Video Monitoring Devices

Video Monitoring Devices are advanced cameras that enable real-time visual monitoring when integrated with a fleet management software. These devices enhance fleet visibility to boost safety and driver management by providing visual evidence for incidents or accidents.

Why Choose TrackoBit for Video Monitoring Device Integration?

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Powerful DMS and ADAS

Experience Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) through our video telematics solutions.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Comprehensive Tracking

Combine TrackoBit’s locational data collection with your video monitoring devices’ video feed for 360o supervision.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Effective Live Streaming

TrackoBit allows you to monitor your fleet not just digitally, but also visually in real-time through efficient live streaming of video feeds.

White Label Telematics Solutions

Incidental Snapshots

TrackoBit allows you to classify events (distraction, accidents) and then send you visual evidence for each of them.

White Label Telematics Solutions


TrackoBit will back you up with years of expertise and reliability in the fleet management software industry – and it will show in your fleet performance.