What is Field Service Management Software? Expert Guide 2024

What Is Field Service Management Software

It’s no secret that you need proper management to maximise field employees’ and resource output. So why not use field service management software? It comes with several benefits for your business.

Field services are crucial for companies that deal with either door-to-door marketing and sales or offer at-home services. 

For a moment, let’s keep aside the focus on gaining customer satisfaction. Instead, focus on the other half of the field services – field employees. For organisations and managers, it is crucial to manage them most efficiently.

Currently used by 63% of field service organisations, field service management software is a viable choice for managing your field employees and resources.

Through the software, you will be looking at success reports rather than complaints and expenses of field employees.

What is Field Service Management Software?

The field service industry includes after-sales services like repair, maintenance, customer support, inspection, consulting, installation, and education. Field services require managers to manage customers, field employees, jobs, and administration tasks. As a result, companies are turning to field service management software to stay ahead of the curve.

Since customer expectations are increasing, excellent customer service is expected, and they will not settle for anything less. With the best field service software in place, organisations can gain practical solutions quickly as it provides them with real-time metrics.

In addition, the software streamlines the communication, scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring process of the field service employees and tasks.

85% of field service companies reported improved customer satisfaction with a mobile workforce.

Who Needs Field Service Management Software?

As the name goes, field service software is best used by anyone working in field services. For example, managing construction site workers, electricians, plumbers, technicians, or any hybrid worker who shifts between offsite and onsite settings.

The software fruitfully streamlines day-to-day operations by improving and automating workforce management, dispatching, and customers.

What Does A Successful Field Service Software Look Like?

There is multifold competition in the market, and increasing customer expectations only adds to the pressure. That drives the need for field operations to be agile so that field service employees can efficiently provide outstanding field services even at the last moment’s notice.

Remote Adaptable Field Operations

Field service employees must be able to complete their tasks without jumping through hoops. To make this possible, the Automated field service management software offers tools and features to support their jobs’ remote nature.

Furthermore, the software is best when it is compatible with employees’ mobile devices. So that they can utilise the solutions to provide the customers with the best services.

The Software is Adaptable to Other Systems

The productivity of your service employees comes forth when they don’t have to depend on multiple platforms and systems to work. And that is why choosing a best field service management software that can be integrated with other existing systems is vital. For example, CRM, order management, HR management software, etc., is vital.

Proactively Capturing Service Data

Lack of visibility of the tasks and work of employees can be harmful to the company. But field management systems share data in real time, allowing managers to access every minute detail on the field. This information helps them be in sync with the on-ground activities of the service employees.

What Are The Benefits of Field Service Management Software?

What is the use of software that does not offer a heap of benefits? But by investing in the best field service management software- TrackoField, that is not an issue. Enjoy piles of benefits with us and see your business boost!

Automation of Workflow

Software that streamlines your operations and helps you to execute them in an orderly manner is a God’s gift or maybe TrackoField’s. In addition, field service management software is flexible, making it possible to sequence numerous events outside the office workspace.

Productivity Enhancement

Automation through field service management software features lets field employees and managers eliminate manual data entry. With this cumbersome job gone, employees and technicians have more time to spend on their actual jobs and outputs.

Field service management software results in a 25% increase in productivity for field technicians.

Efficient Functioning of Service Employees

TrackoField offers dual apps for managers and employees, which helps to form a connection between the two. Service employees have access to information at anytime and from anywhere because of cloud-based software. Employees can also connect to back office employees or managers using the software to solve their queries and doubts.

Optimisation of Resources

Proper management and resource optimisation is necessary if your business wants to scale profit. Through field service, management software makes it possible to manage and track their resources with ease and with great expertise.

Cost Reduction

Top Field service management software is perfect for saving money and might also help you earn more. In addition, with the automation of hefty and repetitive tasks, your technicians have more time and energy to meet a few more clients.

Better Dealing With Emergencies

Since the managers are supplied with real-time metrics and reports and are fully aware of each employee’s tasks and bandwidth. This makes it easy to deal with an emergency.

Benefits of using field service management software

Minimisation of Time Consumed

This goes without saying that field service management software is vital for time-saving and management. It automates the entire process of assigning, dispatching, tracking, and reporting, making everything quicker.

With its help, a 15-day process can be done in under a week.

The average time to dispatch a field service technician has decreased by 30% with the implementation of field service management software.

Supports Expansion

Regarding scalability, using FSM to handle complex data and manage customer expectations becomes relatively easy. This frees up a lot of time for owners and managers to think of their next expansion plan. And since the software is flexible, it can handle the growing needs and demands of the business very well.

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Choosing the Right Field Service Management Software

When investing, you must choose the best field service management software. To assist you when selecting, we have listed some essential automated solutions that ease up the job.

*Disclaimer: The features listed below are from the best field service management software, TrackoField. Finding something similar might be impossible.

Attendance and Leave Management

Geocoded attendance automates the task of punching in and out. Through it the presence of the employees get automatically marked once they reach their first task location. This helps to eliminate chances of buddy punching and time theft.

As for leave management, the employees can apply for leave remotely. Managers are notified, and they, too, can respond remotely. Moreover, managers can view each employee’s history and upcoming leaves through the admin dashboard before responding.

Task Management Solutions

Bulk task and schedule upload is another fantastic feature for employee task management. The managers can upload a month’s worth of tasks in advance. Field employees can view their schedules and tasks daily through the app. Not only this but managers can check and track the status of the task checklist in real time.

Real-time Workforce Tracking

No more calling employees every hour to know their whereabouts and task status. Rather you can always track their live location remotely accurately. In addition, the software should have next to no latency and downtime, just like TrackoField.

Field Service management software stats

Expense Management

Keep your field service employees motivated with an easy and quick reimbursement process. Employees can upload their claim requests right from the field Managers are notified and have the option to react remotely as well. Field employees can even track claim status in real time.

Automated Analytical Reports

Field service management software provides managers with automated real-time reports. These reports will help in measuring employees’ productivity and efficiency. In addition, it shows their task history and status, which helps to bring visibility into the operations.

Field Service Management Software with TrackoField

Field service is vital for companies trying to win over their customers. For example, after-sales services are a part of field services and have the power to influence to or fro in favour of the company. Field service management software is perfect if you want the wind to blow in your favour.

TrackoField is a field employee management software that will allow your field service employees to stay ahead of their game, letting them win over the customers in a jiffy.

What is Field Service Management Software? Expert Guide 2024

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