Nurture Your Employees’ Productivity with Workforce Management Software

Nurture Your Employees’ Productivity with Workforce Management Software

Use the right workforce management software to nurture your employees’ productivity and prevent it from draining away due to mundane tasks.

Every gardener dreams of planting beautiful flowers in his garden. Similarly, each manager wants to work with a supercharged and productive team. But just as no juicy fruit comes easy, likewise, no productive workforce can be obtained without proper fertilizers and tools.

Fertilizers, aka workforce management software, ensure that your productivity plant bears the best flowers and fruits of doubled revenues, satisfied clients, and a high-performing workforce.

Not only does the software help your employees be productive, but it also does away with the bugs feasting on their efficiency.

Continue reading to learn how to garden a productive team with workforce management software.

What is Workplace Productivity?

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”
– Franz Kafka.

Workplace Productivity is no forbidden fruit, but a prized apple that every manager requires and each employee dreams of achieving.

In simple words, workplace productivity is the efficiency with which the employees and managers complete their tasks and achieve goals. Providing a motivating and charged-up environment can achieve benefits such as profitability and heightened employee morale.

Benefits of Employee Productivity

82% of managers are concerned about their employees’ productivity. We have never met a manager who does not want to manage a team to its full capacity. After all, such a team guarantees easy and efficient working along with the multiple benefits listed below:

Greater Fulfillment

Being productive presents employees with opportunities to contribute to the overall organization, and in doing so, they gain a sense of purpose. In addition, this feeling often acts as an incentive for them to strive to do their best.

As a manager reading this blog, you will be happy to know that worker satisfaction and happiness are directly related to this sense of fulfillment. And this feeling can benefit the organization as it leads to profitability, higher customer loyalty, and lower employee turnover.

(What more to ask)

Better Customer Service

Employee productivity is correlated to customer satisfaction; the higher the employee motivation, the more customer satisfaction. (It’s simple as that). 

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”
– Richard Branson.

This is because when employees are productive, they can generate high work quality and provide customers with a holistic experience. Team coordination can further ensure customer retention. As the operations run more smoothly, there are fewer chances of a field employee missing or neglecting any customer.

Greater Revenue Generation

For a gardener, flowering buds are his prized possessions. Similarly, for every company, its productive employees are the star players. As a result, organizations constantly invest in their employees to achieve greater returns. With the help of productive employees, the organization can yield a more substantial ROI for their time and expenses.

Improved Engagement

This goes without special mention that engaged employees are more productive, resulting in a 21% increase in profits. They are keener on participating and being involved in the business and related activities.

Managers dread leading a team of disengaged and unmotivated employees. They can cause a stale work environment and lead to undesirable results and effects on other team members.

Promotes a Positive Culture

A forward-thinking culture with strong camaraderie can be developed when your team is productive and working together to achieve goals. This can also inspire others and can lead to greater morale among employees with higher job satisfaction.

What Are Bugs to your Employees’ Productivity?

Plants tend to get infested with bugs that hinder their growth. The same is the situation in every company; some factors shunt the productivity of your employees and must be done away with.

Manual Functioning

Organizations that rely on a manual process for repetitive and tedious tasks are putting themselves out of business as 40% of their employees’ time is wasted. This impacts employee productivity, customer and employee satisfaction, and revenue.

Manual functions are also cost and time-ineffective as it has a huge room for human errors and employee disengagement.

Enhance productivity with Workforce Management Software

Fragmented Communication

Another bug sucking productivity out of your employees is the lack of flowing information. This is a big issue with managers leading a team of field agents. Since there is a gap between the two, fragmented communication is bound to occur.

What further harms productivity is the lack of complete and authentic information. Fragmented communication also occurs when employees rely on multiple platforms to operate. 52% of employees complain that most of their productivity goes down the drain while waiting to receive correct information while on the field.

Outdated Technology

Employees and businesses suffer from obsolete technology as it risks data loss and getting hacked. A lot of time and potential is wasted on figuring out the bugs in old software; 46 minutes per day, to be precise.

It may cause your talented employees to be frustrated or look for jobs that employ automation and the latest technology, such as field workforce management software and field sales automation software.

Overlooking Employee Wellness

Companies that overlook their employees’ wellness can expect unmotivated employees to be a part of their organization. Ignored wellness could be in the form of tasks that are not according to their skills or lack of timely reimbursements. 

Inattentiveness Towards Operations 

Managers that are not efficiently able to track the progress of a project or their employees can hinder the productivity of their employees. They would constantly badger employees for updates. A lack of awareness can also make them take risky and unfavorable decisions.

How Does Automation Through Workforce Management Software Help

Workforce management software is the fertilizer we mentioned earlier. The software, through automation, can ensure that your employees gain the nutrients in the form of features they require to operate productively. 

Automation has been deemed as the modern-age solution to business problems. This has caused the demand for workforce management software to skyrocket from USD 6.0 billion in 2020 to USD 9.3 billion by 2025. The software not only helps the employees but also lets managers supervise effectively.


The workforce management software has features designed to benefit employees and managers. Listed below are ways automation eases the functioning of field agents.

Remote Attendance Marking

The software lets field employees mark attendance remotely without wasting fuel and time traveling to the office daily. Instead, they can do so simply by marking attendance on the application.

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Dual App

We provide two separate apps for employees and managers to avoid cluttering information. The employee-centric app has more to do with making their functioning easy. The manager-oriented app has features like live tracking and insightful reports for efficient supervision. This helps the employees easily gain the information needed without wasting time and effort.

Custom Forms and Digital Documents

The software offers to digitalize documents so that field agents do not have to face the hassle of carrying them. Digital documentation allows the company to go green by cutting down on paper use. A lot of time is saved through digital documents as they can be carried remotely on devices.

Additionally, workforce management software has another cool tool called custom forms. They come with fields that can be modified according to the need or feedback to help employees.

Built-in Chat Box

Too much time is wasted by employees trying to piece together information. In order to avoid all the chaos, the software offers a built-in chat box. It is where employees can connect with their managers and other team members without having to use many other platforms. In addition, employees can share voice notes, pictures, and videos if the message is unclear.

Instant Reimbursement

91% of the employees find themselves more productive and deliver high-quality performance when their field expenses are reimbursed timely. Keeping this in mind, the field workforce management software offers instant bill or request uploading. This feature helps to eliminate the effort wasted on collecting receipts and depositing them in the office.

Additionally, they would be notified of any change in their reimbursement request. Also, the request is visible to every manager in the hierarchy automatically.


Managers must also be efficient and productive to supervise a motivated team. Keeping this in mind, the software comes with features that help manage the field executive in a much more well-planned manner. 

Geocoded Attendance

Once upon a time, managers had an extremely hard time collecting and recording authentic attendance for their workforce. But no more sweating and toiling as we offer geocoded attendance. This feature automates attendance recording, as employees get marked attendance once they reach the first task location.

The software also supports visual verification. Each picture is time-stamped with real-time longitude and latitude, leaving no room for fabricated attendance.

Bulk Task Uploading

Allocating tasks daily and individually is a dreadfully time-consuming task. We have even automated this with the help of our bulk task-uploading feature. Now managers can upload a month’s worth of jobs in advance. Furthermore, changes can be made remotely. This can save them heaps of time that can be redirected to forming strategies and making decisions.

Real-time Task and Location Tracking

We believe in the motto– out of sight but still in mind.

Tracking an employee becomes crucial when dealing with field agents. It is done to monitor their progress and ensure they have reached the client on time. With the software, agents can be tracked in real-time with the least amount of buffering period. No conscious efforts have to be made as they can track the whereabouts of their team on the phone through the software.

Not only location but even tasks completed or pending can be viewed by the managers of each employee in real-time. The software also notifies managers whenever an employee enters a no-network zone or when his phone is switched off.

Actionable Reports

Detailed real-time reports are perfect for keeping the managers updated on every aspect of the operation, right from employees’ productivity to expense. Managers can view all the details with great accuracy with graphs and in a format that is easy to understand. With an error-free productivity report, managers can promptly improve it if needed.

Enhance Your Employee Productivity With TrackoField

Every manager is a gardener who wants his employees to grow to be productive and produce the fruits of doubled revenue and customer satisfaction. And with the help of the right fertilizer, aka workforce management software, you can prevent your employees’ productivity from being eaten away by mundane activities.

TrackoField is the leading workforce management software in the market. It has cutting-throat features and tools to ensure that employees work productively and efficiently.

Get your demo here now.

Nurture Your Employees’ Productivity with Workforce Management Software

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