What is Employee Management? 10 Tips to Efficiently Manage Your Staff

What is Employee Management Expert Tips to Manage Your Employees

Effective employee management revolutionizes field employees’ efficiency. Discover how you can emphasize effective employee management with the tips given below.

Are you dreaming of the organization’s success while ignoring employee management?

If yes, then you are barking up the wrong tree. Ensuring effective employee management is a crucial factor because, in the end, it’s the productivity, and efficiency of employees that matter the most in meeting the company’s end goals.

This blog aims to provide you with a complete insight into what employee management is. Along with it discover 10 strategic ways on how you must manage your employees to push your business toward desired wins.

What is Employee Management?

Employee Management involves a series of processes and methods that you apply to help streamline employees’ workflow to increase productivity at individual and company levels.. From keeping track of employees’ progress, and fostering healthy professional relationships, to providing them with the tools they need, employee management represents all.

Some other aspects of employee management are:

  • Effective communication with employees to review challenges or gaps in current tasks.
  • Review, congratulate, and reward employees for the best efforts they have put into a project.
  • Keep employees motivated about their work prospects and job roles.
  • Encourage employees to go beyond and as well make an emotional commitment to the company.

Employee management is a wide concept through which an organization can achieve increased productivity, reduce employee turnover, and boost employee motivation. Here is more for you to understand how you can efficiently and effectively manage your field staff without sacrificing hefty costs, time, and resources.

10 Tips for Effective Employee Management – Handle Employees like a Pro!

Ways to Ensure Effective Employee Management

Effective employee management is crucial in today’s time for organizations to stay on top of the game. Here are some proven practices for you to manage your employees.

1. Set Clear Expectations

As a field manager, it’s your job to set clear expectations with your executives. When your executives are aware of the end goals, they become more focused on completing the tasks with heightened productivity. Results or outcomes are the most valuable aspects of setting expectations. So, you must not neglect this aspect at all during this process.

Note that it’s a must to share expectations that are attainable. Here are tips on how to set clear expectations with employees:

🔍Connect expectations with what you want to achieve

🔍Asses executives’ performance regularly

🔍Bring expectations that follow the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound)

That’s not it, setting expectations also requires communicating at regular intervals with your staff.

2. Provide Constant Feedback

Feedback matters a lot to executives’ growth. It also serves as a benchmark for deciding their growth or simply the scope for their next promotion.

Even a stat says that…

💡 75% of employees believe that they do their work better after receiving feedback. 

However, how you provide feedback matters a lot, especially when you are operating a field business. There you cannot rely on multiple tools. So, what’s the best resort for it?

Hint: A unified solution that encompasses tools for streamlined field processes. Can you come up with any names? Well, it’s TrackoField. An effective employee management software that ensures constant feedback to executives with offerings like:

✅Mobile and desktop reporting
✅Organized office chats
✅Alerts and notifications on the go
✅Insightful task reports
✅Executives’ productivity reports

3. Delegate Responsibility

Delegating responsibility is tougher than doing a task by ourselves as it involves:

✍Choosing the right person who has subject matter expertise towards a particular task.

✍Explaining “why you are choosing them.”

✍Sharing context and guidance for certain tasks.

✍Providing resources and training if required.

✍Ensuring two-way communication.

This is a huge task for field managers who don’t even know where their executives are in real-time. That in turn, takes the most time and energy of management. To cope with this, field managers must ensure a solution that not only helps in easy task delegation but also provides them opportunities to track their current tasks and progress so far.

You know what? TrackoField lets you get the best of both worlds with its:

🔍Real-time employee tracking

🔍Live work status monitoring

🔍Seamless bulk-task allocation

🔍Instant task alerts

Want to learn how TrackoField can help with effective employee management? Book your free demo now.

4. Invest in Training & Development

With the rising competition, employee training programs become crucial for companies. By reflecting on their staff’s strengths and weaknesses, most employers prepare workshops. However, compiling employee data or reports becomes challenging with Excel or paper-based methods. Which lags in pursuing timely training and development sessions. This is where companies need TrackoField’s software with an intuitive dashboard laying the following information:

👉Employees’ availability

👉Task productivity

👉Travel and expense reports

If there is any unsatisfying information found in the dashboard like decreased productivity level, rise in absenteeism, and challenges while employees reach the site, the manager can take immediate action and invest in training if required.

5. Provide Rewards & Recognition

Employees feel discontent when they don’t receive the fruit for their labor. Also, expecting employees to work with the same motivation even if they don’t receive rewards and recognition for their hard work is unfair.

So, ensure employees’ motivation through rewards & recognition. This way your employees feel valued and help add to your operational growth.

6. Encourage Remote Log-ins (for remote staff)

To foster a healthy professional relationship with your employees, you must provide them with remote login-ins and log-outs. It will be beneficial as they won’t have to unnecessarily spend their time and energy to especially reach the office.

 A geo-verified leave and attendance system can come in handy for field staff to mark their day’s availability or leave without fail. This also ensures a good work-life balance for employees as the traveling time to the office is now shifted to spending moments with loved ones.

Here is what TrackoField offers to encourage remote log-in:

🔍Image-verified attendance marking

🔍Geo-coded logins and logouts

🔍Biometric attendance system

🔍Visual verification for attendance

7. Automate Reimbursement Procedure

What if employees get reimbursement immediately after spending the money from their pockets for some official tasks?

They will be more dedicated to their work. However, conventional ways take more time to complete the reimbursement procedure because managers have to look for proof in a bundle of papers, invoices, and bills. Fortunately, TrackoField’s offered expense management software automates the entire procedure. It provides managers with an accurate report on employees’ spending and helps streamline the process right from expense claiming, and reporting to reimbursement.

Here is the checklist highlighting which areas or features you can enjoy when you choose TrackoField as an expense reporting software:

✅Multi-level approval hierarchy
✅Expense evidence upload
✅Real-time request approval check
✅Expense categories

8. Handle Attendance Override

Sometimes, employees undertake tasks even after taking the day off, and many organizations don’t notice it due to various reasons. But you should avoid that mistake for effective employee management. Provide incentives and monetary prizes as a part of their outstanding performance, work during leaves, and contribution to the organization. You may also need automation to seamlessly handle attendance override.

9. Prioritize Open Communication

As a manager, you should maintain an open and safe environment for your employees. An environment where they can express their views without worrying about any judgment or criticism.

For businesses, communicating about the latest announcements and ad-hoc tasks is tedious when their field force is located across different sites. So, adopt an effective employee management software system that prioritizes seamless communication with in-office chats, alerts and reminders, and task notifications.

10. Visibility on Leaves

You must ensure that employees get visibility on their leaves. But, not through papers but with an automated system. As it allows employees to learn about leaves taken, leave balance, and total leaves in a single platform. This avoids the hassle of turning pages and helps employees instantly apply for leave when required.

Note: When you prioritize your employees’ needs, they will prioritize your company’s success. 

Ensure Effective Employee Management With These Tools

Here are some examples of employee management software systems that you can use for effective employee management.

1. Performance Monitoring Tools

To monitor your employees’ productivity, roles, and time they have spent while working on their specific tasks, all you need is a performance monitoring tool. Utilizing the software, managers can also assess employees’ performance, either individually, teamwise, or department-wise.

TrackoField is one such performance monitoring tool that informs about the real-time status of employees, and productivity reports in its inbuilt dashboard.

2. Communication Tools

No matter if your work is operated through the office or remotely, communication tools hold the highest importance for a clear conversation between managers and employees. Lack of transparency can make things worse in your organization. Therefore, ensure to leverage a communication tool to improve employee management.

3. Project Management Tools

Managers can allocate, schedule, and create projects for the preferred employee using project management tools. It bridges the gap between managers and employees and helps both parties find information about the project’s dependencies, and resources in one place. While employees can stay organized, managers can adjust the project timeline, all thanks to the project management tool.

4. File-Sharing Tools

What else you need for effective employee management is a file-sharing tool.

Employees can collaborate and share relevant documents about orders, expenses, and projects on the same page. With attachment and upload features, organizations can reduce confusion and share files online safely and fast.

5. Payroll Management Tools

Payroll management is another crucial tool that you require for employee management. It helps in managing your employees’ payroll, wages, and salaries and automates the entire payroll process. Employee work hours and leave balances are seamlessly synchronized for seamless payroll processing when you integrate payroll management with time and attendance tracking tools.

TrackoField: All-in-one Software for Employee Management!

With TrackoField, Experience an All-inclusive Employee Management Platform

No organization will invest in different tools for employee management. Moreover, it takes a lot to move from one system to another. Scattered data, high cost of tools, time-consuming setup process, and unproductive time management are some of the pitfalls of using multiple tools for employee management.

So, what’s the solution?

An employee management software system that comes with offerings like: 

✅Simplified Payroll Calculation

✅Seamless Attendance Marking

✅Efficient Leave Management

✅Smooth Task Management Allocation

✅Insightful Dashboard

In a Nutshell!

As we have lined up every possible way for effective employee management, ensure to practice them leveraging the best employee management software. You will manage your employees seamlessly with the right software in hand.

From instant work hours tracking, to effective communication, and smooth task delegation, you will get everything on your plate. So, what are you waiting for?

Prioritize a workplace where executives are heard, seen, and felt.

Let’s connect and enhance employees’ efficiency and productivity


  • What is employee management software?

    Employee management software systems help organizations monitor employees’ working hours, disburse payrolls, manage expenses, and keep track of employees’ activities for improved employee satisfaction and enhanced organization productivity.

  • What is the best way to manage employees?

    Not just one but there are lots of ways you can apply to manage your employees such as fostering a good culture, emphasizing transparency between managers and employers, and providing visibility on employees’ performance, leave, attendance, payroll, etc. This way your organization can enjoy employee management.

  • What is the right employee management role?

    The employee management role is for the employees who provide their best efforts to contribute to the success of an organization. Instead, these employees manage other employees, monitor their daily labor, measure progress, and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

  • Which is the right software for employee management?

    TrackoField is the right software for employee management because it has everything that supports employees to put their best efforts into the company’s success. You will find remarkable features like performance monitoring, leave and attendance management, payroll management, seamless communication, cloud-based file storage, and various others in this software. If you are looking for software like TrackoField, don’t go any further and try it for free.

  • How do companies manage employees?

    Managing employees effectively will help companies achieve their goals and how they manage them is right here:
    - Hiring people with the appropriate qualifications
    - Measure employees’ performance regularly
    - Facilitate seamless communication
    - Encourage employees to share their opinions
    - Set clear goals and tasks
    - Provide rewards & recognition
    - Ensure that employees enjoy working

What is Employee Management? 10 Tips to Efficiently Manage Your Staff

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