which you can select from the drop-down list. This will help generate the required information instantly without searching for it manually. You can track attendance on a daily basis, or you can choose an interval from the calendar.

Key Features of WebWork

  • Time Tracking with screenshots
  • Colour-coded activity level recording
  • Monitoring attendance in real-time
  • Apps and website usage monitoring

5. TrackOlap


TrackoLap revolutionizes attendance tracking with its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Beyond basic clock-in and clock-out functions, it facilitates seamless scheduling, manages leave requests, and generates comprehensive reports.

Customizable to fit diverse organizational structures, it optimizes workforce management with accuracy and transparency. TrackoLap empowers businesses to monitor attendance data, thus, enhancing productivity and compliance effortlessly. Whether needed for small teams or large enterprises, TrackoLap’s efficient attendance management fits all purposes.

Key Features of TrackOlap

  • Easy clock in/clock out
  • GPS position monitoring
  • Attendance with face recognition
  • Approval of individual or bulk timesheets
  • Connectivity with top HR, Point of Sale, and payroll programs

6. When I Work

When I Work

When I Work is a feature-rich attendance management system that offers geo-fencing and GPS tracking.The software has an excellent scheduling and communication system; shift relays and schedule modifications go very smoothly.

Notably, this software only allows employees to clock in when their shift has started. This assist businesses in cutting labour costs. Finally, a program that lets you add a note to your time stamp and permits employers to log in on your behalf in case you forget to clock in.

Key Features

  • Group chats and direct messages for team communication
  • Scheduling by auto-shift
  • Instruments for predicting labour budgets
  • Labour reports and overtime alerts
  • GPS-tracked working hours
  • Connectivity with payroll systems such as Gusto, ADP, and Quickbooks Online

7. OnTheClock


So, OnTheClock has a pretty easy-to-use online time clock that does exactly what it promises. This employee time and attendance software lets users punch in from a phone, tablet, or PC. What we love is that the software also offers the option for managers to punch in for a team all at once – very nifty!

The software offers features like GPS tracking and automatic PTO calculations while also boasting some pretty solid integrations with payroll apps like ADP, Gusto, Paychex, and QuickBooks Online.

Key Features of OnTheClock

  • GPS monitoring to ensure accurate worker attendance
  • Track time spent on the Internet
  • Automated computations of overtime
  • Scheduling shifts for employees
  • Timesheet reports every week
  • Punch-in live feed

8. Keka


Keka is a cloud-based attendance tracking software that integrates every aspect of time tracking, from capturing field employees’ working time to scheduling shifts and over-time tracking.

The software does real time integration with all attendance device types – biometric, smart card, RFID, facial recognition devices, near-field communication NFC devices. With this software, manual attendance tracking does not exist. It does end-to-end automation of tracking, managing and scheduling employee hours.

Key Features of Keka

  • Timekeeping on an autopilot mode
  • Employees analytical dashboard
  • Tracks overtime
  • Rules engine to shape your employee activities
  • Sends alerts and handles biometric device failures
  • Easy leave and pay calculations

9. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

The time and attendance tracking software from Time Doctor is an excellent choice; it features an automated timer that monitors time spent on various projects or client visits specifically. Additionally, it makes it easy for managers to create work schedules, Plus, it helps generate attendance reports indicating employees’ presence, absence, partial absences, or late login.

With daily, weekly, and monthly reports over an interactive dashboard, the software provides an overview of worker productivity and project progress. Additionally helpful is the idle-detection feature, which alerts managers when staff members take breaks from their computers.

Key Features of Time Doctor

  • Tracking time for each task or project
  • Tool for detecting maximum idling Work schedules
  • Reports on attendance trends
  • Reports on project management
  • Monitoring of website and application usage by employees

10. Everhour


Another excellent employee attendance tracking system is Everhour. In addition to tracking time, the software provides time estimation capabilities that let users estimate project completion timelines and track real-time project progress.

We adore the visual employee scheduling feature offered by Everhour. With the help of this feature, managers can personalise their dashboard to show information that matters to them, such as employee schedules, time-off requests, and the hours each team member has logged in.

Key Features of Everhour

  • A timer or manual clock-in/clock-out procedures
  • Notifications about project progress that are sent automatically
  • Dashboard for visual staff scheduling
  • Monitoring of employee vacation and leave
  • Budget and expense monitoring
  • Optional screenshot feature for employees’ accountability

11. Desktime


With the help of DeskTime’s time and attendance tracking software, staff members can track their work hours by creating flexible work schedules. Employee time is automatically tracked by the time tracker, which begins as soon as they turn on their computer and ends when they close it.

But there’s a private time feature in the software as well. Suppose your employees would like to take an hour off work to maybe video chat with a close friend who is abroad, thesoftware will automatically disable its time tracker and website.

Desktime also has a sophisticated feature for managing employee absences. Employees can record sick days, vacation time, business trips, and unpaid leaves on the absence calendar for future approval.

Key Features of Desktime

  • Adaptable task allocation
  • Time tracking on desktop and mobile devices
  • Tracking of offline time
  • Timer for Pomodoro
  • Snapshots and URL monitoring
  • Reports on costs and budgets

Top Criteria for Choosing the Best Attendance Software

In our relentless pursuit of the best attendance and leave tracking software, we thoroughly evaluated numerous tools against several vital criteria. We zeroed in on three main considerations:

Time Tracking: The chosen solutions extend beyond the fundamentals of PTO (Paid Time Off) functionality and time-off requests. Advanced time-tracking providers like GPS-enabled clock-ins and customisable timesheets are given priority.‍

Payroll Functionality (or Integrations): We looked for software solutions that integrated with reliable payroll providers or had payroll functionality. At the absolute least, the selected solutions allow for the automatic synchronisation of time data with payroll software.‍

Scheduling Capabilities: We recommend tools that have a robust scheduling module. The best real-time tracking software should include scheduling features like shift planning, employee availability tracking, and shift swapping.


Attendance tracking is a critical aspect of any business. It can help you spot behavioral trends and uncover insights regarding your employee’s productivity and how that impacts your profitability. It also provides a basis for compensating your employees for their time worked while tracking all your employee leave entitlements.

Attendance systems also help you ensure your employees are where they’re supposed to be at the start of their shifts and give you tools to avoid any negative effects on your company’s productivity.

TrackoField’s attendance tracking software embodies all the essential features required to make the recording process as efficient and simple as possible. It is not only limited to attendance tracking and management but goes beyond for streamlining workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is attendance tracking important?

    Attendance tracking software is crucial for ensuring workforce accountability, productivity, and compliance. It allows businesses to monitor employee punctuality, identify trends, and address attendance issues promptly. Accurate tracking also aids in payroll processing, resource allocation, and overall operational efficiency, contributing to organizational success.

  • What aspects of employee attendance should I be monitoring?

    With top attendance tracking software, you can monitor employees’:
    - Punctuality
    - Absences
    - Tardiness
    - Leave requests
    - Schedule adherence
    Additionally, track patterns of attendance behaviour, such as frequent absences or late arrivals, to identify potential issues.

11 Best Attendance Tracking Software Reviewed For 2024

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