Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Companies

10 Best Last Mile Delivery Companies

Discover the top 10 last mile delivery companies that are the best choice for companies looking to deliver orders and products on time. Stay ahead of the game with our guide.

Online shopping has altered the way people shop. Last mile delivery companies are providing the convenience of delivering orders to consumers in the comfort of their homes. Companies like Amazon are behind this revolution.

But these companies have a lot riding on their back as they are responsible for delivering parcels and orders to the end consumers. In doing so, they must ensure that the orders reach customers on time and under budget. Not to forget that last mile delivery is the most expensive leg of the supply chain.

Therefore, it is always best for last-mile delivery tracking companies to adopt last mile delivery software, which streamlines and optimises the delivery process. Here is a list of top last mile delivery companies for you to choose from for your business. Let’s go.

Last Mile Delivery Software

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What is Last Mile Delivery?

The last mile delivery is the bridge in the supply chain that links brands with customers. It involves delivering products or orders from the fulfilment centres to the customer’s residence, place of business, or parcel locker.

The last mile of a product’s trip is the most challenging and costly for the shipper. To ensure that every delivery reaches its destination consistently, on time, accurately, efficiently, and sustainably, excellent last-mile delivery aims to achieve these goals.

10 Best Last Mile Delivery Companies

1. Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a critical component of Amazon’s vast and complex logistics and delivery network. This service is primarily responsible for the last-mile delivery of Amazon packages to customers’ doorsteps. Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s in-house delivery service. While Amazon relies on various carriers like UPS and FedEx for some of its deliveries, the company established Amazon Logistics to have more control over the last mile of the delivery process.

Amazon Logistics has grown to have an extensive network of delivery drivers, often called “Amazon Flex” drivers. These drivers use their vehicles and smartphones to pick up packages from Amazon fulfilment centres and deliver them to customers.

One of the advantages of Amazon Logistics is its ability to offer various delivery options, including same-day and one-day delivery for Amazon Prime members. This allows Amazon to provide rapid delivery services to meet customer expectations for quick deliveries.

2. Postmates

Postmates is essentially a household name. Their mission statement summarises their business model: “enabling anyone to have anything delivered on demand.”

Postmates, a last-mile delivery company that was founded less than ten years ago, radically altered how consumers receive everyday items. It now takes less than an hour to acquire practically any local product you desire delivered to your home. Based on the item’s location that needs to be delivered and its destination, Postmates matches clients with nearby couriers.

3. Nuro

A delivery truck designed just for the last mile, Nuro, is entirely autonomous. Its creators consider it to be the door-to-door delivery system of the future.

The Nuro vehicle is only a metre wide, around the height and length of a conventional SUV, and can carry a load of up to 115 kg. Over 500 people are currently employed by the business, which aims to use robotics to better human life.

4. Starship

The co-founders of Skype founded Starship Technologies, a firm specialising in last-mile deliveries. One of the most well-known robotic delivery companies today.

These autonomous robots were created to revolutionise how consumers receive deliveries. The customer downloads an app and orders a product in their region to be delivered to them, wherever they are, similar to how Postmates works. After that, a robot is sent to finish the order, and the customer can track it using the smartphone app.

The robots can make deliveries in less than 30 minutes, weigh less than 100 lbs, and have a current range of roughly 4 miles. Autonomous robot vehicles travel at a pedestrian pace. They are made to manoeuvre around obstacles and people with safety in mind. For security reasons, the cargo bay is always locked and can only be unlocked by the recipient using a smartphone app.

5. DHL

A global leader in logistics and package delivery, DHL has recently stepped up its last-mile delivery efforts. DHL can ship items faster because of its many worldwide warehouses and distribution centres.

DHL serves as a last-mile delivery service by speeding up the order fulfilment process, offering anticipated delivery dates, and allocating cars and drivers for the drop. On its website, there is a delivery cost calculator as well.

DHL offers round-the-clock customer care assistance and support from international specialists for overseas orders. Most DHL orders arrive at their destinations within 1 to 3 days. Live order tracking is included in every shipping and delivery option. Even emails and phone notifications are sent to customers. DHL offers international shipping to over 220 nations.

6. FedEx

FedEx, one of the most significant shipping and logistics companies, was established in the US in 1971 and needs no introduction. FedEx is one of the most successful last mile delivery companies and a leader in eCommerce supply chain management and logistics with a global network of fleet vehicles, warehouses, and fulfilment centres. 

In 2020, FedEx introduced its last mile delivery service designed especially for online retailers, formally entering the market with other businesses. It offers cold chain services.

It offers expedited shipping and customs clearance assistance for orders that must be shipped quickly. FedEx is permitted to transport hazardous materials like lithium batteries and computer components.

7. Track-POD

A logistics and last-mile delivery management startup, Track-POD, offers eCommerce stores last-mile delivery options solely through a mobile app. When customers check out, the Track-POD app interfaces with online marketplaces and eCommerce selling sites to give them precise EDDs.

Offering digital Proof of Delivery certificates that clients sign on the delivery agent’s mobile device also promotes a green, paperless transaction. This saves internet companies tons of pointless paperwork. Track-POD offers route planning software with GPS tracking that calculates dynamic ETAs.

The last-mile delivery software aids in improved resource planning and keeps track of delivery performance using a variety of measures. Track-POD offers routine transportation and vehicle inspection for optimal security to weed out vehicle-related issues.

8. DoorDash

DoorDash is a well-known website for ordering and receiving takeouts. The company’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California, and connects patrons in 27 countries with their favourite neighbourhood eateries. DoorDash’s sustained growth and expansion make it one of the best last-mile delivery startups to watch in 2023. 

The business revealed several new collaborations with stores, such as Party City, Victoria’s Secret, and Lush Cosmetics. New shopping capabilities, such as frictionless in-app communication, delivery windows, and express delivery, have also been added. 

Several delivery options are available from DoorDash, including same-day delivery and subscription services for regular customers. Package Pickup is a new service that the company has launched. It is the best way to return products and gives customers even more convenience. 

9. Delhivery

Delhivery is one of India’s leading logistics and last-mile delivery company startups. It has gained prominence for its extensive network and the range of services it provides. This logistics company has established a vast nationwide network covering urban and rural areas across India. They have developed and integrated advanced logistics and tracking systems, enabling real-time tracking, automated notifications, and efficient route planning.

Delhivery offers a variety of delivery options to cater to different customer needs, including same-day, next-day, express, and scheduled deliveries. 

They provide the flexibility that modern consumers expect, such as- Cash-on-Delivery (COD) services, which is crucial for e-commerce companies operating in India, where many customers prefer paying in cash upon delivery.

10. Xpressbees

Founded in 2015, Xpressbees is headquartered in Pune, India, and is a supply chain business that provides B2B, B2C, cross-border, and 3PL logistics services. Since then, the company has been growing. This logistics company is renowned for its quick delivery and other choices, including vendor pick-up and cash-on-delivery.

It has 3000+ offices and service centres, 52+ cargo airports, 500+ customer care executives employed, 100+ hubs10 Lacs sqft+ warehouse capacity and 35000+ field executives. 

Wrapping Up!

Last-mile delivery is ever-changing as the consumers’ demand and expectation is rising. Brands and companies are constantly seeking reliable last-mile delivery companies to help retailers fulfil orders on time and meet the end customer’s expectations.

TrackoMile is a last mile delivery software helping logistics businesses streamline operations, increase efficiency and boost profits. It offers real-time route optimisation, POD, dynamic dispatch management and more to enhance the delivery process.

last mile delivery software

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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Top 10 Best Last Mile Delivery Companies

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