Distance Traveled Reports

What are Distance Traveled Reports?

Distance traveled reports measure the distance covered by field employees during their working hours. As these reports come with a playback option, managers can visualize the on-field sites visited by employees. Thus, they evaluate employees’ actual working hours against the on-duty hours.

How can Distance Traveled Reports be Used?

Distance traveled reports are used by field managers to

  • Streamline Expense Management: Managers reimburse employees against the distance traveled by them during their working hours.
  • Evaluate Accurate Work Hours: Reports can let managers verify the total time a field employee spends on the field, thus helping monitor the employee’s productivity.
  • Optimize Route: While examining the historical travel data and routes employees took, managers can identify the most efficient and cost-effective path.
  • Enhance Team’s Skills: Upon using TrackoField’s expense and payroll modules together, field managers can automate reimbursement calculation and processing with just a few clicks.
  • Real-time status check: Managers can train their employees to navigate through high-traffic areas after analyzing the distance traveled reports.

Which Industries Use Distance Traveled Reports?

Different industries leverage distance traveled reports in various ways:

  • Field Services to assess field technicians’ productivity while on duty.
  • Transportation and Logistics to minimize fuel consumption and emphasize timely product delivery.
  • Healthcare to ensure healthcare professionals make home visits and do timely patient care.
  • Construction to monitor the movement of employees at the construction sites
  • eCommerce to optimize last-mile delivery routes and manage inventory