Asset Trackers

Asset Trackers are devices used in integration with fleet management software to monitor and track valuable assets. They track vehicles, equipment, containers, or high-value cargo by leveraging GPS, IoT, and other technologies to provide real-time location data. These trackers allow fleet managers to effectively manage and safeguard their assets.

Why Choose TrackoBit for Asset Tracker Integration?

White Label Telematics Solutions

Comprehensive Integration

Wired, bluetooth, network connection – no matter how your asset trackers transmit data, we can integrate and collect it.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Real-time Location Tracking

Data packetss are collected and analysed in real-time. There will be no delays from TrackoBit’s end.

White Label Telematics Solutions

High-level Asset Security

Through TrackoBit, you can define safe geofences. You’ll be notified when assets go out of authorised areas.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Historical Data and Reporting

Get historical data on asset use, performance, and movement history to make informed decisions.