Top 7 Last-Mile Delivery Startup Companies to Watch in 2024

Top 7 Last Mile Delivery Companies to Watch in 2024

Explore which 7 leading last-mile delivery companies and innovative startups are achieving unparalleled order delivery efficiency by embracing cutting-edge last-mile delivery technologies.

The last-mile delivery, which entails moving products from a fulfilment centre to the customer’s door, is a crucial component of the logistics sector.

Customers anticipate prompt, dependable, and easy service at this point in the delivery process. Businesses may have to cope with diminished client loyalty if the business provides customers with an unsatisfactory last-mile experience—such as delayed or damaged deliveries. 

However, a seamless delivery process with accurate and timely notifications can boost client satisfaction and encourage repeat business. That’s why investing in last-mile logistics and partnering with a reliable delivery service comes in.

This article highlights innovative and promising last-mile delivery startup companies of 2024. These companies are changing the game with their technologies and strategies to streamline the delivery process.

last mile delivery software

Last Mile Delivery Software

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What are Last-Mile Delivery Software Companies?

Last mile delivery companies and startups’ expertise lies in seamlessly processing orders from the fulfilment centres to transporting them to their final destination, aka end consumer’s doorsteps. 

Retailers very well understand the importance of consumers receiving their orders in perfect condition, on time and accurately. This is where last-mile delivery businesses come in. They utilise automation and optimisation to transport parcels quickly.  

Currently, consumers expect same-day delivery or a 1-2 day delivery period. Fulfilling this expectation is only possible when brands partner with the business utilising cutting-edge last-mile delivery technology and software.

Top 7 Last-Mile Delivery Startup Companies in 2023-2024

Your search for the best last-mile delivery comes to a stop here. These are the most innovative and promising last-mile delivery companies changing the game in 2024. 

1. TrackoMile

TrackoMile Last mile Delivery Software

TrackoMile is the last mile software by TrackoBit that was introduced in 2022 that empowers and optimises the delivery companies’ end-to-end dispatch and delivery process. The software is efficiently helping logistics companies streamline their delivery with the help of optimised solutions such as dispatch management and route optimisation software.

Last Mile Logistics technology, such as carrier management, real-time tracking route optimisation solutions, is helping TrackoMile cater to the needs of many logistics companies. High level of accuracy, elastic customisation of platform and solutions, multiple ePOD formats, and automated carrier management is reason enough to consider TrackoMile in the top 7 last-mile delivery startup companies.

2. Instacart

Instacart is one of North America’s most prominent online grocery delivery companies since 2020. The Last Mile company is collaborating with many other well-established grocery delivery companies to enhance consumer experience. But it is also partnering with well-known national and local merchants, including Costco, Kroger, and ALDI, to deliver groceries to the consumers’ doorsteps seamlessly.

Customers can order from their favourite stores through mobiles, and they can plan delivery for later in the day or week or even within an hour. The delivery times are determined by the store’s operations, which may include holidays.

Furthermore, Instacart has a pickup option that enables users to shop on the app, select a time for pickup, and pick up their groceries from the store.

3. Deliverr


Founded in 2017, Deliverr is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The last-mile delivery business is leveraging predictive intelligence and machine learning to offer offers fulfilment, returns, goods, reserve storage, and prep services.

The company employs over 250 people, has raised $500 million and delivered millions of items. In 2023, Shopify integrated Deliverr with its platform to build an “elastic warehouse capacity,” offering merchants more flexible and cost-effective distribution networks. Deliverr is well equipped to handle e-commerce platforms’ freight, distribution, fulfilment and returns, allowing them to focus on their growth.

4. Bringg

Bringg, founded in 2012, specialises in simplifying delivery operations for global brands with a team of experts, and its global presence is allowing Bring to streamline last mile delivery process, reduce costs, optimise operations, and enhance the customer experience.

The cloud-based platform optimises and automates the supply chain process by leveraging machine learning. That is allowing leading companies to notice Bringg’s efficiency and adopt the last mile delivery platform.

5. ShipBob

ShipBob, founded in 2014, is a third-party logistics service provider that is offering brands fast and affordable logistics. The company owns a strong fulfilment network in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. This allows ShipBob to offer last mile solutions to over 7000 shippers globally. In October 2022, the company launched its Amazon fulfilment service for eCommerce merchants, allowing ShipBob merchants to use the platform as their centralised inventory hub.

6. Circuit

Circuit for Teams, founded in 2023, is improving the last mile delivery experience for drivers, retailers and end consumers. The company offers route optimisation solutions for lowering in-house delivery costs by 20%. Its software is helping delivery companies manage their driver crew, capture proof of delivery, track team and orders in real time and alert consumers.

The last mile delivery company offers live route editing and insightful reports for scaling in-house teams. Circuit can seamlessly be integrated with existing platforms, making it easier to manage deliveries. 

7. Zypp

Zypp Electrics is an Indian startup that is offering EV as a service catering to e-commerce companies and gig workers. The motive of Zypp is to enter the last mile delivery sector to electrify it. Offering two-wheelers to ride-sharing companies, e-commerce platforms, food, grocery and pharma delivery companies. 

It is partnering with EV manufacturers like Hero and Kinetic for e-bikes. Zypp Electric provides its clients with additional services, including rider tracking, merchant panel, API access, specialised backup rider support, and multiple order support. 

Zypp Electric lets gig workers who deliver packages make the most money by renting e-bikes on a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription basis.

Drivers may find out what has to be delivered, where to deliver it, which bike to utilise,  and how to charge their bike by using an app.


The last-mile logistics industry’s last mile delivery sector must be one of the most dynamic. It is the most challenging part of the supply chain, which is also quite expensive. The need to make it as smooth as possible is always there, leading the companies, be it brands or the logistics businesses themselves, to adopt the latest innovations.

Partnering with the above top-tier logistics companies and startups that can help deliver on the promise of consumer satisfaction is a must for retailers. It’s best to go for companies accepting and adopting changes and technology and hold the space for the business to scale.

Successful last mile delivery software like that of TrackoMile allows both in-house delivery services and logistics companies to streamline delivery operations. It utilises automation, making it possible for orders to reach their final destination on time.

Last Mile Delivery Software

Have everything done within seconds: order sorting, route optimisation, and dispatch planning.

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Top 7 Last-Mile Delivery Startup Companies to Watch in 2024

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