How Field Force Management Software Boosts Productivity?

Field Force Management Software How Does it Boost Jobsite Productivity

Productivity challenges for field teams are never a concern when they go for smart, easy-to-deploy field force management solutions. Explore how exactly the software adds to your workforce efficiency and workforce automation.

A dedicated manager named Sarah is obliged to manage a team of technicians tasked with installing Wi-Fi at customer B’s house. She maps customer requests via phone calls and Excel sheets. Plus, she has no clue which technician is working on which task. There are long pending lists of unattended tasks. Customers are relentlessly calling for updates. This is some messed-up productivity here!

Things changed when Sara’s Management decided to go for a Field Force Management Solution.

When Sarah’s office implemented field force management software

  • Tasks were auto-allocated over technicians’ smartphones.
  • The technicians had access to appointments with complete job details and optimised routes.
  • Digital and real-time communication was between the technician dispatching team and end customers.

This software transformed their operations, reduced downtime, and took their productivity level to new heights.

Here’s in detail how exactly field force tracking and management solutions help service delivery businesses like Sarah’s help improve productivity and grow profits.

How Field Force Management Solution Enhances Productivity? In Just 8 Ways!

How Field Force Management Software Boosts Productivity

1. Automated Shifts Scheduling and Dispatching

Efficient shift scheduling is a building block in enhancing the productivity level of field staff. A scaling field force management solution simplifies and automates the process of shift scheduling and dispatching for hundreds to thousands of field forces. It efficiently analyses and assigns multiple shifts based on each executive’s skills, availability, and proximity to the job site.

💡Silver lining – Executives receive notification about their assigned shift schedule, which helps them stay prepared for their day’s plans. Moreover, through the app, they are guided on the optimum routes- which helps them reach the job site faster.

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2. Efficient Tasks & Work Assigning

Field service businesses’ productivity is directly correlated with the fact of how effectively and on time the priority tasks are assigned to executives. The software helps assign tasks to diverse field forces so that every executive is effectively and rationally utilised. The field employee management apps let managers auto-assign tasks to field executives by factoring in their skills, availability, proximity to the job site, and more than 20+ custom factors.

The field force tracking system allows managers to align weeks to month’s tasks over a calendar. They can simply reschedule tasks by clicking, dragging, and dropping tasks to suitable dates.

💡Silver lining – As a result, businesses are guaranteed to have less unproductive output and hours. You will see executives and teams always out there performing a task – without missing a beat.

Manage Tasks With Less Friction!

3. Live Tracking of Field Staff

It would bring a sigh of relief if field managers could actually track the locational movement of their field staff with exact timestamps and geo-coordinates. This would make it easy to identify which field staff is right on time, leaving behind the schedule, or simply idling.

But guess what! All of this is possible with field force tracking software embedded with GPS functionality that makes it effortless to track the geo-coordinates of the field staff. Managers over a live map can see where their staff is at or headed next. Moreover, they know:

  • The time employees are reaching or leaving the client site.
  • Number of halts with duration amidst the day’s tasks.
  • Progress of each task — is it still untouched or in progress?

The software has a fool-proof route distance calculator that simples field staff’s mileage tracking to pay out reimbursements w.r.t. distance. It even allows managers to playback the route travelled by each staff — to identify unproductive.

4. Easy Management of Orders (On the Go)

For field sales businesses, productivity is defined by how efficiently their sales reps take orders and make room for new revenue. Field force management software equipped with an order management tool lets sales executives effortlessly take orders with complete details.

The best part is, they even get options to:

  • Create and apply custom discounts and offers on orders
  • Digitally maintain a long and categorised product list

In parallel, managers over their dashboards get real-time insights into total and individual sales. They know who’s bringing new revenue and who’s not.

5. Target v/s Achievement Reports

When you give your team some targets, they feel the adrenaline rush to complete them. And when you measure your assigned tasks with achieved tasks — you get better clarity on why the assigned tasks were over or under-delivered.

TrackoField auto-generates targets v/s achievement reports wherein you can map out the reason behind every productive and unproductive outcome. You will know how many tasks were actually allotted and how many were successfully achieved.

6. Notifications to Never Skip an Appointment

Forgetfulness is a basic human trait when there is so much work piled up. Even your brightest and most promising field staff can forget minuscule (but important) tasks. This happening on several occasions can mess up the workday’s productivity.

Today’s field force managing software has acknowledged this problem like a pro as it shoots reminders whenever:

  • Weekly to monthly tasks are allotted by managers
  • Employees name is replaced in the ad-hoc o last-minute tasks
  • There is a meeting in 10 minutes
  • Recurring tasks needing due attention
  • Employees expense claim has progressed

At TrackoField, we enable your business with 50+ custom alerts and notifications around important tasks and routines — you want your staff to stay on schedule with.

7. Workflow Automation with “Group of Tasks”

Group of tasks is the best feature for organisations that thrive on a series of independent but related tasks. For instance, you offer a TDH connection service and have different executives for different functions like site inspection, installation, and testing.

Managing such independent tasks can become taxing with paper and mobile-based chasing. TrackoField ensures end-to-end workflow automation and sheer visibility on every task. The system updates managers whenever each important task of the installation process is successfully done.

8. Remote Attendance Marking

It would be an ultimate time-saver for employees if they can get the opportunity to clock in from any remote location. They won’t have to visit the office just to mark in and out. With field employee tracking software, managers get access to a geo-verified attendance marking feature.

Employees can simply visit the client site and mark their attendance in touch with just a few buttons. Plus, they can even upload selfies (tagged with timestamps, location, and coordinates) to verify their presence at the service site.

This removes:

  • Unnecessary doubts (which managers may have)
  • Cross-questioning (which employees don’t want to indulge in)

This allows everyone to make the workday less stressful, chaotic, and productive.

FFM software boosts employee productivity by clearly defining the tasks, schedules, and processes with end-to-end visibility of every process and being.

More Ways How Automation Helps Maximise Jobsite Productivity

Here are some more ways in which implementing field force management software can be the best bet.

1. Better Communication with Data (All in One Place)

The proven and automation-driven software enables smooth and fast-paced communication between field staff and managers with an in-app chat and voice chat sharing option. It makes it easy for executives to:

  • Get updates on any task changes or ad-hoc requirements
  • Readily access details about customers’ or client tickets
  • Enquire about any products, orders, or any aspect of field services

The software automatically draws and distributes the team’s pivotal data—saving a lot of time and reducing errors.

2. All Tools Handy With Field Teams

Executives apps are a subset of field force management software that empowers executives with uncanny features and functionalities that add to their productivity levels.

  • It lets them get access to digital checklists for tasks — which helps them plan their workday better.
  • It presents all the information they need, be it customer details, job specifications, inventory levels, or so on.
  • It lets them clock in and clock out from the task location, without actually visiting the office (saving them a lot of precious time).
  • It lets them seamlessly apply/request for leaves and auto-adjusts for comp offs.
  • It lets them apply for expense reimbursements and experience fast inflow in their bank account (without having to go through a paper-led process).

3. Offline Tracking (No Excuses During Loss of Connectivity)

What if the signal gets lost? Your employees lie about the visit or make excuses about missed appointments?

The field force management software continues tracking even in offline or zero connectivity regions. Ensuring that no task or employee movement goes unnoticed and adds to complete productivity.

Final Takeaway!

Organisations that are driven by fast-paced, multi-tasking, and scattered field forces undeniably need field force management software to reduce productivity challenges in field service operations. The one-stop platform grows productivity levels by:

  • Automating task and shift allocation
  • Offering live monitoring of every process
  • Ensuring seamless communication between the dispatching team and customers
  • Sharing real-time insights into the employee scheduling and dispatching process

All in all, it empowers managers to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions. The system ensures cohesive and streamlined operations and enhanced communication, which encourages the field team to accomplish more in less time, helping take productivity levels to new heights.

💡Let’s Partner Up!

TrackoField is serving users from 30+ countries with 100+ unique and flexible modules for effective field force management. Our software can help you track, manage, and monitor every process and being in the process – to meet your productivity goals.

Click here for your free trial, we will help you walk through the product.

How Field Force Management Software Boosts Productivity?

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