What is EV Fleet Management Software? Benefits & Features

What is EV Fleet Management Software Top Features You Must Get

Learn what is EV fleet management software and how it helps in remotely managing, monitoring, and maintaining EV fleets while preventing operational costs and breakdown.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no more fancy terms portraying Tesla or Polestar cars. The term has also entered the long-haul logistics and transportation business. Yes, delivery fleets are going electric too, given how this shift helps them cut operational costs (phew, no worrying about fuel bills or hefty maintenance bills).

Also, it’s the government making fleet operators venture into EV fleets to meet its zero emission goals to sustain the environment. As brands are rigorously shifting to EVs, the need to have an automated EV fleet management software is more than ever.

The system lets you auto-manage EV’s fleet routes, energy usage, and driver behaviour without any complexity. While sitting in the office, you get notified when the vehicle is moving, charging, entering or leaving the assigned site or is simply idling, or inactive.

If you have or are thinking of going with EV, know what is an EV fleet management software, how it works and benefits you monetarily.

What is Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software?

Electric vehicle management software is a platform that helps in tracking, managing, and optimizing the operations of electric vehicles for delivery services, car rental companies, or any corporation’s logistics. It involves:

—>  Real-time monitoring of vehicle’s performance

—-> Reviewing the SoC,

—-> Keeping up with the maintenance schedule

—-> Efficient route planning

The entire management is ensured via EV fleet management software that helps enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and promote effective utilisation of EVs in the fleet.

Top Benefits of EV Fleet Management Software

(Why to Get It)

Leveraging EV fleet management software is an added advantage for businesses. With one-time upfront costs, it introduces fleet managers with:

➤ More cost savings through reduced maintenance and optimized route planning.

➤ Greater environmental benefits due to reduced carbon emissions.

.➤ Better remote monitoring to keep up with optimum charging and vehicle health.

➤ Predictive vehicle maintenance reminders to reduce unexpected breakdowns.

➤ Better operational efficiency from real-time tracking and analytics.

Now that we are through with the advantages of electric vehicle fleet management solutions, let’s discuss the must-have features of the software(or the ones you should expect).

6 Features of EV Fleet  Management Solutions

(You Get with TrackoBit)

1. Real-time Battery Health Monitoring

Monitor every inch of your EV fleet

The EV management solutions help monitor the health and performance of the EV batteries. The system shoots an alert to the fleet manager, whenever the battery starts deteriorating.

Managers with EV routing system get access to:

💡Battery Status You can effortlessly look into the state of charge (SoC):

—> Know how much charge is left in the battery or the individual cell.

—> Predict how much distance can be covered with an existing charge.

💡 Intelligent Battery Balancing This makes sure that every cell in the battery is sharing an equal load during charging or discharging. The system aids in automatic battery balancing which further results in improved life of the battery.
💡Real-time Voltage Tracking The system other than the status of charge provides battery voltage status too. Ensuring optimum voltage is important as it protects the better from over-charging and discharging too quickly.

Tip – Too much high voltage can damage the battery, however too low voltage puts a strain on the battery, making it difficult to drag the vehicle.

2. Maintenance Alerts

Never miss that maintenance alert

No EV owner wants a blown tire, sudden engine breakdown, or battery malfunction in the middle of driving. Did you know electric vehicles suffer from 79% more maintenance problems than gas-powered cars?

Luckily, electric vehicles have quite a few moving parts that require maintenance. Still, it’s important to get them inspected. The godsent EV fleet tracking system ensures that fleet managers receive maintenance reminders and alerts for vehicle and battery servicing at frequent intervals.

3. Access to Nearby Charging Hub

It’s easy to find petrol or diesel stations for ICE fleets. But when it comes to EVs, finding the electric charging points is just like finding water in the desert. It’s very difficult, especially in rural or isolated areas.

The electric vehicle fleet management software helps drivers carefully plan the routes that have charging hubs on their way.

4. Quick Parking Alerts

Drivers can safely leave their EV vehicles at charging stations overnight without worrying about their safety and security. The EV fleet tracking system, when added with smart e-lock, allows managers to immobilise, lock, and unlock their vehicles from remote locations.

Explore the expansive range of GPS Devices and sensors we support!

Know where the vehicle is parked or when the battery is disconnected

5. Unauthorised Battery Disconnection

EV tracking software continuously monitors real-time battery status and sends alerts to fleet managers whenever there is unauthorized battery disconnection. This helps avoid potential theft, ensures high-end security, and regulates prompt action-taking.

6. Reporting and Analytics

Enjoy complete distance travelled reports

With reporting and analytics features in electric vehicle fleet management software, fleet managers at distance get data-led reports around EVs battery status, distance travelled so far and more variables like:

  • Current ride
  • Last charge
  • Efficiency
  • Top speed and average speed

Businesses can export this data in Excel or PDF format or simply print it to gain insights for improving their decision-making and optimising EV operations.

How are Electric Vehicles Changing Business and Management?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are positively shaping businesses and management by contributing to more sustainable fleet operations. Having an EV fleet alongside traditional fuel-based vehicles helps reduce operational challenges and costs and aid in more efficient supply chains.

Companies investing in EV fleets can reduce their carbon footprint and add to eco-friendly practices. Moreover, businesses enjoy more profit margins per delivery as they experience less maintenance costs, helping keep up vehicles’ uptime at maximum.

Best part – Decreased maintenance costs makes it easy to sell or replace such a fleet at great value.

And when they go for economical and scaling EV fleet management solutions, they get assured about the end-to-end visibility, safety and optimal utilisation of their EVs.

Key Challenges of EV Fleet Management

(What’s Stopping Their Wide Adoption?)

The wide adoption of EV fleets is still questionable as its fuller implementation is blocked by many challenges…

  • Limited charging points – It’s hard to access them.
  • Limited battery range (which is unsuitable for long-haul delivery routes)
  • Longer refueling time as compared to ICE vehicles.
  • Higher upfront costs of acquiring or leasing EVs.
  • Keeping up with the maintenance schedule may require special training.

These challenges don’t outweigh the uncanny benefits of EV fleets. Businesses that are looking to cut costs and go green should have a combination of fuel-run and electric vehicles.

Why Businesses Must Invest in EV Fleets?

Businesses are adding more electric vehicles to their fleet along with conventional gas-powered vehicles because it lets them cut costs and elevate delivery performance.

Less Operating Costs

(saving on fuel & maintenance bills)

EVs have fewer moving parts and don’t need oil changes, transmission fluid, or spark plug — which makes maintenance less expensive compared to fuel-powered vehicles.
Superior Driving Performance 

(helpful for carrying heavy loads)

EVs produce smooth acceleration and maximum torque over diesel-run fleets, a very feasible choice for hauling heavy loads or cargo.
Good Resale Value

(good return on what’s invested)

EV fleets encounter less operating costs, thus they retain great resale value compared to fuel-based vehicles.

Fleet operators can replace such fleets at great value in the future and use the sum to expand their fleet or operations.

Meets Corporate Social Responsibilities Since fleet businesses are required to reduce their carbon footprints, it’s important to adopt green fleets that are environmentally sustainable and meet corporate social responsibilities.

Here’s Your Final Takeaway!

EV fleet management software is a dependable platform to auto-operate, manage, and maintain EV fleets of any size and standards. With few clicks and toggling, the system introduces you to variables like EV speed, live location, battery and voltage status, driver behavior, or driving events — all via an analytical dashboard. Consider it a gateway to manage fleet operations without worrying about their optimum utilisation while minimizing operational costs and earning new revenues.

Two pieces of advice before we part:

—>  If you haven’t considered expanding with an EV fleet, it’s time you should.

—> Well, in case you have opted for the software, make sure to go for one that offers full customisation as per your business’s needs. Umm, sounds just like TrackoBit!

Get, Set, and Auto-manage a Fully Charged EV Fleet with TrackoBit’s EV Fleet Management Software

Optimise EV Fleet’s Operations Make sure your EVs are always charged and maintained for upcoming trips. Direct drivers to the nearest charging station.
Monitor & Manage EV Charging With real-time dashboards, get live updates on EV charging and voltage status. Know when the vehicle is parked or the battery is disconnected.
Ensure Smart Energy Management Plan optimum routes to increase capacity, and reduce costs while earning new revenues.

With TrackoBit’s EV Fleet Management Software

FAQs on EV Fleet Management Software

  • What is electric vehicle fleet management?

    EV fleet management is the process of efficiently deploying, tracking, and monitoring the movement of an EV fleet in real time with special vehicle management software. The process ensures that:
    - EV fleets are on efficient routes with access to frequent charging hubs.
    - There is a constant and live update on the battery’s status of charge with live battery voltage tracking.
    - Fleet managers have access to live driving events about harsh acceleration, brakes, risky cornering, and 50+ more.
    - Managers receive timely maintenance alerts to prevent vehicles from sudden breakdowns or malfunctions during the trip.

  • What is fleet electrification?

    Fleet electrification is the process of upgrading or adding sustainable electric delivery vehicles either in place of or along with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

  • How does the EV fleet management system work?

    EV fleet management software works via GPS technology, which helps fetch the real-time location, movement, mileage, and speed of the EV fleet. The cloud software provides analytical data over a dashboard that helps draw helpful insights about vehicle activities, driving events, drivers' behavior, and vehicle diagnostics.
    Plus, it lets managers keep a watch on battery and voltage status and plan optimum routes according to the available charge.

  • Where to get the best EV fleet management Solutions?

    TrackoBit brings you proven and scalable electric vehicle field management software known for 99.9% data accuracy, real-time tracking, SoC monitoring, route optimisation and driver monitoring.

  • What are the challenges of fleet electrification?

    Shifting to an EV fleet is a challenging move as:
    - Such vehicles are not suitable for long-haul routes
    - There is a constant need to track battery and voltage status
    - You have to know when the vehicle is due for maintenance schedule
    All these challenges can subside with the use of EV fleet management software like TrackoBit.

What is EV Fleet Management Software? Benefits & Features

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