Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Because Good Tyre Health Means Better
Mileage and Vehicle Performance

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Tyre Pressure  Monitoring System

Tyre condition: Good

Pressure Reading: 120 PSI

Tyre Pressure  Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Releases Pressure Off You

Because Good Fleets Run on Good Tyres

Tyres are huge fleet expenses and we ensure that your money is placed
correctly. TrackoBit’s tyre health monitoring system ensures that your
vehicles are safe, efficient, and in top-notch condition running at the
right pressure levels. Test tyre pressure, temperature, and condition
with hardware-software integration and data analysis through our
fleet management software!

Why Track?
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Releases Pressure Off You Tyre Pressure Monitoring Releases Pressure Off You
Why Track?
  • What We Offer

    Tyre Management System for Smoother Trips

    Healthy tyres make drivers love their drives and fleet
    owners love their bank statements!

  • Suitable TPMS Integration

    TrackoBit integrates all tyre pressure monitoring sensors and gauges to give you the tyre pressure monitoring system suitable for your business. However advanced your tyre health management strategy is, we will accommodate it!

  • Real-time Pressure Warning

    We’ll inform whoever needs to know about high or low tyre pressure in real-time. Avoid fuel wastage, accidents, and reduced driving satisfaction with warning via SMS, light, display, or alarm - anything you need!

  • Detailed Tyre Health Reports

    Make informed decisions about the tyres that work best for your vehicles and the route strategies that make your vehicles and tyres stay in good shape through analytical and detailed reports about each tyre in your fleet!

Holistic Tyre Management System

Directly or Indirectly - We’ll Get That Data For You!

Whether or not you want to install new hardware in your vehicles,
we’ll offer you the right tyre pressure monitoring data!

Holistic Tyre Management System Holistic Tyre Management System Holistic Tyre Management System Holistic Tyre Management System Holistic Tyre Management System
  • Direct Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    Install waterproof sensors on the valve stem and we’ll extract data to show you the tyre pressure accurate to the last psi. View all the data centralised on our tyre pressure monitoring system with live tracking or historical reports.

  • Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    Make use of your existing Antilock Braking System (ABS), accelerometers, or wheel sensors to get driving precision data. Our software will collect, analyse, and conclude accurate tyre pressure through the existing information.

Tyre Health Monitoring System That

Supports All

Our GPS Tracking Software can integrate any device from the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers in the world. But if you have a device that doesn’t fit, we’ll integrate it for you!

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What You Get

Healthier Tyres, Safer Fleet

Safer, healthier, efficient, supervised, well-strategised fleets that allow
you to stay tension-free about vehicle maintenance.

Healthier Tyres, Safer Fleet
  • Complete Tyre Supervision

    You tell us the hardware you want to install and we’ll monitor everything from tyre pressure and temperature to surface texture to running performance. Always stick close to your fleet’s tyre performance.

  • Vehicle and Driver Safety

    Avoid your vehicles getting in one of the 11,000 accidents that occur annually due to over- or under-inflated tyres. Maintain maximum stability, safety, and smoothness in your fleet while facilitating seamless braking.

  • Improved Fuel Economy

    Get notified when your tyres are under-inflated and are resisting rolling. Boost your vehicles’ mileage and longevity, and maintain maximum field economy to reduce fleet operational costs.

Everybody Has Pressure
Building Inside Them

We monitor tyre pressure on all kinds of vehicles
and let you know when you need to intervene

  • Everybody Has Pressure Building Inside Them Long haul trucks
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Trucks
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System SUVs
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Passenger cars
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Reefer trucks
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Ambulances

Good Tyres, Great Software

Tyre health management yields exponential benefits, but only when used with the right software

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Why TrackoBit

Because We Care About Your
Vehicles Like No one Else

When problems appear, we help you rolling like no one else.
When operations fall, we help you expand like no one else.

  • Smooth Onboarding

    We don’t just give you a product and
    leave onboarding to you. Our team will
    help you onboard your vehicles and
    hardware into the software.

  • Support at All Times

    TrackoBit doesn’t just leave you at
    onboarding. If you face any issues with
    our tyre pressure monitoring solutions,
    our support team will be available.

  • Flexible Solutions

    No matter what tyre health monitoring
    you need, TrackoBit will help
    you. Tell us your problems and we’ll
    build a tailor-made solution for you.

  • Maximum Accuracy

    If our system tells you that your tyre is
    running at a pressure of 54 psi, it cannot
    be 53 or 55. Even our indirect tyre
    pressure monitoring is 100% accurate.

  • White label Solutions

    We’ll build custom UI/UX and features
    according to your fleet’s requirements.
    We’ll solve your problems with your
    business’ face on the software.

  • Maximum Scalability

    Our software welcomes any increase
    in the number in your fleet. We’ll not
    leave your hand and offer you the same
    efficiency throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions related to tyre pressure monitoring systems? Find the answers below!

  • What is tire pressure monitoring system?

    What tire pressure monitoring system is clear from the name of the solution. It is a hardware-software integration system that helps you track the air pressure inside your vehicles’ tires. Through this system, you can understand if your tires are in optimum condition and if your drivers need to go to a filling station to adjust the pressure.

  • How does tire pressure monitoring system work?

    A tire management system includes sensors integrated into the software that sends information to a system that has pre-designated parameters for suitable tire pressure ranges. When the system collects data from the hardware, it is up to the software to determine when a vehicle’s tire is under or over-inflated and send suitable alerts.

  • What are the two types of tire pressure monitoring systems?

    The two types of tire pressure monitoring systems are:

    Direct: The system collects data from sensors specially installed inside the wheel of on the valve stem to check the pressure.

    Indirect: The system collects data from multiple pre-installed hardware that work together to determine whether or not the vehicle is running smoothly and what the air pressure inside the tire must be according to the diameter sensed by the ABS system.

  • What can tire health monitoring system track?

    Depending on the hardware installed in the fleet, a tire health monitoring system can track the tire’s

    - Air pressure

    - Temperature

    - Surface texture

    - Rolling capacity

    - Grip

    These are some major things that are generally monitored in fleets. However, if you need to track anything else, it can be integrated easily with the right hardware and software.

  • Is tire pressure monitoring necessary?

    Yes! If you are a serious fleet owner or manager, you’ll definitely need tire management systems. Most flees make massive expenses on tires as they are extremely important to ensure a safe and efficient fleet. Bad tire management leads to about 11,000 accidents per annum and good tires can help reduce fuel consumption by at least 3%. Therefore, if you want your fleet to be safer and more efficient, tire pressure monitoring solutions are important for you!

  • Who provides the best tire management systems?

    A SaaS that best suits your needs and provides custom solutions to your industry-specific problems makes the best tire pressure monitoring system. TrackoBit is one of the fastest-growing white-label fleet management software. They custom design and develop solutions to meet your business needs. Their flexibility, support, and accuracy make them one of the best tyre management systems for your fleet.

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