Choosing the Right Field Force Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Field Force Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

Managing a team of field executives without workforce management software is a cumbersome job.

Without software aid for functions such as task management, attendance management, and live employee tracking, pulling productivity is hard. 

The right field force management software can reap a 42% increase in customer retention and a 44% increase in SLA performance. Therefore, you need to choose the best one for your organization, right?  

If you are wondering what you should look for in a potent field force management software, you’re in the right place! Here, you’ll get all the guidance you need while choosing workforce management software. 

Things to Look in Field Force Management Software

Instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all software, managers need workforce management software that fits their team’s requirements. Therefore, from industry and features to support and scalability, let’s discuss everything in this section!

1. Industry 

Yes, every team of field executives has a unique purpose to serve. The functions marketing experts will need from workforce management software will be considerably different from what service executives will need. The best software will cater to all your requirements seamlessly. 

  • Sales and Marketing: A salesman tracking software needs to offer an immaculate and fool-proof attendance management tool. You will also need task management and documentation for simple sales completion. 
  • Operations: For a team of field operations executives, assigning meetings and getting proofs of attendance are important. You will also need insightful reports to track progress and productivity in real-time. 
  • Construction: You will need spectacular attendance and leave management to avoid staff leakage on the field. A team of construction executives also needs workforce management software that can track their tasks effortlessly. 
  • Retail: Managers managing a team of field executives for retail need simple documentation and precise log-in and log-out time reports. For these teams, performance analysis is a necessity. 
  • Healthcare: Live employee tracking is one of the biggest requirements for a team of healthcare workers. After all, in case of emergencies, it is important to know where everyone is and where the closest executive is. 
  • Security Services: With field force management software for security services, you can keep live tabs on where your guards are. Moreover, you can also use the software to authorize client meetings and record visiting records. 
  • Field Research: A tracking software for employees will help you keep records of where all the executives have visited for research. You can also collect all information digitally for record-keeping.

Features your team needs for Field Force Management Software

2. Essential Features 

Let us discuss some essential features that you cannot negate while looking for live location-tracking software for field executives. Of course, you can choose the pens that are most important for your team and keep the rest optional. 

  • Employee Tracking: Live location tracking systems are crucial to keeping tabs on what your executives are doing and where they are. Real-time employee tracking also plays a role in attendance, task, and overall productivity management. 
  • Task Management: Tasks should be easily assignable – be it one at a time or in bulk. The task management tool should offer flexibility for both managers and executives to work to their best capabilities, but at their own pace. 
  • Attendance Management: The most important thing about any attendance management software is that it should be fool-proof. Only marking attendance from anywhere will not do. Leave management is also a must for simple operations. 
  • Easy Communication: No team can function without good communication. Therefore, your field force management software should make communication simple and comprehensible on one platform. In-built chatboxes work like a charm for most teams. 
  • Performance Reports: You should always analyze productivity and use the trends to get even better. A good salesforce management software will help you do just that with insightful reports about employee performance, engagement, profits, and much more. 
  • Document Management: Carrying paper documents in the field is not only obsolete but also increases the pressure on executives to carry them safely. Digital documentation does not only save all documents from the team but also offers form customization. 
  • Dual Apps: The best field executive tracking software comes in two apps. One laden with features required by field executives, and the other needed by their managers. This separation makes everything cleaner on both apps and also differentiates job roles. 
  • Live Network Status: To make attendance and tracking super authentic, some software can calculate the executives’ device’s battery and network status in real-time. 

3. Ease of Use

Sure, you find field force management software that provides you with everything you’ve needed. But does that cut it if the software is not user-friendly and easy to use? Sure it doesn’t, right? 

Your workforce management software of choice should have the smallest learning curve possible. It should also have a super user-friendly interface so that anyone with even a base-level understanding of technology can use it. 

4. Customer Support

If your software suddenly stops responding, you should have enough support to get it back running, right? Whatever software you end up choosing, make sure that the software provider also provides adequate support and robustness in case of emergencies. 

However, the software itself should be speedy and robust enough to not cause issues frequently. 

5. Upgrades 

The only way to scale and grow is if all components of your team are committed to growing – including your software. While choosing the right workforce management software for your team, make sure that the provider is growth-centric. 

You don’t want to get stuck with software that does not upgrade but has possession of all your data! 

6. Customisation 

Not many software can offer exactly what your team needs. Therefore, the field employee management software you use should have maximum customization options. What it means is that the software has a huge package of features, that you can choose from and get customized to match your team’s requirements. 

Parting Words 

Choosing the right workforce management software is not a piece of cake. After all, your entire team’s productivity depends on this software. If it works perfectly, so will your team. If it doesn’t, your team will suffer too. 

After reading this blog, you should have got a good sense of your team’s minimal requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Search for a spectacular field force management software such as TrackoField that offers all the features mentioned in this blog.

Choosing the Right Field Force Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

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