Last-mile Logistics

What is Last-mile Logistics?

Last-mile logistics is the final stage of the logistics process or supply chains. It starts when the parcel or products are scanned and picked up by delivery agents for delivery to the final destination – either to customers or final retail stores (according to what the supply chain looks).

Last mile delivery is the most expensive link in supply chains. e-Commerce, food delivery, and retail businesses use them the most.

Steps Involved in Last-mile Delivery

Here are the steps that together build up last mile delivery systems:

  • – Scanning and submitting orders
  • – Multi-stop trip planning
  • – Package sorting according to areas
  • – Order dispatching
  • – Package out for delivery
  • – Final delivery, proved through the POD of choice

Challenges to Last Mile Deliveries

Last-mile logistics comes with a huge set of challenges, such as:

  • – Same-day delivery expectations
  • – Direct contact with customers
  • – Major transportation expenses
  • – Safety regulations
  • – Managing delivery forces
  • – Managing multi-stop trips

Benefits of Last Mile Logistics

Here are the benefits companies face because of last mile logistics:

  • – Customer satisfaction because they receive order on their doorstep
  • – End-to-end delivery experience control
  • – Possibility of offering customers the right ETA information