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  • Live Location Tracking
  • Geo-coded Clock-in/out
  • Automated Reporting
  • Target vs Achievement

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Employee Monitoring Got Breezy!

Automate task allocation, performance analysis and workflow management in just a few clicks!

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Employee Monitoring Software Offers

Do not live in the world of calls and EOD paperwork. Step into an automated
future with software-aided employee management.

Employee Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions

No need to call your executives to check if they have visited clients or sites. Through live tracking software for employees and geotagged images, you can keep tabs on field executives.

  • Real-time Employee Tracking
  • Dynamic Route Distance Calculator
  • Live Work Status Monitoring
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Management Tool

Simplifying field sales tracking with an order management tool. Track the number of orders taken, approved, and delivered on the app. TrackoField allows ad-hoc order placements without any hassle.

  • Take and Track Orders On The Go
  • Create an Inexhaustive Product List
  • Custom Discounts and Pricing
Explore Order Management
Order Management Tool
Order Management Tool

Management System

Employees can mark attendance remotely with just one tap on the phone. Moreover, our attendance management software supports geo-coded attendance marking for field employees.

  • Geo-coded Attendance Marking System
  • Image-verified Attendance Marking
  • Shift-wise leave and attendance Monitoring
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Management Solutions

Managers and executives get to create and update tasks on the app while they are on the move. Skip the hassle of relying on multiple platforms for team and work coordination.

  • Real-time Task Status Updates
  • Bulk Task Allocation
  • Task-attendance Linking
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Order Management Tool
Order Management Tool

Custom Fields
and Forms

Create information forms according to your client or task requirements. Managers can share customised forms with executives to reduce paperwork and confusion. Add or edit the types of fields required in the form.

  • Multiple Custom Field Formats
  • Attachment and Upload Feature
  • Store Form Data Online

Management Solutions

The software automates the expenditure and reimbursement procedure. Employees update the expense on the app, attach the bill and check the status in real-time. Managers approve/reject the application.

  • Reimbursement Request Notification
  • Inbuilt and Custom Expense Categories
  • Automatic Travel Expense Calculation
Explore Expense Management
Order Management Tool

Practical Benefits of Employee Management Software

Get the most out of your team by making way for automation in the operations. Save time and
and push productivity boundaries with workforce management software.

  • Monitor on-field Employees

    Monitor on-field Employees

    Know where your employees are, and which clients or sites they’ve visited - all on one platform with field tracking software. Get proof of delivery or task success reports in real-time.

  • Custom Fields and Form

    Minimize Errors and Paperwork

    Enter all information on the workforce management software and avoid the confusion of EOD paperwork and manual errors. Moreover, all employee activity data will be stored in one place.

  • Custom Fields and Form

    Maximize Task Efficiency

    With field executive tracking software, you can concentrate on things more important than calling employees for updates. Moreover, efficient task allocation leads to better execution.

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We’re more than happy to connect. Let’s help you
solve your business problem.

We’re more than happy to connect. Let’s help you
solve your business problem.

User-oriented Tools Offered by TrackoField

Performance lies in little things! Therefore we paid keen attention to the small features
that make TrackoField the best employee tracking software in India.

and Network Status

Track location as well as device battery and network status for accurate updates on executives. Get daily reports on the same.


Check why an executive’s status is not visible - is their phone out of network area, on flight mode, or switched off?

Office Chats

Maintain personal and professional boundaries and save time by coordinating over texts from the employee management app.


Managers get to exchange the executives in their team and the line of command according to the tasks best suited for each.

Management System

Top-notch attendance management solutions keep track of leave quotas for employees and help them apply for leaves on one platform.

Tasks in Bulk

You do not have to upload one task at a time. Just download the task template, add multiple tasks, and add them to the app together!

Workforce Efficiency Comes With Two Faces

Say no to clutter with our dual app product. Have access to only what you
need and not everything in our salesforce tracking software.

Employee app

Our location tracking app for employees gives access to the dashboard, chat, attendance management, etc. Executives can mark attendance, fill forms, add geotag images, mark task commencement and completion, add tasks, and apply for leaves from a platform made just for them.

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Manager app

Managers have access to features such as the tracking dashboard, chat, custom forms, task management, productivity reports, etc. They can track employee movement, add and edit tasks, manage attendance, approve/reject leaves, and view performance reports.

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TrackoField Automates

Solving all problems that come your way is our motto. Therefore, we automate a wide variety of industries with our field staff tracking software for smoother business operations!

Sales and Marketing

Track employees and a checklist of their tasks, meetings, leaves and performance with the employee tracking app.


Assign tasks and get proof of delivery in real-time. Get an idea of employee productivity and client success through informative reports.


Use attendance management software for automatic biometric entry and exit reports along with a detailed structure of each site’s employee strength.


Keep a check on staffing and employee leakage on site. Maintain a tab of each employee’s task to minimise time wastage.


Staff tracking solutions for pharma and healthcare industries help optimise medical representative management.

Navigate smartly


operate smoothlyin the field

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does TrackoField have separate apps for separate operational levels?

    Yes, at TrackField, we believe in efficiency in the most lucrative and uncluttered manner. Therefore, our software is presented over two platforms - the employee app and the manager's app/web portal.

    The employee tracking app allows field executives to check, schedule, and maintain their daily tasks and documentation. The manager app, on the other hand, allows managers to keep track of employee data and movements.

  • Will a field employee management app boost productivity?

    Yes! With the help of employee monitoring software, you can increase productivity in the following ways:

    Task Management:Manage tasks in a way that field tasks are assigned according to availability, not responsibility. Therefore, if executive A is on route Z, instead of redirecting executive B from route Y, A will get the task.
    Time-saving:Through features such as task management solutions and geo verified smart attendance tracking, FFM software will save time. Employees do not have to waste time on things such as extra commute to and from the office.
    Maximum Supervision:You can keep track of where your employees are and they know that. Therefore, the chances of deviating from routes and tasks will reduce significantly.
    Easy Documentation:With chat integration, custom forms, and in-software documents, paperwork can be zeroed down and all data will be neatly organised in one place.

  • Will your field force management software provide custom reports?

    Yes! Managers get automated reports allowing insights into employee performance and productivity. You can ask for custom reports and our team will create one for you.

    TrackoField provides reports employee-wise and task-wise. You get six-months history and reports. The employee monitoring app increases workforce efficiency through on-point analysis reports. It helps mitigate anomalies and capitalise on strengths.

  • Will TrackoField aid the sales functions in my business?

    TrackoField is a field employee management software that serves any domain that involves field employees. Since a sales team’s major role is to go onsite and conduct client interactions, TrackoField will come in handy to schedule their meetings and tasks while also being in the know of their whereabouts.
    Other than sales and operations, TrackoField can also aid healthcare, construction, real estate, and retail businesses to name a few.

  • How authentic is non-biometric attendance in a Field of Staff Management Software?

    We believe in the reliability of biometric attendance. However, we also believe in time-saving, productivity, and efficiency. By replacing biometrics with geo verification, you can still get 100% authentic attendance while saving employee time by unnecessarily travelling to and from the office.
    Geo verified attendance is authentic because it is backed by dual verification of GPS and pictorial data. Therefore, even if you are concerned that the executive could have used a VPN to forge their location, pictorial proof with geocodes cannot be used for deception.

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