How Powerful Can Live Location Tracking Be in Field Force Management Software?

How does Field Employee Tracking Software Track Offline Employees

In the current operations and customer relations environment, the need for field employees has been rapidly increasing.

Resultingly, managers need field employee tracking software to have a constant live update on employee location. 

All GPS tracking software will offer you live tracking features. However, only the best ones will take this simple feature and boost it to an extraordinary level. TrackoField is one such software, offering you the best kind of live field force management software out there!

Why Do You Need Live Employee Location Tracking Systems?

Live employee location tracking software aims to use GPS tracking systems to track field executives through their devices. The purpose of tracking is to ensure that operations and actions in the field stay transparent. Here are some basic reasons why organizations should necessarily have field force management software for their live tracking features. 

For Managers 

When managers cannot be in the same location as executives, they are likely to find several issues in management. Here is how live location tracking will help them in managing their team:

  • Attendance and Tasks: With live locational tracking, managers can know if executives were actually where they say they were at specific times. Therefore, there can be no scope for miscommunication or time theft. 
  • Automated Updates: Managers can use live location tracking data to get automatic updates on executives’ whereabouts and if they have been fulfilling appointments and attending meetings.

For Executives 

When you break the news that you’re going to start using field employee tracking software, your decision might meet some resistance. However, live field employee location tracking is for everyone’s good and you can prove so by showing that your employees get:

  • Safety: Their location is always tracked. Therefore, if they face any trouble in the field, help can be sent to them right away. 
  • Proof of Work: When their location is tracked in real-time, employees should be able to rest assured that all their work and transit are being noted. Therefore, they will not have to worry about their efforts going unnoticed by their employees. 
  • Employee Profiling: Long-term locational tracking allows managers to have a look into what operational areas executives are familiar with. Therefore, each employee gets to specialize in particular areas for higher field impact and familiarity.

For Organizations 

The biggest benefit real-time employee tracking offers is to the organization as a whole. After all, if managers and employees thrive, the organization automatically will, right? Here are some reasons why organizations need live field employee tracking software:

  • Documentation: With automation, everything in an organization will be documented and verified. Therefore, whatever information is stored in the database will be absolutely true, aiding in further management. 
  • Increased Productivity: With managers and executives getting to reduce their interaction time wasted in understanding locations, the amount of productivity in the field is bound to increase. 

Track The ‘Impossible’ Through Fool-proof Employee Tracking System 

Live tracking goes way beyond just checking which employee is where on the field. It is not only about tracing dots on a map, information that can not always be reliable. 

When you use the right fleet management software system, live tracking fetches locational data and much more in a reliable manner. Here are a few ways in which TrackoFiled makes real-time tracking fool-proof and tracks the impossible in the field: 

  • Geocoded Tracking: Instead of just looking at locations on a map, managers can always see the geocoded location. Therefore, you see not just the address but the exact coordinates for where executives are at that moment. Moreover, in case of any doubts, you can ask for geocoded visual attendance for further verification. 
  • Battery and Network: Other than executives’ location, field force management software allows you to check the battery and network status of their devices. This means that you can tell the condition their phone is in so that bad network and low battery excuses go out of the window. 
  • Track Without Network Coverage: Even if your executive’s device is not under the network coverage area, our software will still collect data. This means that even if executives are unreachable, our software will know where exactly they are. Even if the devices sleep, our software never does!

Track Employee live location when phone is in sleep

Additional Benefits of Live Employee Tracking 

Sure, knowing where your executives are in real-time is an exceptional example of automation. However, that cannot be the only benefit of real-time field employee monitoring, right? Here are a few more benefits you get out of fool-proof locational management for field employees: 

  • Attendance Management: Attendance management becomes exceptionally simple with real-time locational tracking from field force management software. Wondering why? Because with the right software, attendance logging cannot be fraudulent. Whenever executives reach their location of cooperation, they must send geo-verification to log in. 
  • History Records: Through our field force management software, you get to check the history records for each executive. Since our software collects location, battery, and network status data even when devices are in sleep mode, this history record can tell executives’ whereabouts without any breaks in the tracking mechanism. 
  • Task Proofs: All tasks can be verified according to the locational data collected by our software. Therefore, if an executive claims to be at a certain location for a while, it is sure to be there, or else they have not actually completed the task. This helps in better field employee supervision. 

Summing Up 

TrackoField offers one of the highest precision live employee tracking software out there. Our software offers multiple bulletproof features that make field employee monitoring completely automated and robust. After all, there are not many software out there that can track executives’ live location even when their devices lose network. 

So, what are you waiting for? The world of operational automation with field force management software is waiting for you! Get your demo for TrackoField now and see your field operations and profits skyrocket!

How Powerful Can Live Location Tracking Be in Field Force Management Software?

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