Jimi IoT (Concox)

Making Connections Simpler

Jimi IoT (Concox), founded in 2015, has been widely recognised as a location-based service provider. Jimi and Concox is a high-tech IoT company that empowers connections with IoT and SaaS service platforms by implementing techniques like intelligent sensing, IoT technologies, cloud computing, big data, AI algorithms and mobile internet.

White Label Telematics Solutions
White Label Telematics Solutions

What is Jimi IoT (Concox) Famous For?

Jimi IoT (Concox) is dedicated to manufacturing GPS tracking devices for vehicles, assets and individuals. The GPS tracking devices are of premium quality and yet are affordable, thus making Concox a prominent player in the telematics industry. Concox is most famous for its GPS tracking devices being integrated with IoT solutions helping lower operational costs and improve management efficiency.