What Are The Benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis Using AI?

What are the Benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis Using AI

The benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis using AI are very similar to using autonomous vehicles to save time and effort. It is the only right thing to do to make fleet functions more efficient!

Marketing expert and professor Peter Ducker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. 

So, if you want to improve anything in your fleet, you will need data. 

And, have you considered how much data is produced and collected every time a vehicle hits the road? Every move and turn a driver makes with the vehicle can be recorded and analysed. From the vehicle’s speed to the braking and acceleration frequency, everything is visible. 

All this data can be used with the help of an AI-driven fleet management software to improve driver behaviour analysis! After all, a study shows that good driver management can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, maintenance costs by up to 30%, and accidents by up to 40%. 

So, are you wondering how you can use AI to make your fleet much safer, efficient, and productive? You’re in the right place, since that is exactly what we will talk about in this blog!

AI-enabled Driver Behaviour Management Systems

What is AI-enabled Driver Behaviour Analysis?

The use of modern technologies (such as AI and ML) analyses and interprets driver behaviour data in real-time – this is at the heart of AI-enabled driver behaviour analysis. The AI approach to driver behaviour analysis enables fleet managers to detect patterns, trends, and opportunities for improvement while remaining vigilant about safety and compliance.

In essence, AI-enabled driver behaviour management systems can be technology and data centric fleet management to optimise business operations. 

According to MarketsandMarkets, the global market for AI-enabled systems, including driver behaviour analysis will develop at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 30% between 2020 and 2025. This is mostly due to an increase in demand for fleet management systems that can improve safety and efficiency.

AI driver behaviour analysis

Why AI-enabled Driver Behaviour Analysis Is Required?

Driver behaviour management is about creating a culture of safety within your organisation, and using technology is the way to help you get there. Fleet managers can promote a culture of safety and achieve better financial outcomes using AI-enabled driver behaviour analysis.

It is only through AI-powered fleet management systems that drivers can get real-time feedback on their performance. These systems also enable superior safety and better-chosen strategy metrics for managers and fleet owners. 

To put it simply, AI-enabled driver behaviour analysis is equivalent to providing your drivers with a personal coach. AI-powered systems can help drivers improve their driving skills and stay safe on the road in the same way that a coach can help athletes improve their performance by monitoring their moves and providing feedback.

How to Manage Drivers For Business Growth?

Managing drivers for business success is similar to gardening. Fleet managers must nurture and care for their drivers in order to achieve economic success. Regardless of the technology you use, naturally, if you do not manage drivers well, no kind of driver behaviour analysis will be successful. 

Here are some tips on how you can manage your drivers to promote a culture of growth in your organisation.

Set Clear Expectations

The foremost thing you must keep in mind while managing drivers for business success is that you must set clear boundaries and expectations with them.

Make certain that your drivers understand what is expected of them in terms of safe driving, fuel efficiency, and other essential performance criteria. Setting clear objectives from the start can help your drivers stay on track and contribute to the success of your organisation.

Use Data to Your Advantage

You may acquire useful insights into driver performance and find areas for development with the help of AI-powered driver behaviour analysis. Use this information to create tailored training programs and to provide regular feedback to drivers. You may help your drivers develop their abilities and contribute more effectively to your organisation by doing so.

Provide Ongoing Training and Support

Drivers that are always learning and developing are the best. You can help your drivers stay up to date on the newest best practices and enhance their abilities over time by providing continuing training and support. To assist your drivers succeed, consider offering driver safety courses, fuel economy workshops, and other training programs.

Reward Good Behaviour

Positive reinforcement can be a very effective motivator. Consider putting in place a rewards program to recognize drivers who consistently display safe driving habits and fuel efficiency. By doing so, you may encourage your drivers to maintain high performance standards and contribute to the success of your firm.

Prioritise Safety

When managing drivers, safety should always be your primary focus. This includes giving your drivers the tools and resources they need to stay safe on the road, as well as reviewing their performance on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with safety regulations. You can protect your drivers and your company’s economic line by emphasising safety.

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Key Benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis Using AI

Using AI to analyse driver behaviour is like having a co-pilot to help you navigate the road to success. 

AI may assist fleet managers in making informed decisions by offering useful insights into driver behaviour. They can then unlock their fleet’s full potential and achieve business objectives. After all, there is a reason why technology is growing at the pace that it is, right? 

In this section, let us look at some of the major benefits of using AI for driver behaviour analysis.

Improving Safety

Driver behaviour analysis enabled by AI can assist fleet management in identifying risky driving patterns and taking corrective action to avoid accidents. Fleet managers can build focused training programs and provide feedback to drivers on how to improve their performance by reviewing data on characteristics like forceful braking, speeding, and distracted driving. This can help to reduce accident risk and protect both drivers and company assets.

Increasing Efficiency

AI can assist fleet managers in identifying inefficiencies and taking corrective action to cut costs by evaluating data on fuel use, route optimization, and driver behaviour. For example, AI-powered driving behaviour analysis can assist in identifying drivers who engage in fuel-wasting activities such as excessive idling or harsh acceleration. Fleet managers can cut fuel usage and enhance efficiency by addressing these challenges.

Enhancing Customer Service

When drivers operate in a safe and efficient manner, it can improve customer service. Fleet managers, for example, can enhance on-time delivery rates and customer satisfaction by optimising routes and minimising delivery durations. This can help your company stand out from competitors and lead to higher client loyalty and retention.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

AI can assist fleet managers in identifying concerns before they become major problems by evaluating data on driver behaviour and vehicle performance. This can help fleet managers save maintenance costs by allowing them to address concerns before they cause severe damage or necessitate costly repairs.

Increasing Profitability

Driver behaviour analysis using AI can ultimately lead to higher profitability for your organisation by enhancing safety, efficiency, customer service, and lowering maintenance costs. After all, there is a reason why 50-55% of all automotive businesses in India are using AI-powered telematics systems for driver behaviour analysis and other functions.

Key benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis using AI

What Smart Fleet Management Software Can Do For You

Fleet managers may make informed decisions that improve safety, reduce expenses, and increase profitability by using AI-powered real-time tracking software. This real-time tracking comes with so many mutually exclusive benefits that will take your business to the next level. And here are a few ways in which software can help you do that! 

You may realise the full potential of AI-powered driver behaviour monitoring by implementing these functionalities into your fleet with the right fleet management software like TrackoBit.

Intelligent Real-time Tracking

Any fleet management software can tell you about the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers. However, it takes only great software to be able to give intelligent updates about the trip. With AI-powered fleet management software, the software should be able to give you updates such as driver activity, waypoint activity, etc.


Fleet management tools like video telematics are so powerful that they pave the future of the industry. Video telematics in general is made so powerful through DMS and DAS – which in return are only possible through AI.

With the help of AI, the dash cams installed in vehicles for video telematics can detect harmful driver behaviour or harmful surrounding concerns. DMS allows fleet managers to be able to check whether a driver is drowsy, smoking, etc. On the other hand, ADAS allows managers to see if there is a possible collision on the way, etc.

These two tools that are directly associated with AI are crucial for vehicle and driver safety!

Driver Coaching

AI-powered fleet management software that use AI to enhance driver behaviour monitoring are great for improving overall driver performance. This is mostly because the software can easily cover unhealthy driver behaviour practices. Therefore, the software can either offer real-time suggestions to drivers, or build insightful reports for drivers that allow them to train their drivers better.

Driver Scoring

AI can be used in fleet management software to rate drivers depending on their performance. This can assist fleet management in identifying drivers who require more training or coaching and rewarding those who perform well. Fleet managers can enhance safety and lower expenses by rewarding excellent driving habits.

Driver scoring in general is a great way of fostering healthy competition in your fleet. Therefore, your drivers would want to drive safely and efficiently just to be at the top.


Another great example of AI-powered driver behaviour analysis is how the software uses geofences. 

When the software is smart enough, it can track driver activity in a more intelligent manner. How? If you have issues with how much drivers are deviating and suspecting unauthorised vehicle use, you can use smart geofences that mark the area a driver is frequently deviating to. This is perfect for further assessment! 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics can be used by fleet management software to uncover trends and patterns in driver behaviour.

Fleet managers can discover possibilities for improvement and take corrective action before problems develop by examining data on aspects such as fuel use, route optimization, and driver behaviour.

Reporting and Analytics

The best and smartest fleet management software will create thorough data on driver behaviour and vehicle performance. This reporting and smart analysis gives fleet managers important information about their operations. 

Fleet managers can use this information to easily solve all the issues they might have in terms of business growth and deteriorating fleet performance.

Keep an Eye For The AI in Fleet Management!

Choosing the right fleet management software is crucial to understand the role that AI can play in making driver behaviour analysis successful. After all, to see things through practice is how you actually make progress, right? 

If you want to grow massively in the fleet industry, you should look into TrackoBit. With a plethora of powerful features and future-proof operations.

TrackoBit is the right answer to all the issues you might be facing in your fleet.

What Are The Benefits of Driver Behaviour Analysis Using AI?

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