8 Key Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software 8 Benefits Listed

Do you want to get rid of redundant manual work involved in field services? If yes, it’s time you switch to field service management software. Automate the entire workflow and bid adieu to micromanagement and delays.

How do you track your remote employees and their performance on the field? Do you resort to calls, messages, and traditional means? Oh, no no! It’s time to upgrade the approach with a field service management software. The software eliminates the need to use different means to streamline routine business processes for optimal team efficiency.

It comes with real-time dashboards, expense-reimbursement management, and ad-hoc order placement, making the overall business flow as smooth as butter. While replacing repetitive manual processes with automation, the software helps field managers do away with human errors and speed up the analysis. Here is more about the software and how it is beneficial for your business. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Top Benefits of Leveraging Field Service Management Software

1. Precise Attendance Records

While using field service management software, you get varied and in-depth attendance data. The software offers geocoded attendance marking, biometric support, and visual verification that helps in recording employees’ accurate login/logout.

Geo-tagged Attendance Marking

  • Geo-tagged Attendance Marking: Geocoded attendance ensures that employees start their day from the right location at the time time. The software fetches exact geo-coordinates and timestamps when employees mark attendance on the app. This leaves no scope for buddy punching, time theft, and delayed arrival.
  • Biometric: Biometric machines cannot go everywhere to record your field employees’ clock-in time. But, a biometric app can. The biometric attendance mark-in feature simplifies remote log-in/out for field employees and enhances data accuracy too.
  • Visual Verification: Managers do not receive ordinary pictures but pictures with lat-long and time stamped on them. These help them record and monitor the presence of field employees at the task sites.

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2. Accurate Project Status Display

Instant updates on employees’ tasks and projects!

Yes, and the field service management software does it automatically. With instant updates, managers can review each employee’s progress on the project and thus assess their productivity. Here are some features provided within a field service management system to get real-time task updates.

  • Instant Task Alerts on the Go: The field service management software sends out important meeting reminders to all team members and notifies managers whenever an employee starts or completes a task.

Target vs. Achievement Report

  • Target vs. Achievement Report: Employee-wise target vs. achievement reports help managers measure where their employees stand on their targets. It enables managers to make better decisions while delegating jobs of responsibility, planning monthly calendars, and writing employee reviews.
  • Analytical Dashboard:  It offers managers a quick and thorough glance at field activities and team performance. Loaded with numbers, important metrics, and charts, the dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of every aspect from attendance to productivity, successful tasks, and expenses incurred.

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3. Smooth Expense Reimbursement

Claiming expense reimbursement was never this easy, the field service management software makes it convenient for field executives to request claims, track the status, and upload receipts on the app.

Smooth Expense Reimbursement

  • Hierarchy Approval: You can seamlessly set a multi-level approval hierarchy. After receiving claim requests, managers in the hierarchy can check, assess, and approve those requests.
  • Expense Evidence Upload: Field employees can upload evidence of expenses incurred in the form of bills, receipts, invoices, etc. while requesting reimbursements.
  • Real-time Status Check: Executives get notifications when managers approve or reject expense claims. This is how they check the status of their reimbursement requests in real time.

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4. Simplified Order Placement

Field executives access their mobile devices at the client site, enter the details of orders requested, and place the orders then and there. This is how the field service management software makes order placement a breeze.

Simplified Order Placement

  • Order Placement on the Go: This feature allows your sales representatives to take orders on the go. Sales managers get instant updates on every order placement and enjoy real-time visibility of orders placed.
  • Selective Product Listing Management: Field managers can control which field staff can view or make changes to the extensive product listing. With parameters like teams, location, and product category, they can select specific field executives to access the order details.

5. Automated Salary Computation

The field service management software collects data about employees’ time-offs, working hours, and breaks. The payroll system calculates and converts field employees’ actual working hours into accurate salaries. Consequently, it helps in ensuring timely salaries to employees with greater convenience and speed.

Automated Salary Computation

  • Custom Allowances and Debits: By using this feature, field managers can add multiple allowances and deductions to executives’ salaries according to their company’s policy. They can eliminate the manual setup of salary computation and simplify payroll processing to allow an error-free compensation workflow.
  • Auto Linking of Leaves and Expenses: The software fetches the data on employees’ leaves and expense claims. Field managers compile these inputs together along with employees’ on-duty hours, thus assessing and disbursing their salaries.
  • Salary Slips Generation: No need to waste hours on manually creating payslips for employees. The field service management software can do it for you by accumulating the details on allowances/deductions, executives’ working hours, leaves, and expenses.

6. Fewer Attendance Errors

Paper-based attendance systems are not only prone to errors but also time-consuming when it comes to attendance regularization. However, field service management software equipped with the following features can mitigate such errors.

  • Attendance Regularization: Field employees on their self-service portals can request managers to regularize their working hours. So, whenever they work overtime or leave early, they can just send a regularization request to field managers, mentioning their accurate working hours. Managers after assessing the same can make appropriate changes.
  • Attendance Task Linking: The software allows attendance and task linking wherein employees have to visit the task location, log in their attendance, and thereupon, they can update their tasks on the app.

7. Data-driven Decision

Field managers can analyze the data that comes from a variety of sources like expense management tools, distance traveled reports, and task progress details. Therein, they make informed decisions that directly impact their workflow.

  • Employees’ Productivity Reports: Data-driven field service management software provides a clear insight into your best and underperforming employees. It enables better resource utilization and smart business decisions. You can reward the best performers and encourage underperformers to upgrade their skills.

Distance Traveled Reports

  • Distance Traveled Reports: Field managers trace the path traveled by executives from point A to Point B via distance traveled reports. More than real-time visibility, these reports help in analyzing the on-ground movement of employees, the route they took, and the actual distance traveled vs distance traveled insights.

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8. Effective Calendar Scheduling

Seamlessly manage and monitor your field force while scheduling their upcoming tasks using field force management software. This allows field managers to proactively dispatch employees to their shifts and adjust job schedules on the go. 

  • In-built Calendar Template: You can pick the template you need and save time and effort in creating the same from scratch. These templates help field managers in crafting daily, weekly, and monthly planners with all the shifts, holidays, and absences, in a calendar format.
  • Intuitive and Interactive UI/UX: Scheduling shifts for employees turns out to be very easy and convenient, all thanks to the intuitive and interactive UI/UX.

Additional Benefits of Field Service Monitoring Software- TrackoField

A simple field service management software speeds up business processes, alleviates the team’s manual burden, and reduces the data error risk.

What else do you need?

Is it customization? If yes, TrackoField can help you tailor the software to cater to your unique business needs. Being a unified platform, it has everything on its plate. From attendance, tasks, orders, and expenses, to payroll modules, it makes everything pain-free. Plus, you can precisely record attendance, make reimbursements on the go, ensure data-driven decisions, and everything in between.

Streamline your field process like never before with such capabilities of TrackoField:

  • Quick Leave Request and Approval
  • Individual Employees’ Data (Leave, Attendance, Task)
  • Live Visibility of Team Strength
  • Battery & Network Status
  • Off-line Tracking
  • Auto-report Generation
  • Employee GPS Tracking
  • Ad-hoc Task Allocation
  • Optimal Schedule Planning
  • Order Placement On The Go

Ready to learn how TrackoField can help you achieve streamlined workflow, regular monitoring,  and team efficiency? Sign in today and use the software for free.

Handle Complex Field Services with Ease and Elevate Executives

To Sum it Up!

The above pointers reiterate the importance of using field service management software for your business processes. The software can do wonders when it comes to improving employees’ productivity, efficiently managing resource allocation, and streamlining expense management.

From attendance tracking to task monitoring, the software helps field managers automate key business workflows with just taps and clicks. You can enjoy this effective workflow management by signing up to use the software for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Field Service Management Software?

    A field service management software help field managers plan, organize, and manage operations performed outside the office. While replacing the need to maintain paper-led working patterns, the software automate every aspect of field business and helps managers seamlessly manage their employees’ whereabouts, task progress, and expense claims.

  • What are the biggest benefits of field service management software?

    Here are all the benefits you will receive after utilizing the field service management software:
    - Real-time employee monitoring
    - Accurate project status display
    - Distance traveled reports
    - Geofence attendance marking
    - Smooth payroll processing
    - Efficient shift scheduling - Instant task alerts on the go

  • Do we really need Field service management software for business success?

    In this competitive landscape, it is important to use field service management software. Using the software, you can automate repetitive tasks, avoid fraudulent logins, and simplify every other process. Thus, invest your time in business-driven activities.

8 Key Benefits of Field Service Management Software

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