SIM-based Tracking is Helping Businesses Boost Efficiency and Profits

SIM-based Tracking is Helping Businesses Boost Efficiency and Profits

Technology is our superpower. It has answers to most of our problems. We are here to discuss one such problem with a foolproof solution. Ever wondered why SIM-based Tracking is gaining popularity in the Fleet Management business

Hmm! Why?

In the Logistics or Fleet Management business, it happens quite often that an unplanned delivery or procurement task pops up. There are chances that you might not have a vehicle available then and there. All your vehicles are either at work or in maintenance. 

So what would you do? 

You would hire one, right? 

Now, you also want to track its movement. Setting up a GPS trackers device and getting things going at such short notice is out of the question. To top it all, the driver has an old-school feature phone to complicate things even more.  


When you have to manage a big team of Medical Representatives on the field, it becomes tough to keep tabs on them. You can not keep calling them one after another, asking their whereabouts. Yet you are concerned about the dropping efficiency of the team. 

You want to make sure they meet their targets, and not bluff you.

So what is the solution?

Here comes SIM Based Tracking to your rescue.  

You get the real-time location of employees/drivers you wish to track by sharing their phone number, operator and consent for tracking. 

As you mention the details on the app, Voila, you get going without any hassle!

What is SIM-based Tracking?

SIM-based tracking is all about determining the location of the vehicle/person with the help of a SIM. It shares the geographic coordinates derived from the nearest cellular tower. As the vehicle/employee moves, the SIM keeps sharing the data on a regular interval that you receive on the app.

It may not be as sophisticated as GPS Tracking software, but it is quite efficient when it comes to monitoring the location and time. It is more affordable than conventional tracking solutions as you do not need to install a device or pay for its maintenance to get real-time tracking services. Isn’t it amazing?

Benefits of SIM-based Tracking

Benefits of SIM Based Tracking

1. Cost-effective Tracking Solution

  • SIM Tracking costs less than a cup of tea. Could you believe that? No capital expenditure on a tracking device, no overheads for its installation and maintenance. 

2. Hassle-free Installation

  • Tracking device? Huh, what is that? All you need is the driver/employee’s phone number, operator name and permission to track him. That is it! You mention these details on the portal to get it all started. 

3. No Term-payments, Just Pay-per-use 

  • You do not make term payments for SIM tracking services. Just pay as you go. You do not need to pay for the days you did not use the service at all, giving you complete control over your expenses.

4. Tracking Scheduler 

  • It is not feasible to manually track every vehicle for live updates a regular intervals. We are all humans, after all. TrackoBit gives you the option to schedule the tracking process. You get to set the frequency of the hits and procure data regularly. 

5. No Wear and Tear

  • As there is no need for installing the device, the chances of wear and tear are none. No damage happens to the vehicle or anything whatsoever. 

6. Internet Connection is not required

  • It works well even in remote areas where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable as it is not dependent on the internet. 

7. Easy to Download and Share Reports

  • You get a separate report for every vehicle. You can access the travel history online and download it for future use. It has location, status, time, and geographical coordinates mentioned in it.  

With technology evolving every day, convenience is becoming our lifestyle. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. It makes so much room for new possibilities and more profit.  

It is a cost-effective method that only requires a phone, not necessarily a smartphone, to get started. It is gaining popularity across industries from Railways to Fleet Management, Pharmaceuticals, and many more. So many logistics companies are relying on SIM Tracking to assess the efficiency of their fleet. It does not even require an internet connection. 

TrackoBit is already tracing around 10,000 vehicles using SIM Based Tracking. It is equally popular amongst budding and established companies. If you think your company can also join the league, you may give it a try.

SIM-based Tracking is Helping Businesses Boost Efficiency and Profits

Diksha Bhandari

Currently creating SaaSy content strategies for TrackoBit and TrackoField, this content professional has dedicated a decade of her life to enriching her portfolio and continues to do so. In addition to playing with words and spilling SaaS, she has a passion for traveling to the mountains and sipping on adrak wali chai.

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