AVL Hardware

AVL Hardware, or Automatic Vehicle Location Hardware, are physical devices that track and monitor vehicles in real-time when integrated with a fleet management software. These devices work on GPS and telematics technologies to collect and share data about a vehicle’s location, speed, mileage, and much more.

Why Choose TrackoBit for AVL Hardware?

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Advanced Technology

Top hardware + top software = accurate tracking. With features like geofencing and route planning, TrackoBit uses AVL hardware to their fullest.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Seamless Integration

TrackoBit integrates any AVL hardware you install in your vehicles. You have full freedom to choose the right hardware match for your fleet.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Performance Analytics

Our software analyses data on various levels so you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Real-time Tracking

You will not face any lag in data collection from the software’s end. Your data collection will be as powerful and live as your AVL devices.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Experience and Expertise

Our extensive expertise in fleet management software development reflects in the AVL hardware integration solution we offer you.