Tyre Pressure Monitoring Software

What is Tyre Pressure Monitoring Software?

Reverse geocoding increases the dependability of location data by locating locations closest to a latitude and longitude coordinate. Software can provide corresponding addresses based on nearby landmarks for geolocation even in situations where addresses are not available.A tyre pressure monitoring system or TPMS is a system that monitors the air pressure inside the tyres and alerts the drivers or fleet managers when the pressure drops or is beyond the optimum level.

TPMS is a combination of a hardware sensor and a software unit. Three to four sensors installed in the trucks send tyre pressure data to the software. The software processes the raw data and generates alerts and notifications in case of a rise or drop in tyre pressure.

How Does Tyre Pressure Monitoring Software (TPMS) Work?

There are two types of sensors being used in TPMS:

  • Direct TPMS: This sensor is meant solely for monitoring tyre pressure.
  • Indirect TPMS: This sensor gathers the wheel speed via ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and detects differences in the movement and performance to alert the manager about possible tyre pressure issues.

Here is a step-by-step guide to how TPMS work:

Step 1: The sensors are integrated into the vehicles to track air pressure and temperature status inside each tyre.
Step 2: The sensors transmit the data to the GPS device installed in the vehicles.
Step 3: The GPS tracker sends the raw data to the cloud servers, which is further transmitted to telematics software.
Step 4: The software further processes the data and compares the optimum range set for the vehicles.
Step 5: When the system detects a difference of more than 20-25%, it instantly alerts the managers or drivers.

What are the Benefits of TPMS?

Having TPMS fitted to your vehicle provides the following safety and handling benefits:

  • Provides visual warning of low pressure whilst travelling
  • Reduces risk of tyre failure due to early warning
  • Helps to ensure optimal tyre pressure
  • Decreases tyre wear from incorrect pressure levels
  • Maintains vehicle handling
  • Helps to provide optimum fuel economy

What are the Features of TPMS?

TrackoBit’s tyre management system offers features like:

  • Suitable TPMS Integration
  • Real-time Pressure Warning
  • Detailed Tyre Health Reports