eLocks or electronic locks are devices used in fleets to secure assets such as cargo, containers, vehicles, or compartments. They help enhance security, real-time monitoring, and data collection for fleets. These advanced locks use electronic technologies like RFID and Bluetooth to provide secure and convenient access control.

Why Choose TrackoBit for eLock Integration?

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Verified Unlocking Systems

TrackoBit allows you to choose mode of access control through RFID, SMS commands, server commands, Bluetooth, or barcodes.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Diverse Notifications

Get diverse notifications for eLock unlocking events, device failures, and usage. Stay informed about your assets’ safety in real-time.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Automatic Locking

Integrating eLocks with TrackoBit allows you to set up automatic locking or unlocking based on predefined areas on the route.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Data Collection

TrackoBit offers valuable data on locking and unlocking history, usage patterns, and much more, facilitating efficient decision-making.