OBD Tracker

OBD Trackers, or On-Board Diagnostics Trackers, are 16-pin plug-and-play devices that connect to the OBD-II port of vehicles. These trackers use the existing CAN bus protocol of vehicles to gather real-time data on engine performance, fuel consumption, and other vehicle parameters.

Why Choose TrackoBit for OBD GPS Tracker Integration?

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Wide Compatibility

TrackoBit supports seamless integration with a variety of OBD Trackers available in the market. Plug and play with any tracker, we’ll get you the data!

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Live Data Analysis

TrackoBit receives and analyses real-time data from the OBD Trackers. You’ll not see any lag or inefficiency from the software end.

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Overall Monitoring

The OBD trackers collect data and TrackoBit uses it to give you access to vehicle monitoring features like driver behaviour analysis.

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OBD meets GPS

TrackoBit’s fetched locational data and OBD tracker’s diagnostics data together build stronger fuel, route, and driver behaviour monitoring systems.

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Industry Expertise

We have extensive industry experience that allows us to understand how to make your fleet management experience better with OBD trackers.