How TrackoBit Improves Modern-day Farming

How TrackoBit Improves Modern-day Farming

An agricultural farm is dependent on vehicles. Regardless, most people don’t associate agriculture with fleet management and restrict the latter to FMCG, logistics, etc.

Little do they know that agricultural advancement is not restricted to specialized vehicles, but also expands to software.

With GPS tracking software, farmers are able to improve their farming practices to be more productive. TrackoBit leverages geospatial data and telematics to increase productivity in spectacular ways. And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this blog!

Why Need Fleet Management Software? 

The general notion attached to farming is that it is rustic and manual, right? Well, that was true in the past but now, the agricultural fleet industry is highly mechanized and digitized. 

Here are a couple of reasons why the industry couldn’t sustain itself without GPS tracking software:

  • Time-consuming Planning: Huge farms need a lot of time and attention for planning. It is crucial for farmers to know the exact numbers for tilled and untilled land to effectively plan their next steps. However, doing so manually can be an extremely time-consuming and error-prone process. 
  • Resource Optimization: Water scarcity and uncontrollable fuel consumption are not funny and the agricultural industry only makes them worse. Farmers need to know how to allocate their resources to prevent wastage and environmental damage.
  • Cattle-Vehicle Harmony: Saving cattle from getting caught up with vehicles can be tough. However, in the agricultural industry, it is very dangerous for cattle and vehicles to be together. Therefore, there must be a way to keep the two from being in the same place at the same time. 
  • Uncertainty: Farming is dependent on several variables that are not under human control. These uncertainties often make crops go bad. With proper aid, if these uncertainties can be negated, farming would be much easier. 
  • Data Inaccuracy: Data entry and collection can be full of errors, especially when done manually. TrackoField negates all data inaccuracy through precise collection and data analysis. 

TrackoBit Offers Data-driven Farming 

The above-mentioned problems are only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, TrackoBit is here with solutions to negate just about any problem an agricultural fleet manager might face! 

Real-time Tracking 

This is the most basic thing a fleet management software system can do. It might not seem as necessary for the agricultural industry at first glance. However, it is the basis of all other fleet management solutions. 

Only through real-time tracking can software collect certain geospatial data. Moreover, it also helps in managing remote farms and field workers. 

Exact Area and Wage Calculation 

Tilled area and wage calculation are two very important aspects of agricultural operations. However, they are also very complicated without help from software. 

The purpose of exact area calculation is twofold:

  • Knowing how much area has been tilled for better productivity calculation 
  • Calculating wages of workers according to the work they’ve done

Calculating the area worked on seems pretty straightforward but isn’t. It comes with several inaccuracies due to reasons such as land elevations and varying driver patterns. 

However, TrackoBit introduces the Concave Hull method that removes all chances of miscalculation – be they human or mechanical. This method calculates the area worked on keeping into consideration varying landscapes and the vehicle’s running history. 

After calculating the area worked on, TrackoBit also generates daily invoices for farmworkers according to the work they’ve done. This is the best way to automate any payments and calculations that might go wrong manually.

TrackoBit Help Workers get the wages they deserve through

Engine Idling Monitoring 

Calculating vehicle productivity is extremely important to understand each vehicle’s output. This can be done with the engine running status monitoring. 

Through engine monitoring, you can know if all your vehicles are working efficiently or not. Moreover, rental vehicle payments can also be automated like wage calculation according to the engine running and idling time. 

TrackoBit offers you detailed engine running and idling reports to maximize your agricultural fleet’s productivity and business baseline. It also helps you get a better look into your vehicles’ health and performance without actually visiting the farm. 

Defining Forbidden Areas 

Geofences play a crucial role in improving vehicle-cattle harmony. Through geofences, you can define forbidden areas where cattle might be grazing so that vehicles do not disturb them. These forbidden areas could also be defined to protect certain crops and assets. 

Fencing off areas and separating lands to protect them from encroachment is crucial for farm safety. Moreover, geofences also allow you to keep all your assets in check within certain farm limits. You can immobilize any vehicle that enters the restricted geofences for safety purposes. 

Complete Resource Optimization

TrackoBit helps you get the most out of your fleet by giving you insights into what your fleet is up to on the farm. It keeps tabs on tractors, sprayers, trailers, and all workers to ensure that everything is being used to its optimum capacity. 

TrackoBit also offers one of the most detailed fuel monitoring systems out there. It offers you a look into when the vehicle’s tank was refilled and how much fuel is consumed. This system helps you see how much fuel your farming vehicles are consuming so that you can plan your operational costs accordingly. 

Insightful Reports 

The future of farming is dependent on telematics and that is what you get with TrackoBit. Other than the fuel monitoring reports, our software offers several other reports too that help you optimize your operations. 

These reports generally aim at giving you an overview of your fleet’s performance. However, it can also help you analyze weather and other uncontrollable patterns through vehicle functioning status reports. 

In Accuracy We Trust! 

Gone are the days when farming was a completely manual and laboring process. TrackoBit, India’s fastest-growing telematics software, aims at making agriculture as simple as possible. 

With telematics, geospatial data collection, and mind-blowing accuracy, TrackoBit will take the agricultural industry to the next level. Try the GPS tracking software now and see the benefits you reap shortly!

How TrackoBit Improves Modern-day Farming

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