Fleet Management Software for Trucks: Guide 2024

How Does Fleet Management Software Work in Truck Fleets

Let’s find out how top fleet management software work in truck fleets with an advanced tech stack and sophisticated solutions in hand.

Roads share the maximum load of freight transportation across the globe. It will not be wrong to say that trucks form the backbone of road logistics. 

No wonder fleet management software providers pay extra heed to truck fleets and why not? The Indian road freight transportation market is growing at a CAGR of 6.53% to reach 203.2 billion USD by 2028 from 139 billion USD in 2022. 

Now that we are talking in numbers let’s surprise you with some more! 

Did you know that 13.7% of 276 million registered vehicles in the US are trucks? Out of them, 36.9 million trucks are used commercially and that doesn’t include trucks used for farm and government use.

Fleet Management Solutions Exclusively Designed for Truck Fleets

It’s important to acknowledge the role of road freights in the supply chain. Trucks form the backbone of logistics around the globe. No multi-modal supply chain structure is possible without road carriers and truck fleets make up the majority. 

So, what are the solutions that cater to the needs of truck fleets?

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

The solution name itself gives away what it is for. Truck fleet owners do not ask for driver behaviour monitoring because they want to keep an eye on their driver’s driving behaviour but to analyse their performance and ensure the safety of trucks and consignments.  

Even though the drivers are told about the characteristics of the consignment they are carrying, they do not understand the worth of the assets they carry. For example, a truck carrying 2 million worth of crockery needs to be driven more responsibly than a truck freighting 20 million worth of garments. Therefore, the driver behaviour monitoring solution keeps tabs on harsh braking, harsh acceleration and cornering.

Route Planning Solutions

Fleet owners with hundreds of trucks on board can roughly keep track of each trip when done manually, let alone manage their routes. This is where route planning solutions step in. Managers create and assign routes to trucks for each trip. The fleet management software collects data pertaining to the truck and the trip, hence, generating reports automatically. 

Unlike air freight, waterways and rail freight, truck drivers have the leverage to follow custom routes if they please. They often please to take a detour for personal work, in case of road blockage or any other reason. Therefore, these exclusively designed route deviation alerts monitor this common practice. Along with this, ETAs and PODs make the entire supply chain process a foolproof one.

Route planning software features ETA, POD, Route Deviation, etc.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Fleet management software solutions for trucks come with an exclusive vehicle diagnostic feature. The system helps monitor vehicles’ health and predict issues well in advance hence, keeping unforeseen vehicle breakdowns at bay. 

TrackoBit offers an exclusive feature called Service and Maintenance alerts. The fleet manager receives reminders every time a vehicle’s servicing is due, permits need renewal or licenses are about to expire. This may seem like a small feature but imagine the amount of money the fleet owners can save by dodging challans. 


Video telematics is the advanced version of telematics technology that requires broader bandwidth and sophisticated infrastructure to offer visual monitoring. DMS or the Driver Monitoring System ensures safe in-cabin activities by drivers. How? Well, the dashcam installed inside the cabin triggers the alert every time it captures the driver to be smoking, yawing or distracted in some way or other.

Advanced Driver Assistance System monitors the movement around the vehicle. It generates real-time alerts for drivers and managers to avoid forward and back collisions, signal violations, pedestrian collisions and many more. These features not only ensure the safety of the consignment and vehicles but also the drivers.

Video Telematics - ADAS and DMS

Sensor Integrations

A Fleet has a variety of trucks from open lorries to airtight reefers, cement rollers and long hauls. The type and size of trucks may vary depending on the purpose. Their purpose defines the type of sensor required in a truck. 

Fleet management software such TrackoBit offers universal sensor integration for trucks. Fleet managers and owners must look for software that supports the hardware of all protocols and types.

Best Fleet Management Software For Trucks

Are you wondering what makes TrackoBit the best fleet monitoring software for trucks?

Other than the above-mentioned software solutions the fleet tracking software for trucks must solve the use cases for various industries. The software solutions that successfully attain the perfect balance between addressing the industry use cases and analysing data make for the best fleet management software for trucks.

Only the software that helps you unleash your trucks’ true potential is the best fleet management software for your fleet.

Offers complete Fleet Management in One Place

Fleet management software comprises more solutions than just live tracking and status updates. It encompasses device inventory management, driver management, trip data, vehicle reports and a lot more. Any advanced fleet monitoring software would offer a complete solution to ease the job for fleet managers. 

The software must allow seamless API integrations to fetch extra data from other software if needed. This way complete automation and data assessment is possible without much manual intervention. 

Ensures Scalability

The essential aspect while deciding on the fleet management software for your truck fleet is its flexibility. Is the software robust enough to handle customisations or not? Will it be able to keep up with the exponential year-on-year growth of the units? These questions are a must when you are signing up for white-label fleet management software services. 

The incompetency of the software provider can pull your business down. Also, switching software providers very often can hamper your growth since you cannot channelise your energy in the right direction. 

Monitors Beyond Updates and Reports

This is essential to understand that a fleet management software system is supposed to provide you with valuable insights into fleet operations. If you are looking forward to making a big difference then you must value big data.  

Fleet monitoring software like TrackoBit offers an analytical dashboard that studies your fleet operations and presents graphical data answering crucial questions pertaining to your fleet. 

For example, the top five performing vehicles in terms of mileage, the state where your trucks spent the most time, the most frequently crossed toll by your trucks, etc.

Analytical Dashboard of a Fleet Management System

Predicts Anomalies and Reduces Downtime

With great technology comes great responsibility! Gone are the times when fleet tracking software was expected to update the real-time whereabouts of the trucks. Now, they have become sophisticated enough to predict outcomes, vehicle health issues and other hidden anomalies. For example: why do two trucks of the same model and year of manufacturing give different mileage on similar terrain? Where exactly the problem is – with the driver or with the truck? Such analysis enables lesser downtime, reduced avoidable delays and increased profits. 

Leaves No Stone Unturned For You

When looking for the best fleet management software for trucks, it’s important that you look beyond the software as well. The team should be equally competitive, dynamic and flexible as the software needs to be. If the software providers guarantee all sorts of customisations, 24*7 technical support and 100% device compatibility – we say swipe right to the software straight away. 

We, at TrackoBit, are true givers who always keep our client’s requirements over ours. We have a solid ‘say no’ policy if we feel we don’t want to take up a client, we do not hesitate in declining one. That is because we go all out when it comes to our clients. So, yes, we are a bit particular about our clientele!


Trucks will be trucks! They’ll operate the way they shall but we can bring out the best in them by integrating fleet management software into the fleet operations. The software-aided management not only ensures their optimum health but also churns out the best in them. TrackoBit, the leading fleet management software in the market is devised to do so. Want to know further? Get in touch with our experts to know more. 

Fleet Management Software for Trucks: Guide 2024

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