Top 6 Methods to Track Field Employees (Goodbye Idling & Rising Costs)

6 Smart Ways to Track Field Employees

Explore just 6 quick methods to track field employees. Say goodbye to idling and time theft with market-trusted employee monitoring software – TrackoField.

Employee tracking means keeping an eye on how everyone at work is doing their tasks. Employees are regarded as a company’s most valuable resource since they contribute to its growth directly through their work, production, and efficiency. To improve management and results, organisations need to invest in viable methods to track field employees.

It helps higher-ups (those who pay wages) see if things are getting done well and on time. Tracking field employee’ time makes sure everyone is doing their fair share, identifies areas of improvement, and makes work run buttery smooth, overall. It’s just like a football game coach watching team players to ensure they are playing well together.

Let’s unfold why field employee tracking and monitoring is important and what are the top 6 ways to track field employees (without spying).

Why is Field Employee Monitoring Important?

Since field employees are always on the move and far away from their manager’s eye, monitoring them becomes a necessity. It makes it easy to understand:

  • What field executives are doing with their time.
  • How they are progressing with their assigned tasks. 
  • Their productivity and efficiency levels determine the top-performing ones. 

Today monitoring field employees is easy and quick at touch of a button.

It is parallely important to regularly evaluate, monitor, benchmark, and improve employee performance as per the defined goals. The culture of the organization gets benefited from the transparency and visibility which results from constant evaluation of employee performance.

So wondering how to track field employees? – here are your answers!

Top 6 Methods to Track Field Employees (Without Spying)!

6 Methods to Track Field Employees

Here are some quick methods that are helpful for you manage your field employees at touch of a button:

1. Field Employee Monitoring Software

Like TrackoField…

In any business landscape, time is money. For businesses managing field staff, it’s very crucial to discover what their employees are doing with their time. Like every second and every minute. Whether it’s an MR traversing the field to sell medicines or a technician on a visit to fix warranty products, managing any field staff, despite the nature of their job, is a dire need. 

To do that, today we have comprehensive field service management software for employee monitoring. The software comes with complete distance travelled reports, task progress, and field employees’ performance analytics.

Employee monitoring or workforce management solutions have a significant impact on companies as they give them a 99.9% accurate depiction of their staff’s activities carried out during work hours in real-time.

The market offers a wide range of custom solutions that help keep track of tasks performed by WFH and remote workers.

Best Software for Employee Monitoring – TrackoField

TrackoField software for on-field employee monitoring software gives you a unique understanding of your employees’ daily activities, productivity, and timesheets.

TrackoField is embedded with must-needed features that let your business:

  • Track real-time location with quick notifications and alerts. 
  • Manage, and monitor, each employee (designation-wise, team-wise) under the same roof.
  • Manage their tasks, projects, and vacation requests.
  • Track their accurate logging in and out with attendance management.

In short, not just tracking, but by integrating our best tool, you can increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the employees. With us, you can effortlessly track field employee.

2. Employee GPS Trackers for Monitoring

Employee GPS Trackers for Monitoring

Many companies employ workers either for permanent or temporary contracts, depending on the work nature or season. You will notice that the majority of construction or mining businesses opting for seasonal workers finds tracking through digital apps to be a quite complex thing. It’s because:

  • Workers lack the technical know-how to operate remote monitoring software on their mobiles.
  • Risky mining and construction sites where taking mobiles is of no use (due to poor connectivity).

In such places, computer monitoring or video surveillance is inadequate to track your field employees. There you need the installation of GPS trackers that work in sync with real-time employee tracking software (owned by the site manager).

Employees can wear or attach those trackers to their clothing pieces. Even handheld devices are freely available that effortlessly track field employees is out of sight or idling too much.

The tracker fetches real-time information about employee travels and working hours and sends it to the field employee monitoring software like TrackoField. Site managers or owners easily get the details about their employees’ work and site visits with the help of GPS-tracking equipment.

Explore Which GPS Hardware Our Tracking Solutions Supports

3. Tools to Monitor Work Hours

Post covid, employment arrangement has seen a paradigm shift. The majority of the workforce is now choosing convenience and the ability to save on operational costs. How? By going with remote and hybrid teams’ — whose tracking can be a challenge. 

Work time or hours monitoring is becoming a new normal. Just to ensure the employees are not wasting business time while being on schedule. Many organisations are opting for next-level workforce management solutions — which lets them track the exact work hours or shift times of their distanced staff.

This method is quite the topic of argument among employees. While employers find this method interesting as they are able to:

  • Ascertain how their deployed resources are working or how they are utilising their  business hours.
  • Know the reason behind productivity levels leading to underperformance or outperformance. 
💡Is Tracking Work Hours of Remote Staff Ethical?

Ans. Yes, only if the field staff has agreed or given their consent to do so. Then only, as a manager you can track your field employees.

4. Sim-based Tracking (Without any smartphones)

Sim based tracking is another effective method to track field employees. It’s very feasible to use as it doesn’t require additional GPS installation, thus is very cost effective to use. It makes it easy to track and monitor the current movement of field staff through their cellular phones itself. And the phones doesn’t necessarily have to be smartphones, feature phones will also work perfectly well (more cost saving).

So how this arrangement works?

Sim-based tracking triangulates a field staff’s mobile device’s position using cellular towers. By analyzing SIM card data and its connection to these towers, accurate location information becomes easily available over a tracking software owned by managers.

This way businesses stay in control of their employees’ geo-coordinates and present locational movements.

5. Network Tracking

It is the duty of corporates to prevent any kind of cyberattack. By effectively monitoring both inbound and outbound traffic, business identities can ensure that no worker gets past the highly secure network perimeter. Firewall protection is used in employee tracking software to read networks and content entering and leaving the company server.

Employees occasionally use third-party networks on their devices while working in the field, endangering the company’s overall security. Therefore, the network security of the company’s database can be preserved when employees use a secured security dashboard for work. In addition, the network tracking reveals who is accessing which file. This is also a way to track field employee while keeping their safety intact.

6. Web Monitoring

Employee tracking software allows employers to monitor and keep tabs on how their staff members use websites, applications, and social media, including WhatsApp business on multiple devices. Administrators can obtain comprehensive reports on the tasks that staff members have accomplished during working hours, as well as information on the most and least productive times of the day, and any periods of inactivity — thanks to the software. 

Benefits of Monitoring Employees with — TrackoField

Monitoring minute-by-minute actions or activities of deployed field resources helps keep track of their productivity and efficiency. When you choose TrackoField without inhibition, you achieve…

#1. Increased Productivity (You Deserve!)

When field employees are constantly on watch, it gets easy to work on gaps and increase their productivity. Our employee tracking software helps seamlessly define and assign your employees’ responsibilities and keep them on track. You may find that there is more time in the day than you expected, which enables you to take on additional tasks or projects.

#2. Boost Security (10X…)

Employee monitoring is crucial for enhancing security and safety for businesses turning their employment structure as remote and desk-less. With 99.9% accuracy and data security patches, TrackoField offers the ability to stop data breaches, find malicious activity, and ensure compliance.

Our software helps identify a worker in distress and sends SOS alarms during mishaps or emergencies. Managers get to dispatch quick responders within a matter of few seconds to minutes, of any ill event.

#3. Better Team Performance

With us, you just don’t track individuals, but collective teams. By doing so, you can smartly increase responsibility and productivity, pinpoint areas for development, and share feedback. When your employees know they are being tracked, they put their best foot forward.

#4. More Cost Savings

TrackoField employee monitoring app, knowingly and unknowingly helps you save from lots of potential spending. When you know how your staff is utilising the billing hours, you keep a watch on their productivity, idling rate, and performance quality. If, in case, they aren’t working as planned, you can timely replace them and save money you ought to shell on them.

Your Final Takeaway!

It’s critical to monitor in-house, remote, and field staff to find out what they are doing with their time. No matter how big or small your company is, you should always have a record of the work your employees do and get up-to-date information on their performance and productivity.

 Today, there are a number of ways to track, manage and optimise field staff operations. One such method that’s highly accurate and dependable is field employee monitoring software like TrackoField.

Trust us, if you need:

  • Precision in tracking.
  • Efficiency in management.
  • And seamless collaboration for optimised field operations. 

You know what? Demos are free! Let’s connect.

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Top 6 Methods to Track Field Employees (Goodbye Idling & Rising Costs)

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