Fuel Pilferage

What is Fuel Pilferage?

Fuel pilferage or fuel theft, is an illegal process of stealing or siphoning fuel from any vehicles, equipment, or storage tanks. Fuel theft is an unauthorised act that leads to financial losses and operational disruptions.

TrackoBit’s all-in-one fuel monitoring system empowers you to track and stop fuel pilferage and save on logistics operational costs.

How Drivers Do Fuel Pilferage?

  • – Draining fuel from tanks.
  • – Bill & invoice manipulations.
  • – Reprogramming odometer.
  • – Fuel Contamination.
  • – Inappropriate vehicle usage

Prevent Fuel Pilferage with Fuel Monitoring Solutions

  • – Real-time fuel monitoring: Get live updates about vehicle location & status.
  • – Precise fuel reports: Gain insightful reports to find any anomalies by comparing drivers, vehicles & routes.
  • – Instant refill/drainage alerts: Receive real-time alerts with vehicle details and exact location whenever a sudden drop or rise in the fuel level is detected.
  • – Monitoring of fuel wastage: Easily identify idling, harsh acceleration, or reckless driving behaviour. Gain reports and insights with detailed information on fuel consumption, mileage, and refill activities.

Try Fuel Monitoring Software to put a stop to fuel theft!