How Workforce Management Software’s Automation Helps The Medical Industry

How Workforce Management Software’s Automation Helps The Medical Industry

The medical industry has changed rapidly thanks to the technical advancement in form of equipment and workforce management systems.

A UN study suggests that by 2025, 68% of the world population will be living in urban areas. Therefore, the need to make healthcare easily accessible will also increase. This can be done only with strong sales and distribution channels. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners, therefore, need effective medical representatives. 

Sounds like a huge task, right? Well, with the automation field force management software can provide, everything is doable!

Why Do Healthcare Representatives Need Field Task Management Software? 

Automation has been changing workplaces everywhere. From handling small repetitive tasks to managing entire teams, it can become cost and time effective. And quick is what medical representatives need to be to get samples and drugs to medical practitioners in a highly competitive environment. 

Wondering what issues medical practitioners and their managers face in the field that need to be mitigated? Let’s find out!

  • Arranging Meetings: Medical representatives have to regularly arrange meetings to meet new professionals. They might also need to schedule their day around the samples they have to pick up and deliver to labs, doctors, etc. Arranging meetings every day is cumbersome if representatives do not have their schedules organized. 
  • Managing Schedules: Speaking of schedules, medical representatives can get busy, but the people they need to meet are busier. Therefore, representatives cannot risk getting even 10-15 minutes late for any meeting. They have to be on their toes and manage their schedules perfectly. 
  • Managing Leads: The responsibility of collecting and managing leads falls onto medical representatives. They have to keep their eyes open for new potential customers and be persistent enough to not let the leads go. They also have the onus of maintaining impeccable customer relations with customers and should follow up frequently. 
  • Carrying Documents: Maintaining leads and customer relations means that representatives need to get a lot of information about clients and feedback from them. This involves carrying a lot of documents that may vary in informational requirements from customer to customer. 

How Does Our Workforce Management Software Help? 

TrackoField, our workforce management software, is the best way to help any team of field representatives perform better. However, when it comes to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, here’s how our field force management software helps: 

  • Task Management: Field task management is made easier with a tool that allows simple task assignment, editing, and completion. Managers and representatives can add and edits tasks throughout the day, be them one at a time or in bulk or online or offline. This task management also helps in easy scheduling throughout the day. 
  • Task History: It is easier to keep track of leads when all meetings can be viewed on the task management platform. In case medical representatives forget the people they met in the last, our task management software will not let them! 
  • Document Management: Field force management software comes with easy document management. Therefore, executives do not have to carry documents and can keep them safe on the software. Moreover, our custom fields and form options make personalization simple. 
  • Recurring Tasks: In case executives have to meet one professional every week to give samples or take feedback, the software will help by automatically adding that task to their list. No chances of forgetting means better customer relations! 

Summing Up

Medical representatives are the key to bringing together pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals such as healthcare experts and doctors. In today’s environment, they might also go the extra mile to make testing and pathology more accessible even to the general public. 

However, no team can function well without the help of solid workforce management software, and for good reason. You should try workforce management software such as TrackoField to witness the boost in productivity in your team! Productivity that will help strengthen the industry!

How Workforce Management Software’s Automation Helps The Medical Industry

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