What is Field Service Management and Why is it Important?

Why is Field Service Management Software Important 8 Advantages Listed!

Field service management software seamlessly executes processes for industries that heavily rely on off site operations. How? Get into and learn everything about field service management software.

Do you still follow traditional practices to monitor your field staff?

Well, paper-based field operations are no longer effective. You must think outside the box and adopt a new approach to stay ahead of the curve. Wondering how? By using a robust field service management system that eliminates all obstacles on the go.

The software comes with various features and helps in:

✅Monitoring field staff

✅Increasing workforce productivity

✅Improving business operation

That’s how it brings field businesses closer to success.

Want to learn more about the field service management system and why it is important for your organization? Let’s engrave further!

What is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) ensures the full-fledged procedure of managing field employees who work for industries like repair and maintenance, consultation, sales, regular inspections, and customer support.

Field service management is incomplete without effective tools and software that offer more than just employee tracking such as:

  • Faster order processing
  • Distance traveled reports
  • Expense evidence upload
  • Optimal resource schedule planning
  • Employees’ performance analysis
  • Clear communication

As field service management software comes with these offerings, businesses’ productivity is likely to grow dramatically.

Importance of Field Service Management Software – You Shouldn’t Miss

Top Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

Now, let’s read about the benefits of field service management software and get our doubts resolved on “why field service management is important?”

1. Automated Expense Reimbursement

Getting fake expense reimbursement requests is just a nightmare as they don’t exist in reality when you utilize an automated expense reimbursement.

This feature helps streamline the hefty process of employee expense claiming, reporting with evidence, and approval for quick disbursement. And guess what? A field service management system like TrackoField prioritizes this feature, using which, managers can get rid of fake claims, assess proofs, and process the entire reimbursement automatically.

Even the software allows seamless expense claiming with evidence upload. Executives just have to upload evidence of expense, which is further acknowledged by managers.

2. Effective Shift Scheduling

What if we tell you that you don’t have to rely on traditional modules to create proper work shifts for your executives? You just jumped with excitement, didn’t you?

So, don’t stop jumping because shift scheduling gets far better with easy ad-hoc adjustments and instant task alerts on the go. Instead of just saving time for the manager, shift scheduling reduces employees’ over time and allows for strategic planning.

TrackoField enabled with a shift scheduling feature ensures that the right employee is at the right job at the right time. For field operations, managing shift scheduling helps in achieving consistency. Moreover, as executives get alerts when their shifts get scheduled, fairness in their work is achieved.

3. Instant Bulk Task Allocation

A huge tree of tasks! How can I allocate this?

Such kinds of thoughts are common when you are a manager dealing with uncanny task requirements and requests. But these thoughts don’t exist when you have field service management software. Because the software requires only some taps and clicks to allocate the tasks to the designated employee. It lets the manager assess the workforce, assign tasks in bulk, and monitor the quality, very conveniently. 

Indeed, field service automation has made task allocation much easier than before. Moreover, TrackoField’s task vs achievement feature adds the cherry on the cake as it gives an insight into the completed or uncompleted tasks for better analysis.

4. Ad-hoc Order Placement

Ad-hoc order placement is another remarkable benefit of the field service management system. It allows employees to place their orders from the client’s site digitally. That means they don’t have to return to the office again to check for the inventory and any other relevant information.  They can create orders, choose clients, add products from an extensive list, and notify the manager about the order placement.

Moreover, managers can get real-time order visibility, add custom pricing and discounts, and prepare the product list based on location, product, and team category. Whether you want to streamline order processing, routing, or fulfillment in real-time, a field service management software like TrackoField can help you with ad-hoc order placement.

5. Mobile and Desktop Reporting

Reporting for field staff isn’t just limited to phone calls, emails, and papers as they have now shifted to cloud-enabled field force management software, available for both mobile and desktop devices.

TrackoField’s mobile and desktop reporting functionality helps managers access task success reports and proof of delivery in real-time without having to constantly stay seated. It also provides in-built calendar templates for calendar scheduling and saves costs on paper. Moreover, you can generate reports on different official matters such as task progress, distance traveled, expense claiming requests, performance & productivity, etc. at the tap of a fingertip.

6. Efficient Employee Monitoring

Simplifying employee monitoring software has never been possible without the geofencing technology that most field service management software offers. The technology works way better than giving a bird’s eye view of an employee’s movements.

It allows the manager to limit the areas wherein their offsite staff can navigate or mark their attendance all just to avoid the chances of time theft, extended breaks, and buddy punching. From the moment employees mark their attendance at the geofenced location. When integrated with an automated route distance calculator, the feature makes it easy to evaluate the total miles travelled by each field staff.

7. Quicker Time to Information

Trust, transparency, and effective communication are integral components of any organization. However, it is hard to enjoy the same when you operate a field organization.

But, not anymore!

Because field service management software offered by TrackoField provides battery and network status and the reasons behind field staff’s unavailability. For instance, the manager can instantly check “Is the employee’s phone on flight mode, out of network area, or switched off?” so, there is no possibility of worrying about an employee’s unavailability.

8. Real-time Data Visualization

What else a field service management software brings to your table is real-time data visualization. A field employee monitoring system like TrackoField comes with an intuitive dashboard, looking at which, the manager can analyze the performance metrics, track progress around each goal, look into orders placed by employees, and monitor everything from the same place.

Organizations can simplify complex data and use it for identifying areas of improvement and making better business-driven decisions.

Evolution of Field Service Management Software

Stats Showing Field Service Management Systems are Growing at a Rapid Pace

As a field service management system minimizes data losses, mitigates human errors, and increases data security, most businesses are incorporating them to get endless benefits. Here are stats about the field service management software market that you should not ignore:

  • The field service management industry which was recorded at USD 3.24 billion is now expected to expand to USD 8.06 billion in 2028.
  • According to Statista, the global field service market is predicted to account for $4.45 billion.
  • By 2027, the field service industry can grow and reach USD 5.7 billion.
  • The field service management systems are expected to expand and extend at a CAGR of 15.4% over the next five years.
  • 96% of companies find GPS field tracking software beneficial.
  • 51% of organizations implement field service management systems.

Beat the Challenges of Traditional Field Service Management with TrackoField

Discard these challenges with TrackoField

When you try to manage your field employees traditionally, challenges like time theft, duplicate entries, extra paperwork, communication barriers, lower productivity, etc., appear.


Because you are not aware of your employee’s whereabouts. It increases their chances of poorly utilizing their time. They can also make duplicate entries and do buddy punching, which puts organizations in great trouble.

Fortunately, you can resolve all these with TrackoField. It automates the entire procedure and lets you avoid paperwork, absenteeism, buddy punching, and other challenges. Moreover, the software consists of some robust features like:

✅Real-time employee monitoring

✅Geo-coded attendance marking

✅Task success reports

✅And other tools like expense management, distance travelled reports to manage field agents or staff

Thus, emphasizes transparency, trust, and enhanced communication among managers and executives.

How to Implement Field Service Management Software?

Here is how you can implement field service management software and lead your executives to reach their maximum potential.

  • Know What You Want

Identifying your needs, business challenges, and goals is crucial because it is only through which you can determine the features you want in software. TrackoField comes with basic and advanced features for all organizational needs. You can book a demo to learn more.

  • Appoint Field Service Managers

Although the system is automated, you still need field managers who will delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees from the office. Also, managers must have an overview of your company’s projects, future goals, services, or products to manage an efficient workflow.

  • Start Small

If you are just introduced to field service management software, don’t overwhelm yourself with advanced or complex features. Instead, go with the basic ones and gradually use the advanced version when your organizational needs expand.

  •  Consider Data

Also, don’t forget to use the data collected from the system to reach your future goals. For instance, after looking at the data collected on employee productivity indicating frequent absenteeism you can strategize and plan better policies.

Why TrackoField’s Field Employee Monitoring Software?

TrackoField’s field employee monitoring software helps in optimizing remote workforces. It automates task assignments, provides real-time operational visibility, and simplifies field operations in just a few clicks.

Moreover, the software helps in managing multiple activities and individuals in the same place. Organizations can get an array of benefits with TrackoField, such as:

  • Automated reimbursement
  • Shift scheduling
  • Ad-hoc order placement
  • Instant bulk task allocation
  • Efficient employee monitoring, etc.

However, before starting with TrackoField, you must ensure to recognize your business needs and goals.

TrackoField reenergizes field operations with

In a Nutshell!

That’s a lot of info, so here is what you must take away from the blog.

Field service management software modernizes the way field employees are monitored. The system optimizes remote operations for construction companies, healthcare organizations, and utility providers. Order processing, employee tracking, expense claiming with evidence upload, schedule planning, and creating distance traveled reports are some of the tasks automated by the system. And that’s the reason why 77% of organizations worldwide prefer FSM software.

Moreover, organizations can fight against bottlenecks like time theft, duplicate entries, extra paperwork, communication barriers, lower productivity, etc. with field service management software. If your organization also belongs to the field industry, ensure to get the software. You can try TrackoField to boost your field operations.

What is Field Service Management and Why is it Important?

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