Field Employee Tracking Software

Bring your end-to-end field operations under one umbrella with the
help of Field Employee Management Software.

Data-driven Field Employee Management

Drive your field operations on the fuel of
big data. Enhance field visibility and automate
task management with a field employee tracking app.

  • Monitor Dispersed Field Force On the Phone
  • Control Complete Field Operations On-the-move
  • Minimise Human Errors and Enhance Efficiency
  • Predict trends and Make Decisions Backed by Data

Simplify Field Employee Management with Automation!

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Field Employee Tracking Software Offerings

Managing field employees effortlessly is possible with the right technological aide.
TrackoField’s field employee monitoring software is specialised in
managing field staff for you.

  • Remote Task Management

    Allocate tasks to field staff based on their proximity to the task site, matching skill sets and availability with the field employee management app.

    • Geo-verified task allocation
    • Task completion timeline and reports
    • Automated workflow management
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    Remote Task Management
  • Attendance and Leave Tracking

    Attendance and Leave Tracking

    Streamline the process for your employees to clock in and out through the app. Also, enabling seamless leave application and approval from anywhere, at any time.

    • Geo-coded Attendance Mark in/out
    • Flexible Leave Management Module
    • Real-time insights into staff absenteeism
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  • Payroll and Salary Computation

    Enjoy automated salary computation and transparent reimbursement processing as per working hours, leaves and expenses updated on the field employee tracking app.

    • Add custom allowances and debits
    • Auto linking to leaves and expenses
    • Generate salary slips in a single click
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    Payroll and Salary Computation
  • Employee Expense Management

    Employee Expense Management

    Managing overheads, reimbursements and remunerations is part of field staff management. TrackoField simplifies it all with an in-app expense management tool.

    • Request or revert to expense claims on-the-go
    • Attach bills or receipts as expense proof
    • Maintain a record online for future reference
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  • Order Management Tool

    While field sales staff is in action, our field tracking app helps them take orders and record necessary details. Enhancing field sales experience for the salesmen.

    • Create custom discounts and offers
    • Maintain a long and categorised product list
    • Real-time insights into total and individual sales
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    Order Management Tool

One App Automates Your Entire Field Staff Management

Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it surely does. TrackoField irons out your tangled and messy field operations effortlessly.

Underling Features of Field Employee Tracking Software

Discover the key elements that define an exceptional field employee monitoring app. Uncover the essential and groundbreaking features that set TrackoField apart.

  • Target vs Achievement Report

    Gain a comprehensive overview of team and individual productivity through a Target vs Achievement Report. Simplify performance analysis with graphical representation in a single frame.

  • Battery & Network Status Report

    Get live battery and network status of your field employees' phones. Whenever they miss a meeting or a call from the manager due to low battery or no network you can always verify on the app.

  • Off-line Tracking

    Monitor your field operations seamlessly with or without the internet. Our field employee monitoring app keeps your employees going, even when the internet stops, ensuring complete productivity.

  • Custom Field and Forms

    Create custom forms and add fields based on your preferences. There’s an option to add an attachment feature, enabling users to upload images, PDFs, voice notes and diverse file types.

  • Unreachable Reports

    Get a comprehensive report on ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘where’ the employee was unreachable while on duty. This gives complete transparency into logged-in work hours vs actual working hours.

Field Employee Tracking Software

Voice Note Sharing

Simplifying Field Operations Even Further

Walk the talk, with the voice note sharing feature on our field tracking software. Save time and energy just by speaking and sending out the message.

Do you find typing a task?

Voice to Text is for you!

Can’t explain complexities in writing?

Leave a Voice Note in chats.

Documents, images & PDFs aren’t enough?

Attach a Voice Recording too. ‘

Navigate Smartly and Operate Smoothly In The Field

Start with ZERO investment! Automate your field operations for free. What are you waiting for?

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Field Employee Tracking Software

Industries Counting on TrackoField’s

Field Employee Tracking Apps

Automate field employee monitoring across industries with TrackoField, catering to a
varied and extensive clientele.

  • Servicing and Maintenance

    Agents visiting customer locations for equipment installation, after-sales servicing, and regular maintenance can be tracked seamlessly.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Assign tasks to MRs in the field remotely. Monitor their performance on the move and automate field operations with the holistic software.

  • FMCG

    The field service monitoring software effortlessly executes van sales and direct sales Ensure safe deliveries with code scanners and ePODs.

  • Publishing

    TrackoField simplifies selling books from shop to shop and monitoring salesmen while they are on duty.

  • Logistics and Fleet

    The field service app comes in handy to delegate tasks remotely and manage technicians/ drivers who work in the field.

  • Research and Surveys

    Custom forms, digital documentation and cloud operations ease the job for field researchers and their managers alike.

Integrate TrackoField with 200+ Apps

Easily integrates with any software be it a CRM, ERP, HRMS or others. It helps in optimising lead segmentation, automating task allocation and analysing overall field operations remotely.

Field Employee Tracking Software?

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Field Employee Tracking Software?

The complete field employee monitoring software backed by automation and big data analysis for modern enterprises.

  • Fast and smooth deployment process
  • Use-case based on-demand solutions
  • Built on the latest and robust tech stack
  • Sound technical support 24*7

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the Importance of the Field Employee Tracking App

  • How can I track my employee's time in the field?

    With technology tracking employees in the field has become as easy as ABC. Field employee tracking app free like TrackoField not only offer minute-to-minute movement of field employees but also allow remote task allocation, distance travelled reports and geo-coded attendance marking. Actual clock-in and clock-out times along with geo-coordinates ensure on-point time tracking of field employees on field.

  • Why is Field Employee tracking important?

    In this time and age field employee tracking is not only important to monitor the activities and performance of field staff but also to analyse the trends, optimise the working process, forecast ROIs and make profitable business decisions. All this is possible with the new age field tracking software working round the clock without stopping. Manual tracking has a limitation whereas field employee tracking apps have none.

  • Will a field employee tracking app boost productivity?

    Absolutely yes! There is no doubt about field employee management apps’ efficiency. Right from tracking employee movement and task progression to managing their leaves, payroll, and expenses, everything happens digitally over the web portal or the app. Field tracking apps not only optimises field staff management for managers but also enhances on-field operations for field employees with everything confined to their smartphones.

  • How field employee monitoring apps are useful for managers?

    With growing competition in the market and increased reliance on technology, upgrading every aspect of business has become a norm. Field employee tracking app free are upgrades that businesses involved in field staff monitoring and operations must invest in. It not only improves the visibility of field activities but also, fetches operational insights that prove game-changing for the business. Other benefits that managers can enjoy with field employee monitoring apps include:

    - Real-time tracking of field staff and operations
    - Remote task delegation
    - Transparency of data and accurate reporting
    - Optimal resource allocation
    - Reduced scope for human eros
    - Better decision-making, supported by insights

  • How does Field Employee tracking software monitor Field Employees?

    With field employees' smartphones acting as tracking devices, the in-built GPS tracking technology enables real-time tracking of employees in the field. As far as monitoring solutions are concerned, advanced field employee tracking apps offer task and workflow tracking, payroll management, expense and reimbursement monitoring, geo-verified attendance and similar tools.

  • Is Field employee monitoring legal?

    Yes, field employee monitoring is legal in every way, as long as employees provide their consent to track them. However, responsible field employee tracking apps like TrackoField, make a point to only track the activities of employees between their punch-in and punch-out times. Beyond the working hours, it’s employee's private time and that must be respected by every field tracking software.

  • Who Can Use Trackofield Employee Monitoring Software?

    TrackoField Employee Monitoring Software caters to diverse industries, automating field service operations. It benefits sectors such as :

    - Servicing and Maintenance
    - Pharmaceutical
    - FMCG
    - Publishing
    - Logistics
    - Field Research

    In a nutshell, any organisation that includes field agents, MRs, and field sales teams can use TrackoField’s field tarcking apps for seamless tracking, ensuring efficient task delegation and performance monitoring. In publishing, it simplifies bookselling, while in logistics, it aids in remote task delegation for technicians and drivers. For research and surveys, TrackoField offers custom forms, digital documentation, and cloud operations, facilitating data collection and analysis.

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