Employee Time Tracking Software: Track Field Employee Hours Without Fuss

How to Track Field Employees’ Time Without Fuss

Track more than just the time of your remote or field employees utilizing employee time tracking software. Discover how the software empowers you to achieve more in less time.

Time tracking software is like a magical crystal ball that brings complete visibility into how executives spend their working hours.

However, several organizations still consider manual tracking, which is an open invitation to human errors. Moreover, it leads to manipulation of data, unrecognized extended breaks, and more time theft. This is where having an employee time-tracking software is very important.

Using the software, you can easily track how many hours your employees worked on certain tasks, be it from the office, home, or field site. Acknowledging the productivity of your workforce throughout the day becomes easy and quick when you leverage such time-tracking software for field employees.

Whether you are a product company selling orders through sales reps or a company that meets customers’ service needs, time tracking software is godsent in keeping a vigil on the productive hours of your staff. In the following, learn how upon leveraging the system, you can track unproductive hours and avoid paying heavily.

What is Employee Time Tracking Software?

Employee time tracking software tracks the time employees spend on specific projects or tasks. Businesses having in-house, remote, hybrid, or field staff benefit the most from using employee time tracking software. It helps them improve employees’ efficiency and utilize their time better.

Having employee time tracking software in place helps you with

  1. Identifying employees’ total time spent on tasks during the shifts and lets you call out patterns of unnecessary idling, halts, or breaks.
  2. Tracking employees’ time and activities from any remote location with one click and compiling their productivity level, speed, and efficiency in taking up more tasks.
  3. Generating accurate timesheet which helps calculate accurate billable hours for seamless payroll processing. Mitigating workplace evils like buddy punching, timesheet fraud, and long haul idling.

Why Should You Use Employee Time Tracking Software?

Let’s look at the bigger outcomes you can achieve when you go for efficient employee time-tracking software.

Benefits of Using TrackoField’s Employee Time Tracking Software

1. Automated Time Tracking

As the software utilizes GPS technology, it starts tracking executives’ hours just after they log in at the task’s site. The software leads to reduced managers’ efforts in manually writing their executives’ login time. With effortless employee work hours recording, managers can stay focused on their other strategic work and eliminate the risk of human errors.

2. Seamless Allocation of Resources

Managers using field employee time tracking software can track how many hours their executives are finishing specific tasks. Therein, they can ascertain underutilized team members and allocate them more work accordingly. Seamless work assignment to executives helps field managers meet deadlines and balance workloads.

3. More Organized Timesheets

By eliminating the need to locate scattered timesheets, managers can smoothly store each employee’s timesheet in one single platform. This way they stay updated with their teams’ accurate working hours and ensure a shield against data manipulation.

4. Improved Overall Team Efficiency

One error in time tracking can disturb the overall flow of your team’s efficiency. Suppose, you are managing employees’ attendance and working data manually. And one day you mistakenly recorded your staff’s attendance for the day he didn’t work and ended up paying for the same while running the payroll. Imagine the jeopardy it will put your admin team in!

But when you integrate an employee time tracking software with your HRMS or any payroll processing software, it will automatically pick the attendance and billable hours data — without any scope of mistake.

Also, all admin team members within the organization can access attendance & timesheet reports to view every executive’s availability to accordingly manage their tasks and process payroll. As the software cuts down the data entry errors, field managers can seamlessly improve their team efficiency.

5. Lesser Frauds

Field managers using time tracking software can efficiently record the accurate on-duty hours and tally them with the actual working hours of employees. As a result, they eliminate the chance among employees to manually exaggerate or give false information on hours worked. Even, in most cases, employees add a few minutes more to their timesheets which leads to timesheet fraud. Since managers get accurate time-tracking data, it’s easier for them to catch errors in timesheets before it leads to further mismanagement.

6. Enhanced Employees’ Performance

The fear of cross-checking the submitted timecards motivates employees to dedicatedly do their work. That’s why they prevent themselves from indulging in frauds like time thefts. Also, digital timesheets provide detailed reports that field managers use to monitor employees’ progress, identify idle time among employees, and their performance on each task. When such information comes in handy, field managers can seamlessly make strategies for improving employees’ reporting accountability and overall performance.

7. Efficiently Meeting Deadlines

Having a deadline looming over your head can be enough to drive you crazy. But, not when you use an employee time tracking software. The software provides alerts to managers as soon as employees mark their attendance. After assessing an employee’s availability, the manager allocates tasks and monitors task-wise progress. Moreover, they categorize tasks into high, low, and mid priorities which helps employees meet deadlines sooner.

8. Real-time Alerts for Immediate Action

Most employee time-tracking software provides a geofence (location-tracking security) feature that enables field managers to mark a virtual boundary for field operations. Meaning, that managers will receive an alert whenever the employee enters or exits the allocated geo-fence. Geofence acts as a virtual perimeter that triggers an action like alerts whenever an employee crosses the boundary. The employee time tracking software while providing alerts on the go lets managers stay informed about their executive’s movements and progress at the task site in real-time.

9. Effortless Integration with Other Tools

A good employee time-tracking software must be easy to integrate with other tools like your internal HRMS or payroll software. Integrating this software with internal tools helps effortlessly sync the employees’ total working hours data for seamless salary computation.

Why TrackoField for Accurate Employee Time Tracking?

TrackoField makes it a cakewalk for field organizations to track their employees’ working times. It lets you track your employees’ working hours anytime, anywhere. With accurate records of employees’ time spent on the task site, it also streamlines payroll processing. Besides time tracking, here is what TrackoField offers to automate every flow of your field operations.

✅Ad-hoc Task Allocation

✅Automated Expense Reimbursement

✅Seamless Ad-hoc Order Placement

✅Geo-coded Visual Verification at Job Site

✅Attendance Task Linking

Employees’ Leave Management

✅Optimal Shift Planning

✅Target vs. Achievement Report

TrackoField helps make a greater impact on your field operations by offering seamless integration with 200+ apps. You name it and we will integrate the software with your desired internal software to help streamline your field operation.

While using TrackoField Employee Time Tracking Software


No doubt that field employee time tracking software improves productivity and accelerates your business towards sustainable growth. You can seamlessly track and centralize all data pertaining to employees’ working hours and make payroll processing a breeze.

The system also helps in dealing with challenges like employees’ dishonesty while filing their timesheets. If you are looking for one such software then what about the idea of using it right away?

Sign up to use TrackoField for free and discover how this profound tool helps in more than just real-time tracking.


  • What is employee time tracking software?

    The employee time tracking software helps field companies track employee time & productivity seamlessly. Employing the software also helps in creating projects, generating reports, and getting analytics that are further used to analyze employees’ performance.

  • What TrackoField incorporate in its employee time tracking software?

    Here are certain features that you can find in TrackoField such as:
    ✅Ad-hoc task allocation
    ✅Automated reimbursement procedure
    ✅Real-time task update
    ✅Geo-coded attendance marking
    ✅Track orders on the go

  • What are the significant benefits of employee time tracking tools?

    You will get multiple benefits after utilizing the employee tracking software for remote employees such as
    ✅Automated time tracking
    ✅Realistic deadline setting
    ✅Seamless tools integration
    ✅Anytime, anywhere time tracking
    ✅Falsified timesheets excluding
    ✅Efficient resource allocation

Employee Time Tracking Software: Track Field Employee Hours Without Fuss

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