TrackoField v/s Hubstaff – Which One to Choose?

TrackoField vs Husbtaff Employee Time Tracking Software

Here we have shared a comparison between TrackoField v/s Hubstaff’s time tracking software. Find which one is the best pick for precise tracking of field employees’ time.

Flashback to 2010, the time when employees’ time was tracked via paper logs. Remember that slow and frustrating process (yikes, who can forget that paper trail?)

Fast forward to 2024…times have changed. We now have automated, self-service platforms that are readily available and make it super easy and quick to track employees’ working hours. These systems can even track how long your diligent staff is taking to complete a certain task (as critical as maybe servicing an AC). No, the intention is not to micromanage but to ensure you have better visibility to plan further tasks.

The market is exploding with tons of such automated time-tracking systems, all independently offering their unique features. This is making it tough for you to choose the right platform, isn’t it?

Fret not—we have brought you the first-ever comparison between leading employee time tracking software: TrackoField vs. Hubstaff. Read on as we explain the TrackoField vs. Hubstaff app specifications in detail.

What is TrackoField Field Employee Tracking Software?

TrackoField is a scaling field employee tracking and monitoring software, made to live track field staff and their tasks, routines, and take-home salaries. The software has an ulterior motive to ensure:

  • Field technicians or executives reach the client site in the shortest TAT for on-time service delivery.
  • The assigned tasks be it — closing customer tickets or taking orders from suppliers are safely done.
  • Executives have sufficient tasks and are notified about them so they can plan their workday better.
  • The tasks are assigned in a bulk way before they free up from their current service tasks or calls. Just to ensure they aren’t cluelessly idling or halting and getting paid for such unproductive hours.

The software offers the much-needed automated tools to track field service staff’s working hours, locations, and routines throughout the workday. It lets field managers painlessly plan their schedules, tasks, and best routes to ensure the time spent at different job sites is less chaotic and more revenue-generating.

Why Choose TrackoField’s Time Tracking Software

Here’s What TrackoField Serves in its Platter of Employee Time Tracking Software

Here are all the top features TrackoField offers through its field employee time tracking software:

—> Live Location & Arrival Time Tracking

The software leverages the mobile device’s GPS tracking capabilities to help managers keep track of field service teams’ locational movements – from the moment they clock in. It has an embedded live map view and auto-update reporting features that show the crew’s job details along with their current locations.

You can see routes they are taking, stops they’re halting at, and the exact time they arrive or leave the assigned client sites.

—> Geo-coded Attendance Marking with built-in Timesheets

TrackoField’s geo-sensitive attendance marking feature allows your employees to only mark in for the day when they reach the task site. You can pre-define the locations or set the geofences in the system to ensure location-based marking.

The feature also helps you know where the staff is exactly or is ready to start the day. Plus, the software auto-compiles timesheets, which can finally be reviewed by managers, mobile teams, crews, or field service on the go.

—> Task Timeline Tracking

TrackoField has a practical task management module that lets you schedule the team’s tasks with a calendar view. Plus, you can allocate the time range within which a particular task has to be performed. You can use the calendar to define tasks with a set timeline.

For instance, you can allocate the task to Steve for 10:00 am in the morning to maybe fix the laptop issue at the client location.

All this while, you can sit and watch how long it takes to complete a certain task. And accordingly, plan further tasks or routines for your staff.

Best part? This way you can gauge the efficiency of the staff to ensure they are justifying their role and productivity.

—-> Effective Leave Management Module

The platform hosts a very sophisticated leave management module that makes it easy for managers to review and approve leaves or time-off requests. It provides managers with a unified dashboard, over which they can track their employees’ past leave trends and accordingly grant leaves.

Moreover, managers can input the following variables in advance to let the software better regulate the leave requests.

  • Holiday Calendar
  • Paid or unpaid time off policies
  • Break policies
  • Shift schedules

—> Offline Tracking (when the internet doesn’t behave)

Field employees are wanderers operating in far-off, no-internet zones. The software continues tracking employees’ time even when there is poor or no internet connectivity. The data synchronizes with the system once the connectivity is restored.

—> Automated Timesheets Curation

The system auto-generates timesheets as it receives the clock-in and clock-out entries from the employees’ end. The system shows a detailed breakdown of employees’ working hours by date, tasks, and location.

It is super easy to review, approve, or reject timesheets from a single location.

—> Accurate Payroll Data Processing

The software not only lets you create precise timesheets but also compiles the accurate salary components for each of your staff. It compiles their actual working hours, overtime, and expense allowances minus the leaves, time-offs, and other variables to present the payable amount.

This eases up your HR and finance teams’ tasks. They won’t have to juggle between ten different apps to collect the salary data.

TrackoField employee tracking software is made for remote or field teams that are often on the move to deliver services, fix an issue at a client site, or take sales orders.

Why Choose Hubstaff’s EmployeeTime Tracking Software

Some Commonly Asked Questions About TrackoField!

  • Is TrackoField’s employee time tracking software easy to use?

Ans. TrackoField’s employee time tracking software is easy to deploy and use. Our team will integrate it with existing software without you having to write a single line of code. Your non-tech-savvy employee can use it effortlessly.

  • Is TrackoField’s employee time tracking software free to use?

Ans. Yes, TrackoField offers a free trial and free demo. Upon finding the software as the right fit, you can access its very affordable and custom pricing models.

  • Is TrackoField’s time tracking tool easy to adjust to different work environments?

Ans.  Our intelligent employee time tracker is adaptable to different employees working fixed schedules, variable hours, or remote locations. You name a situation, and we will alter the product around it.

  • Can it integrate with other systems?

Ans. Yes, it’s super easy to add with internal CRM, ERP, Salesforce, and other work order management tools you rely on.

  • What level of customer support is provided?

Ans. Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging in the middle. We offer a fool-proof platform with robust security support. Our sales and support team is there to guide you end-to-end in case you feel stuck.

What is Hubstaff Employee Time Tracking Software?

Hubstaff is another contemporary employee time-tracking software that offers a host of productivity tools to monitor employees’ time, activities, and tasks. It is suitable for fully remote, hybrid, or in-office setups. It tracks executives but without breaching their privacy.

Features Offered by Hubstaff’s Employee Time Tracking Software

The platform helps managers access automated time-tracking modules and comprehensive workforce management tools. It comes with features of:

✔ GPS Tracking

The platform makes it easy to track mobile and field service teams’ locations with GPS and geofenced time clocks. It allows your team to automatically clock in whenever they are at or in a close radius of the job site.

✔ Setting of work hours limits

The platform allows managers to set weekly hours limits based on employment type. It even notifies managers whenever the set limit is met.

✔ Easy time off management

The platform lets you customize shifts, and predefined policies of paid time off (PTOs), holidays, and any custom events.

✔ Insightful reports for setting priorities

The platform auto-generates reports with metrics showing which projects are draining the team’s time unnecessarily and which ones are churning profits.

✔ Projects Cost Controlling

The platform has an expense tracking tool that lists down costs incurred to fulfill a certain project. Whenever the costs exceed the decided budget, the system shoots an alert.

🎫 The Ethical Part

The System only believes in productivity and does not gather employees’ data. It doesn’t monitor personal emails, or access cameras and webcams for video recording.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Hubstaff!

  • How does Hubstaff’s software track time?

Ans. The software tracks time by detecting the keyboard or mouse activity which includes mouse clicks, moves, and keyboard presses. However, Hubstaff does not track keylogging or where the individual’s mouse clicks.

  • How good is Hubstaff’s field employee tracking software?

Ans. The software strictly monitors the productivity of your staff. It doesn’t collate personal data. In case it captures users’ screen snapshots, it offers the option to blur apps, URLs, and screenshots, and offers more options to prevent breaching of employees’ privacy. It also doesn’t:

  • Records keystroke logs
  • Monitors personal emails
  • Access cameras or webcams for video recording

Hubstaff employee time tracking software primarily is a more suitable choice for in-house teams that perform tasks over computing systems as it offers screen captures and task productivity reports. However, it does offer some tools to track the time and live action of the field teams as well.

🏆 Ending the Debate. So…Who’s the Winner?

Well, it’s a tie. Both platforms are ideal in their respective places. TrackoField and Hubstaff are both market-leading and comprehensive field employee time and activities monitoring software. The above TrackoField Vs Hubstaff product feature comparison explains to us that both platforms are made for remote and field teams whose time tracking is critical to ensure their efficiency and productivity level.

What More Exclusive Features TrackoField Offers to Make Employee Tracking More Precise!!!

Because TrackoField employee time tracking software offers more practical and use case-based features that make time tracking more precise and efficient. Here are some more features we offer to make your employee time monitoring more worthwhile.

1. Battery & Network Status Report

It exclusively gives the live battery and network status of your field employees’ phones. This way, you’ll know how many employees miss meetings due to low battery or poor network.

2. Custom Field and Forms

Field force tracking apps should support digital workflow, completely replacing the need for paper-led tasks. It offers you the flexibility to add/create custom forms and fields as per your business’s requirements. Plus, the app has an attachment feature, enabling users to upload images, PDFs, voice notes, and diverse file types.

3. Unreachable Reports

The software auto-creates comprehensive unreachable reports for individual staff. It lets you get complete justification of when, why, and where your field staff was inactive or unreachable. Was their phone switched off, on airplane mode, or out of coverage area — you get every intel.

Industries That Can Use Hubstaff’s Employee Time Tracking Software!

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Final Takeaway!

Choosing the right employee time tracking software is never an understatement. Since you will be making a one-time investment, you have to be sure to pick an ideal solution that lets you curate accurate timesheets so that you don’t reimburse miscalculated payouts.

Here we just unfolded two market’s leading field employee time tracking software — TrackoField and Hubstaff. Both platforms offer a unique set of features that cater to the needs and preferences of different work structures. We learned that Hubstaff is more suitable for in-office or remote staff, performing tasks via machine. TrackoField is the most sought-after field employee time tracking software that tracks time spent navigating the field, completing a service, or fulfilling a meeting.

We squeezed out all possible features and functionalities each offers to make time tracking and compilation a most fun and less treacherous event for your admin teams.

We are offering a free 15-minute walkthrough of TrackoField field employee time tracking software. Make sure to take advantage of it!

TrackoField v/s Hubstaff – Which One to Choose?

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