Route Deviation

What is Route Deviation?

Route deviation is the instance of a vehicle taking a different route than the one pre-planned for it through a fleet management software. Most times, route deviation is a result of drivers’ neglect, unplanned detours, or unscheduled stops.

The primary reason for route deviation monitoring through fleet management software is maintaining desired fuel economy and meeting promised ETAs.

What Are The Different Types of Route Deviations To Track?

Route deviation is taking a different route from a pre-set path and schedule for a vehicle. In a comprehensive fleet management system, we see three types of route deviations:

  • – Path Deviation: When a vehicle takes a detour or alternate route from the one prescribed through route planning solutions.
  • – Sequence Violation: When a vehicle visits stop C before stop B, hence taking an alternate route and breaking the pre-defines stop sequence.

What Are The Benefits of Route Deviation Systems?

Fleet management software offers route deviation systems because they help in:

  • – Maximising visibility
  • – Optimising resource utilisation
  • – Improving fleet analysis
  • – Maintain driver decorum
  • – Boosting customer experience