11 Reasons to Use Location-Based Facial Recognition Attendance System For Industrial Workers

11 Reasons to Use Facial Recognition Attendance System

Discover in this article how a location-based facial attendance management system makes it a cakewalk for organizations to record attendance accurately. Know 11 ways how it positively impacts your organization.

Location-based facial attendance management is a hot topic today.

After all, it automates and simplifies the way attendance is marked. The innovative system captures the unique facial features of an individual and eliminates the need for ID cards, biometrics, or passwords. To execute business operations seamlessly, various organizations prefer facial recognition attendance system.

The system is so advanced that it can even scan blurred images and verify the real identity of a person. Let’s explore what is facial attendance management system and how it is beneficial for field workers busy fulfilling service requests.

What is a Facial Recognition Attendance System?

A location-based facial attendance management uses facial recognition and GPS technology to facilitate automated attendance management. Unlike other biometric attendance management systems that require the fingerprints of individuals to record their logins, location-based facial attendance management systems ensure a contactless way.

The device equipped with the facial recognition attendance system recognizes the facial structure of an employee when they place their faces in front of the device’s cameras. Thus, they get their attendance marked within a few seconds. The system can effortlessly manage the attendance of both in-house and field staff. Also, it reduces the administrative overhead of capturing the employees’ attendance.

How does a Facial Recognition Attendance System work

The facial recognition attendance is marked in the following ways:

  1. First, the employee’s face is captured by the system and further, the data is transferred to a secure database.
  2. Using the scanned images, a structured reference of the face is drawn.
  3. Now the software compares the formerly stored record and the processed image.
  4. When the image is identified with the record, the system marks an employee present along with their login time and location.

Location-based facial recognition systems are increasingly used in various organizations due to the impeccable benefits they offer like enhanced security, accuracy, and convenience. Below are other reasons as well that make facial attendance management an appropriate fit for organizations worldwide.

11 Reasons to Use Facial Recognition Attendance System

Top 6 Reasons

1. Ensures touchless sign-in

A facial recognition attendance system offers a touchless sign-in and a GPS-enabled attendance marking. Using the system, a company not only maintains the workers’ well-being but also boosts their overall creativity.

2. Automates Time Tracking

Field organizations can eliminate the need to have tons of hardware or apps to record attendance data. They can simply utilize the face recognition attendance system and bring convenience while tracking executives’ work hours. Even employees aren’t required to visit the office first to punch in for attendance marking as they can scan their faces from the client’s location itself.

3. Reduces Buddy Punching

Each employee has an attendance tracking app installed that helps scan their unique facial structure. If anyone tries to record attendance on behalf of others, the system does not allow it. Thus, significant potential threats like buddy punching are reduced.

4. Save Time & Money

The system saves the time field employees spend traveling to the office just to mark themselves as logged in. It allows workers to get directly to work without wasting any more time. With the driving force of automation, an organization can also eliminate the maintenance of an attendance register, multiple biometric hardware, and paper-led sheets, which helps them save time, money, and resources.

The system proves to be cost-effective and appropriate for organizations with field staff in landscaping, delivery services, construction, housekeeping, etc.

5. Runs from anywhere

Location-based facial attendance marking option is available on the employees’ app. So, no matter whether your employees are in the office or at the client’s site, they can mark their attendance by simply scanning their faces through the app. The employees are only required to access the app on their specific devices, tap on the built-in camera, and show their faces for seamless attendance records and management.

6. Provides transparency and control

Managers can control when an employee can log in and log out with geofencing capability. Instead, they can find the employees’ details i.e., entry time, exit time, etc. in just a few clicks, all thanks to the automated facial attendance management system. TrackoField’s employee monitoring software is also leveraged with geofencing that makes employee tracking seamless.

7. Reduces extra efforts

In hustling-bustling working scenarios, recording, tracking, or managing employees’ attendance data with conventional practices can prove to be a tedious task. And to deal with it, organizations have to put in a lot of extra effort.

Fortunately, a facial recognition attendance management system deals with all these. Not only it empowers organizations to manage employees’ attendance but also brings transparency to employees’ records. Whether it be an organization, manager, or employee, everyone can make the most of a location-based facial recognition attendance system.

8. Enhances security

As facial attendance management systems identify authorised personnel and grant access only to them, this ensures increased authenticity and security within an organization. No outsiders can access office systems and involve themselves in client meetings. This helps in securing your operational information.

9. Increases productivity

Managers get daily, weekly, and monthly reports on employees’ availability. Therein, they can prepare strategies to deal with absenteeism and employees’ unnecessary movements. Thus, encouraging the workforce to focus on their core tasks and improve productivity, ultimately boosting organizational success and growth.

10. Offers intuitive interface

A face recognition attendance system comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple for employees to navigate through the app. Being an automated system, it also eliminates the need for manual entries, mitigates administrative burdens, and streamlines the attendance management process smoothly.

11. Simplifies Payroll

Facial attendance and payroll management systems are easy to integrate with each other. While the former collects attendance data, the latter processes payouts to each employee. Payroll management eliminates manual payroll processing that is prone to mistakes. It automates calculation, reduces errors, and ensures accuracy. As both systems are interconnected, field organizations no longer have to battle against the challenges of inaccurate and untimed paychecks to staff.

Embrace a Facial Attendance Management System to Get Above Benefits!

Even after knowing about these benefits, don’t you want to bring the potential of a facial attendance management system to your workforce?

If yes, say “hello” to TrackoField’s automated attendance management system that lets you modify the way you manage attendance, shifts, and leaves of your field staff. Powered with geo-coded and image-verified attendance marking, the software ensures accurate attendance marking without any glitches. Also, it fetches the collected data of employees’ attendance to payroll management software for smooth payroll processing.

Book a free demo now with TrackoField to learn more about the attendance management system.

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  • What is a face recognition attendance system?

    A face recognition attendance system facilitates a seamless way for employees to mark their attendance. It is a type of biometric technology that processes a digital image and verifies individuals based on their facial characteristics.
    Most organizations prefer a face recognition attendance system over a biometric as the former prevents touch and reduces the chances of virus transmission among employees. Moreover, the system mitigates time fraud and unfairness against honest workers with an accurate attendance record.

  • Is the attendance system secure and private?

    Yes, an attendance management system is quite secure and private because it eliminates unauthorised access and grants access only to authorised personnel whose unique identities are stored in the database.

  • How can I troubleshoot issues with the attendance system?

    Problems like inaccurate attendance records, buddy punching, time theft, and absenteeism are common with the traditional attendance system. Fortunately, with an automated attendance management system like TrackoField, you can deal with all these issues as it offers an impeccable range of features like geo-coded attendance marking, image-verified attendance marking, shift-wise attendance monitoring, live work status monitoring, and real-time employee tracking.

  • Does the attendance system work when users are offline?

    We are not sure about others, but yes, TrackoField’s attendance management system can work offline. The system stores the offline records and pushes them to the cloud once they are in the network range. Thus the software works on the “NO” network zone and provides ease in getting data, reports, and insights.

  • How does the face recognition attendance system work?

    Here is a step-by-step process on how facial attendance management systems work.
    - The system captures the employee’s face using an algorithm.
    - Then, it collects the data in a secure database.
    - Distinguished features of the employee’s face are identified.
    - The formerly stored record and the processed image are compared.
    - When the image is matched with the collected data, the system records the employee’s attendance.

  • How can I get started with using the attendance system?

    TrackoField’s attendance management system is easy to own now. You just have to request a free trial and see for yourself how our scaling software helps automate and authenticate the attendance management process of thousands of field staff working under you.

  • Is there a free trial or demo available of the attendance system?

    Yes, TrackoField provides a free trial or demo for organizations to use an automated attendance system so they can test out the functionality of the software before making a purchase.

  • What are the significant advantages of a face recognition attendance system?

    An organization can enjoy an impeccable range of benefits by utilising a face recognition attendance system as it helps in:
    - Automating time and attendance tracking
    - Combating virus transmission through touchless sign-in
    - Minimising efforts to report attendance
    - Saving field employees' time and shifting it towards more focused work
    - Providing transparency with centrally located and visible data

11 Reasons to Use Location-Based Facial Recognition Attendance System For Industrial Workers

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