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Top 10 Gps Hardware Manufacturing companies

Having good hardware is just as important to a fleet business as the software part of it. While TrackoBit can take care of all things software, here is a list of the most trusted GPS tracking companies for hardware manufacturers.

Any puzzle is incomplete without its jigsaw pieces just like how fleet optimisation is incomplete without automation software and hardware working together. While TrackoBit has all your software requirements covered, choosing the most reliable hardware devices is still difficult.

The top GPS Tracking Companies market is expected to grow to USD 6,378 million by 2030. Thus the predicted growth is at a CAGR of 12.6%. This indicates the high demand that this industry fulfils in today’s world. Here is a list of the top players in the market that can help your business elevate its operations with efficiency and accurate data.

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Top 10 GPS Tracker Manufacturers

Choosing the right fleet management system requires that fleet businesses ensure they have the best hardware devices integrated with their software. But high competition in the market can make this task daunting. So what parameters do you think managers should consider to make a good device selection?

Every business wants to invest in the best. But the best can be subjective in consideration to a business’ needs and aims. This is why we have compiled a list of the top hardware manufacturers in the fleet industry:

1. Teltonika

While originally from Lithuania, Teltonika has spread its presence on six continents. The wide array of hardware options that it has to offer its customers makes this company one of the best globally.

The thing that sets Teltonika apart from other manufacturers is their focus on fleet safety. Devices from Teltonika have password security that prevents fleet businesses from falling prey to data leaks and ultimately losses, both resourceful and monetary. Fleet businesses have the option to choose from a wide catalogue. This makes Teltonika accessible and useful to several different industries and types of fleet businesses.

Some of the top selling products from Teltonika are:

  • FMB920
  • FMC130
  • FMB130
  • FMB140
  • FMB120

2. Jimi IoT

Jimi Concox devices make it very easy for fleet businesses to track their vehicles, e-scooters, cargo and assets. With the aim to transform traditional transportation industries via automation, this company prioritises innovation. Accurate location tracking makes optimisation and security a child’s play for companies.

Prominent services that Jimin Concox streamlines include ride-hailing, courier delivery, logistics and more. Some of the Jimi IoT devices more commonly preferred by customers are:

  • GT06
  • ET25
  • GV20
  • JM-VL03
  • WeTrack2

Using these devices in partnership with a good fleet management system can help fleet businesses get real time alerts and notifications. This means no more errors and operational inconsistencies.

3. Queclink

With an aim to increase connectivity in the world of vehicles, Queclink develops its original IoT solutions for fleet optimisation. Top quality material used to manufacture their GPS trackers allows for live tracking and so much more.

The top performing hardware devices by Queclink are:

  • GV55 
  • GV300 
  • GV75 
  • GL50 
  • GL300

Several sectors are benefiting from using the GPS tracking devices that Queclink manufactures. This includes the agricultural industry, which requires these devices to ensure the safety of their assets and to accurately calculate their field’s area. This becomes an easy process with the intelligent technology of TrackoBit and accurate hardware like the ones produced by Queclink.

4. Ruptela

Ruptela is a brand name that is known for its high quality products available at affordable prices. Based in Lithuania. This brand has also expanded its offices to the UAE and Mexico and established its teams in other continents.

Some of the key features of Ruptela that place it so high on this list are its in-house R&D teams that are always looking at ways to innovate their products according to industry trends. They prioritise their customers and build close relations with their users for better feedback. Customer support also helps increase their reliability and popularity.

Some of the widely adopted products by Ruptela that customers use are:

  • Trace5 
  • FM ECO4 light · 
  • HCV5 
  • FM ECO4+ 
  • FM PRO4


Fourth place is an important rank on any list. This is why we could not bring ourselves to choose between the high quality products manufactured by Ruptela and Galileosky.

Galileosky provides an operational guarantee of more than ten years on its hardware products. They have managed to make an identity for themselves based on this claim, selling fleet businesses reliable products to track their vehicles at all times. The team has designed their products keeping in mind the extreme conditions vehicles sometimes face. This means that whatever the nature of your fleet’s tasks, these products will withstand it all.

Galelileosky claims to be future-proof. Hence, managers do not need to invest in new hardware products every time a new industry trend emerges. With high compatibility, the GPS tracker developed by Galileosky has high expandability.

The most popular industry products by Galileosky include: 

  • Base Block Lite 
  • 7x LTE 
  • 7x 
  • 7x C

5. SinoTrack

SinoTrack has reached the milestone of almost 6,00,000 hardware integrations and this number can vouch for their wide popularity. Over the years, they have helped government and commercial fleets to achieve connectivity with the help of high quality GPS trackers.

Stemming from China, SinoTrack made a name for themselves in the industry because of their wide catalogue. They have a product for all kinds of fleet businesses, moulding their innovation to fit the requirements of fleets of all sizes. The most widely known products by SinoTrack are:

  • ST-901
  • ST-905
  • ST-903
  • ST-901M
  • ST-907

6. Coban

One of the older providers in the market, Shenzhen Coban Electronics was established in 1999. Though it has a large variety of products, its main popularity status comes from its high performing GPS trackers. Coban’s independent approach to developing and executing technological trends makes them stand out in the market.

It is this precision and dedication that places them in this list of the best GPS tracker manufacturers. They can help fleet businesses completely transform their operations in cooperation with a reliable fleet management software like TrackoBit. The widely known products by Coban are:

  • GPS303F/G 
  • GPS306 
  • GPS103A/B 
  • GPS403A/B 
  • GPS103A+/B+

7. CanTrack

CanTrack prides itself on its devices that are extremely user friendly. The installation alone requires no technician but instead can be done by simply plugging into a discrete port in a vehicle. These can save fleet businesses a lot of time and money previously invested in adopting connected fleets.

But this ease of use does not compromise the quality of these GPS trackers. CanTrack can help fleet businesses increase their visibility with the help of real-time data. Their speciality lies in two main areas, vehicle and machinery rental businesses, helping them track their assets without any hiccups.

CanTrack provides you two types of hardware products, both catering to different requirements: 

  • CanTrack GPS
  • CanTrack Protect

8. ERM Telematics

ERM technologies currently have clients all over the globe, having expanded to over 65 countries. Their approach to technological development and the ability to meet the requirements and regulations of each client and country makes them one of the best in the industry. Their partners do not have to struggle to penetrate the market of various countries, with one manufacturer taking care of it all.

Be it any fleet management software, ERM telematics can help integrate their devices with the fleet.

9. Benway

With independent research and development teams, Shenzhen Benways is a widely adopted manufacturer of GPS vehicle trackers. They have been able to make their presence strong in ASIA, Africa, the Mid-East, Europe, South America and so on because of their reliability. Some of the products that help fleet businesses track their vehicle locations include:

  • BW08
  • ET300
  • BW09 
  • GT02B 
  • GT02D 

10. WanWay

Though established only in  2012 in Shanghai, WanWay Tech is one of the first high tech national enterprises that is engaged in the GPS positioning industry. Their mission is to expand on geospatial technologies, and their motto is, “Nothing is Unfindable”. They aim to become the best IoT provider in the world and constantly work on innovation to achieve this goal.

WanWya has positive responses from more than a thousand enterprise users, their compatibility making the switch to connectivity a lot easier. Their catalogue includes several GPS vehicle tracking devices like:

  • EV02
  • G19H
  • G19
  • GS05
  • S20

11. iStartek

Yes, we know that this list stated the selection of the top ten GPS tracking device manufacturers. But we could not just end there without mentioning some of the top providers in the global market.

Even though it started in 2025, iStartek has become a well adopted GPS manufacturing company. They make products that are both of high quality and innovative. Users have the choice to choose the type of connectivity their fleet business requires, including 2G/3G/4G/NB/LORA GPS positioning.

Some of the devices that make iStartek a much loved brand are:

  • VT100-L 
  • VT200-L 
  • VT900-L 
  • VT203

12. Topflytech

TOPFLYtech dedicates itself to providing telematics devices for better data transfer. They claim to track vehicles, assets and machinery with equal accuracy. This is why many industries have trusted this company for their safety.

The best attribute of TOPFLYtech is their awareness of industry requirements. This is what becomes the basis of their innovation and technological developments.

Their list of products includes the following names:

  • TLW2-2BL
  • TLW2-6BL
  • TLW2-12BL
  • PioneerX 100
  • TLW2-12B

This gives us our top GPS hardware manufacturers. But there are so many more brands that almost made it to this list, some trusted names in this competitive industry. Here is a list of the some GPS tracker manufacturing companies and the product they are known for:

top GPS hardware manufacturers

Top 5 Video Telematics Manufacturers

Video telematics is the process of transferring visual data from dashcams to the cloud-based fleet management system. This process allows managers to supervise their driver’s activities with the help of live footage of their on-road activities. But for this procedure to be smooth, the dashcams that you invest in should be of amazing quality.

Here are some of the best video telematics manufacturers in the market:

1. Streamax

Streamax holds almost 20 years of experience in the industry and this becomes obvious when we see how well received their products are. They have the best AI-powered safety and management video telematics devices. But the list of positives does not end there.

One of the highest principles of Streamax is to invest in innovation to stay on top of the game. This thought process reflects very well in their product’s adaptability and reliability.

Popular dashcams that Streamax produces are:

  • AD Plus
  • AD Plus 2.0
  • C6D V5.0-A

These cameras have high clarity and are beneficial for ADAS with real-time in-cabin alerts as well. Thus, no more accidents hindering the profitability and productivity of fleet operations. 

2. Howen

Howen Technologies International Manufactures dedicates to manufacturing and selling high quality video telematics hardware products. Over the years, this company has become a well known name in the industry. They provide smart cameras to detect any kind of distracted driving while the vehicle is on the road. Clients have the option to choose from the following two devices:

  • Dual-lens Dashcam
  • Road Forward Dashcams

Both are widely popular and have helped several businesses tackle their safety issues. The  dual lens smart dashcam makes both DMS and ADAS possible via a single device. 

3. SerVision

SerVision has made a name for itself for its highly professional range of mobile video products. These products are not only reliable but also easy to integrate with vehicles for the complete DMS and ADAS experience. The technology developed by SerVision has provided real-time over-the-air remote monitoring.

Using such advanced telematics devices can help fleet businesses improve their safety. It can also help them increase reliability by pairing them with excellent telematics software like TrackoBit. 

4. Movon

The reason why Movon is always ahead of industry trends is because the concept of this brand emerged from a series of innovations and inventions. This spirit of experiment still continues in this company, making it one of the industry favourites. With the vision to make wireless camera systems available for all fleet businesses, Movon has its R&D teams working tirelessly to focus customer satisfaction.

Their products work extremely well and are affordable for widespread accessibility. This company takes credit for developing several new-age technologies to advance the ADAS system as well. Some of the Movon products that are commonly used in the market are:

  • MDSM-22
  • MRV-21
  • MDSM-7

5. Concox

Concox is a subdivision of the world-renowned company- Jimi IoT. They are known for their competent products and a wide array of options for the customers to choose from. Their team has developed individual products, all addressing new requirements for various fleet businesses. Their product quality is one of the best in the industry, earning them a spot in the top five hardware manufacturers for video telematics.

Dashcams that Concox has developed have impacted several businesses, especially when working with a reliable fleet management system. With minimal interruptions to data transfer, fleet managers are always aware of their vehicle’s activities. Here is a portion of the products that this brand has to offer clients:

  • JC120
  • JC450 Series
  • JC400D
  • JC170

Latest Trends Observed in the Hardware Manufacturing Industry

The fleet management hardware manufacturing market is a competitive one, with some players working with experience of more than thirty years. But the influx of new technology also brings in several trends. Let us learn about a few of these trends in detail:

  • Teltonika’s Technology: With several new innovations, this brand has continued to be on the top. It is their high quality and affordability that makes this reign possible. They have recently launched the LTE versions of their pre-existing popular products that are sure to impact the industry.
  • Targeted Developments: For many companies like Queclink, targeted development has become common. This is because they want to expand in the AMEA regions of the industry. Thus, most of their latest products have been catering to this area and tackling issues that AMEA faces.
  • Solar Energy Adoption: In 2022, Concox launched their GPS trackers that work on solar energy. These devices are invented for the construction industry or for ship fleets to make location tracking error-free and environmentally friendly. This can be the start of a more eco-friendly operative trend in the industry as a whole.

Dashcam integration for your fleet business

TrackoBit Understands the Industry

As experts in the fleet management industry 2023, we provide the best advice that you can get regarding choosing the right hardware manufacturers. But you do not need to worry about integrating your choice of devices with our system. Our high compatibility has got you!

We currently have more than 1000 hardware integration under our belt. TrackoBit’s robust solutions work best with error-free and tamper-proof devices, making the available data accurate and fleet optimisation a lot simpler. After all, our customer’s convenience is our top priority.

Constant our teams and try out a demo to understand the operations of our software! Decide solutions work for your company and create a system fitted for your requirements.

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Top 10 GPS Hardware Manufacturers 2024 – TrackoBit

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