Sales Employee Monitoring App

Employees in the field are like birds in the sky; they may take
whatever course they may please to meet their quotas. Track,
monitor and manage them on your smartphone.

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Accelerate Growth With Accurate Tracking

Sales Employee Monitoring Software To Your Service

Streamline the tasks at hand, strategize for the next quarter and plan for the future with the
right data in your possession. Enhance your sales strategy with the power of data.

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  • Real-time
    Order Visibility
  • Create Extensive
    Product List
  • Custom Pricing
    and Discount

Monitor Sales Staff and Orders Too

No, it’s not one and the same thing!

A good manager has one eye on employee performance and the other
on sales order operations. Field employees upload the order details on
the employee app that reflect in the manager's app… and the rest is the
history! Oh no, stored as the history to monitor later.

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Highlights of TrackoField’s Sales Employee Monitoring App

Unwrapping the bets of our Sales Employee Tracking app! These solutions
come in handy in managing a scattered workforce.

  • Route Distance Calculator

    TrackoField’s sales employee monitoring app managed to crack the code for accurately tracking and tracing the path travelled by sales employees, without guzzling on their phone's battery.

    • Distance Travelled Report
    • Distance to Time Report
    • Real-time Tracking
  • Attendance Management Tool

    Mobile attendance marking enables remote punch-in/out for the field staff, whereas geo-coded punches verify the accuracy of the employee location. It also saves time and effort for both managers and employees.

    • Remote Geocoded Attendance
    • Visually Verified Attendance
    • Task-based Attendance Marking
  • Expense Management Module

    Optimise the expense reimbursement process in your organisation with automation. Simplify the claim approval procedure across the hierarchy all on a single platform, a sales employee monitoring app.

    • Real-time Status Check
    • Paperless Reimbursement Process
    • Upload Expense Bills/Receipts
  • Task Management Solution

    Our sales employee tracking app automatically allocates tasks to the best-suited employees. The system is equipped to squeeze in ad-hoc tasks in real time if your business model is such.

    • Ad-hoc Task Allocation
    • Automated Task Delegation
    • Auto-Task Reports

Features of The
Sales Employee Monitoring App

Earn Profits For Your Business: A sophisticated bunch of features that serve
utility ensures efficiency and profitability!

Real-time Employee Visibility

You know the whereabouts of sales employees on duty in just a few clicks. Track down their movement in the field and monitor their work status on the app.

  • Real-time Employee Visibility

    You know the whereabouts of sales employees on duty in just a few clicks. Track down their movement in the field and monitor their work status on the app.

  • Target vs Achievement

    Our software generates automatic target vs achievement reports of individual employees, teams and groups. It makes monitoring KPIs super easy.

  • In-built Scanner

    Our sales employee monitoring app comes with a bar/QR code scanner that enables auto task competition updates, product verification and many more features.

  • Chatroom

    No more scattered pieces of chats! Have a single trail of conversation in one chat window. Attach documents and files and share voice notes.

  • Leave Management

    Easy leave application, approval and historical leave record of each individual in one place. Hassle-free leave management with everything remote and online.

  • Custom Forms and Fields

    No one-size-fits-all forms with limited field options. Our software allows you to create bespoke forms by choosing custom field types and creating tailor-made forms.

  • Battery and Network Status

    Managers get the real-time status of the field employees’ phone battery and network strength on the platform. Our system also generates unreachability reports.

Over 250 Businesses have enhanced productivity and yields with TrackoField.

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Why Choose TrackoField To

Track Your Sales & The Sales Team

Sales is a tough job to pull off! There is a massive team, there are targets and of course, the growth curve to
take care of. We can’t even imagine the added pressure of remotely managing a field sales team on top of it all.

Hence, we crafted a comprehensive field sales employee monitoring platform with all essential features and
solutions to simplify field sales and order management.

Sales Employee Tracking

Why Choose TrackoField’s Sales Employee Monitoring App?

  • Easy-to-Use Platform

    The app and the web portal are designed with an easy-to-use UI and simple-to-navigate user experience.

  • Robust Software Solutions

    The solutions are built on the latest technology mixed with years of industry experience.

  • No Hidden Costs

    You pay for what you ask for. No hidden costs for additional features or added solutions.

  • Tailored to Your Needs

    Have a business problem to be resolved? Our sales staff tracking software will take your wish as a command.

  • 24*7 Technical Support

    Our support staff is available at every beck and call. You’ll forget what technical glitches and downtime are.

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

  • What is a Field Sales Employee Monitoring App?

    A sales manager not only strategies the sales strategy but also manages the team of sales executives and their sales quotas. In the case of field sales, things become a little complex as the geographical and communication gap can linger between the managers and the executives.

    The field sales employee monitoring app fills the said gap and simplifies the managers’ role a bit by tracking field sales agents, their performance, tasks and whereabouts. Managers do not have to await individual executives’ work reports or call them to make updates. The software fetches the relevant data and shows it on the app in real time.

  • Who uses the sales staff management software?

    Businesses that have a field sales staff of more than twenty-thirty people resort to software-aided field sales management. Industrial sectors such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals for tracking MR representatives, the healthcare sector as a phlebotomist monitoring solution, and other industries that involve field sales use the software avidly.

  • Does TrackoField offer a sales staff tracking app with an order management tool?

    Unlike any other field force tracking software, TrackoField offers an order management solution with its field sales tracking software. Field employees can place the orders they get every day and check their daily performance on the app itself. The system then sends the order details to the manager in real time who can approve or reject the order. The sales staff monitoring software allows the managers to update the complete product list on the app and selectively assign the list to different individuals or teams of salespersons.

  • Which is the best sales employee management app?

    Out of the myriad options available in the market, the best sales employee monitoring app for you would be something that fulfils your business requirements. Instead of settling for any other field sales tracking app, opt for TrackoField, which offers custom solutions to your custom needs. Get an easy-to-use interface, simple user experience and added solutions if need be, other attendance monitoring, expense management, chatbox, custom forms, etc.

  • Can your sales employee monitoring software track the route followed by employees?

    Yes, our field sales executive management software tracks the exact route followed by the field salesperson to hop from one client site to another. TrackoField Offers the most accurate route distance tracking in the industry without compromising on the battery life. It also calculates the supposed conveyance expense that each employee must get with respect to the distance travelled in the month.

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