Pet GPS Trackers

Pet GPS Trackers are devices built to track your pets’ locations in real-time. Through GPS technology, these trackers help pet owners to keep track of their pets and cattle, and ensure their safety. With a pet tracker integrated into TrackoBit, you can have peace of mind knowing the whereabouts of your beloved pets.

Why Choose TrackoBit for Pet GPS Tracker Integration?

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Enhanced Pet Safety

Even when you have to be away from your pets, you can rest assured that you’ll know about their whereabouts with TrackoBit!

White Label Telematics Solutions

Geofencing and Notifications

You a set virtual safe zones form TrackoBit. So, whenever your pet moves out of the safe area, you will be notified!

White Label Telematics Solutions

Mobile Application Compatibility

TrackoBit offers mobile compatibility for pet GPS trackers. You can see where your pets and cattle are in real-time.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Accurate Location Tracking

TrackoBit doesn’t tamper with the location data the pet GPS trackers collect. Therefore, accuracy is never an issue!

White Label Telematics Solutions

Ease of Integration

You can integrate pet GPS scanners with TrackoBit easily. It is a simple yet powerful tool to have as a pet parent!