Discover the Anatomy of Electric Vehicle Fleet Management System

Discover the Anatomy of Electric Vehicle Fleet Management System

Electric mobility is the way forward. Climate change is the biggest concern today that every country, sector, and community is fighting hand in glove.

The use of Electric Vehicles can attribute to reduced carbon footprints. Developed nations such as the USA, the UK, and France are taking significant steps toward bringing EVs to the mainstream. Influential enterprises such as Amazon, Flipkart, DHL, FedX, and many more are investing their resources in green mobility. 

While the authorities and enterprises are betting high on e-mobility, how can fleet management software providers stay behind? Telematics and IoT are evolving at an equal rate, if not faster than the EV OEMs. 

Electric Vehicle Tracking Solutions Offers

The entire vehicle tracking system operates on a different model for Electric vehicles. Unlike conventional GPS Tracking solutions for ICE(Internal Combustion Engines) Vehicles, EV requires dedicated solutions for battery management which is the most significant part of the entire system. 

Battery Management Solutions

The battery is like the powerhouse of electric vehicles. The high voltage battery stores the power and supplies it to the rest of the parts. BMS also manages battery performance, health, status, etc. The battery is nothing but a combination of various cells which are individually monitored by the system. 

Battery Management Solutions

Let’s discuss the solutions offered by the BMS.

Battery Health Monitoring: The BMS ensures regular health and performance monitoring of the battery. Automation equips the fleet owners to stay on top of the degradation pattern of the battery by sending you instant alerts. They can recharge or replace it as soon as they receive a notification citing the draining battery capacity. 

Battery Status Check: Also called State of Charge(SOC). As the name suggests, it enables you to track the real-time status of the battery, by that we mean:

  1. How much charge is left in the battery
  2. How much distance it can cover with the remaining charge
  3. Charging status of an individual cell in the battery

Intelligent Battery Balancing: It ensures all the cells in the battery share an equal load while charging or discharging. Automatic battery balancing improves the health, performance, and life of the battery. 

Real-time Voltage Tracking: Other than the SOC, it also provides real-time battery voltage. Too much high voltage damages the battery, whereas low voltage makes it tough for the battery to drag the vehicle. It also protects the battery from over-charging or fast discharging, therefore, improving the battery lifecycle.

EV Fleet Management Solutions

Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Software is much more than just a Battery Management System. No doubt, the BMS is the crucial segment of any EV fleet tracking software, but many other significant features make fleet managers’ professional life less miserable.  

Nearest Utility Station: Find and get directed to the nearest charging station, ATM, hospital, police station, service centre, and more.    

Analysis and Reports: Get accurate insights, hidden analysis, and in-depth reports on the charging/discharging cycle, travel summary, SOC, and more. 

Live Tracking: Real-time visibility of vehicles from anywhere, anytime, ensuring complete vehicle security.  

Driving Behaviour: Monitor harsh acceleration, abrupt braking, overspeeding, and excessive idling through Driver Behaviour Tracking System.

Instant alerts & Notifications: Receive automatic alerts for battery disconnection, low battery level, harsh driving, charging started/completed, and many more in real-time.  

This list of features is inexhaustible. These are a few must-have ones that are common across industries. TrackoBit is well equipped to customise and deliver white-label EV Fleet Management Solutions for a specific industry.

Discover the Anatomy of Electric Vehicle Fleet Management System

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