Benefits of Employee Time-Tracking for Result-Only Work Environment

Optimise time allocation and prevent overspending/time wastage by utilising employee tracking software in a results-oriented work environment.

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. – William Penn

Time is a game changer. And only a few years back, employees were commuting daily to offices for their 9-5 jobs. But now we see them working from home or mountains. Why is that? That is because the pandemic gave organisations a new perception of working. This led to companies adopting a Result-Only Work Environment (ROWE).

In such an environment, the employees focus on producing results instead of sticking to strict schedules or coming to offices. In such cases, employee time tracking software is necessary to successfully implement and sustain ROWE as it will provide real-time insights and data.

What is Result Only Work Environment (ROWE)

A Result-Only Work Environment (ROWE) places importance on the results achieved by the employees instead of the hours they spent completing the tasks. The system urges employers to pay employees according to the output instead of the time worked.

In this paradigm, if the employees finish their tasks earlier, they can either pick another task or chill on their couch. But if they take longer than required, they must ensure that they revamp their productivity so they don’t miss out on other tasks.

Using Employee Time Tracking Software

But we cannot completely do away with the concept of time management. That is because even to build, sustain and drive results; managers must indulge in employee time tracking. It is done indirectly to ensure that the employees do not spend all their time on a single job.

Employee time tracking software can help managers macromanage their employees’ time. The software will provide solutions and features that will aid managers and employees in managing their tasks and time.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking for ROWE

The employee time tracking software will help you manage time and your employees by bringing visibility into their actions and tasks.

1. Enhances Productivity and Efficiency

The employee time tracker provides real time insights into how your employees use their time and resources. The managers can identify patterns and eliminate distractions to maximise productivity. With accurate data, employees can prioritise their tasks and ensure that the important and high-value activities get the most attention and effort.

2. Improves Accountability and Transparency

Employee time-tracking software can promote accountability and transparency among the team and between supervisors and employees. The software helps managers allocate well-defined schedules and tasks to each employee. Task management flexibility is crucial for ROWE.

The task management system automates the task timeline process. Managers get the dashboard showing each employee’s task assigned, tasks completed and pending. This helps to bring in accountability for actions and task results. It also helps in bringing transparency to the workflow. 

3. Identifies and Eliminates Time-wasting Activities

Employee time tracking software tracks the location, tasks, and time consumed. The time-tracking data can reveal inefficiencies in the workflow. These insights will help in improvement. And it streamlines operations and optimises time utilisation and overall performance by automation.

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking In ROWE

4. Optimises Resource Allocation and Project Management

With the right data and solutions like real time employee monitoring and task management, managers can pair the resources where they are most required. This ensures that the resources are optimally utilised. Also, the managers have access to historical data, which helps to improve planning.

5. Enhances Work-life Balance

Employee time tracking brings awareness to the amount of time spent on work-related tasks. This helps employees to maintain a work-life balance by allowing them to utilise their time effectively.

As the ROWE promotes flexible working, the employee time tracker aligns their work schedules with their personal commitments. This helps them plan and accommodate personal commitments without compromising on work responsibilities.

Additionally, the system helps allocate tasks that suit the employees’ skills and bandwidth. By this, no one employee is overburdened. 

6. Data-driven Decision Making

A time tracking system automatically generates reports that show how employees spend their time and how long it takes them to complete tasks. This further helps in task scheduling as managers know the employees’ bandwidth.

Also, tracking employees’ time helps supervisors identify inefficiencies in their work. This knowledge can be put to use to optimise the process and eliminate bottlenecks.

7. Increases Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Employee time tracking in ROWE gives employees power over their work schedules and their time. This gives them a sense of empowerment and control, increasing engagement and job satisfaction.

Also, since the system promotes real-time tracking of location and time, it helps to bring transparency to operations and processes. This helps to eliminate bias and promotes recognising and rewarding employees’ efforts.

Hey, what’s the Time? It’s TrackoField Time

Time is money, and your employees are your biggest asset. Utilising both optimally makes all the difference.

ROWE promotes a result-driven form of working. But for proper management, managers or superiors need to track employees’ time on each task without making it suffocating and daunting for employees. An employee time tracker does exactly that but subtly and efficiently. It’s like a ninja, soundless yet on point.

TrackoField is an employee time-tracking software that helps you build and sustain a result-only work environment through its solution like real time reports, automation, task management etc. This allows organisations to track their employees’ time and provides them with enough flexibility in their schedules.

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Benefits of Employee Time-Tracking for Result-Only Work Environment

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