How to Choose the Right Delivery Management Software?

How to Choose the Right Delivery Management Software

Want a right delivery management software that can automate the delivery process from start to finish? Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best delivery management platform for 2024. 

Be it third, second, or last mile, every logistics company aim to deliver goods on time. To reduce delivery time, businesses are ready to invest in tools and technology that can help optimise the process. 

Well, congratulations, you have finally found the way to do so- right delivery management software.

This software is created keeping in mind all the problems logistics or last mile delivery companies undergo while delivering parcels and consignments. It is efficiently streamlining the process and reducing delivery costs.

But the question that remains unanswered is- which delivery management solution to choose in 2024? To gain answers to your questions, continue scrolling down.

What is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software is a tool created to optimise and streamline delivery and logistics operations for businesses. It helps in delivering orders to end customers in a faster and cost-efficient manner.  The software’s prime purpose is to bring efficiency to logistics through tools and features.

The functionality of the software encompasses optimising routes for drivers, real-time tracking orders, and managing deliveries while facilitating smooth communication between the dispatcher and the rider. Another aspect of the software that works wonders is recognising areas of improvement through analytical reports.

Just by centralising the important aspect of the delivery operation, businesses have a higher chance of gaining visibility and managing their drivers lucratively.

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How to Choose the Right Delivery Management Software?

Here are the 8 key features that you must expect from multiple delivery management platforms in the market.

1. Dynamic Dispatch Management

Having dispatch management software that optimises resource allocation, reduces wastage and amplifies the effectiveness of the dispatching operation is a must. After considering various factors, it helps to pair orders with the available riders.

2. Rule Engine Carrier Management

This feature pairs orders with the ideal vehicle. No more manually enquiring about the availability of the vehicles for deliveries of larger boxes. TrackoMile-like software matches orders with vehicles after considering factors like

  • Vehicle capacity, size, and dimensions
  • Traffic conditions
  • Distance between dispatching and delivery destination.
  • And 50 other custom rules.

3. Top-level Route Optimisation

Deliver orders on time with optimised routes. Route optimisation is an unmissable part of efficient delivery management software. It’s best to look for software that leverages advanced algorithms to provide the best-suited routes after considering 120+ factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity.

This feature is vital as it not only saves time and resources but can also help businesses achieve their green goals and win customer hearts.

4. Rider Roster for Driver Management

Manage driver schedules without breaking into a sweat. Through the rider roster, know which delivery rider and vehicle is available, their entire shift schedule, and tasks assigned and completed. All in all, it helps automate the delivery process, right from assigning processes to and keeping a check that the drivers operate at their peak efficiency.

5. Seamless Communication with Rider App

The best delivery management software comes with an exclusive rider app that facilitates efficient order allocation and smooth communication with the riders. Dispatchers can communicate important details and assign additional tasks.

6. Real-time Locational Updates

Through real time tracking, the dispatchers are able to monitor deliveries and rider activities for enhanced visibility. Real-time tracking is essential as it helps promote accountability on the rider’s side and enhances customer transparency. Through it, communication becomes easy, casualties are reduced, and there are better reactions to unseen casualties. 

7. ETAs and Proof of Delivery

With the help of the right delivery management software in 2024, end consumers can track their orders right from shipping to final delivery. This not only helps with determining the delivery’s ETA but also helps gain consumer trust through end-to-end visibility.

The delivery management platform ensures that the deliveries are completed with evidence through proof of delivery (POD). Software like TrackoMile supports multiple formats of ePOD, such as e-signature, barcode scanning, OTP, and other verification forms.

8. Analytical Reports

Analytical reports are a must-have feature of every efficient delivery management solution, as they detect areas of improvement. It’s best to go for software that provides comprehensive, insightful reports on performance metrics and delivery success and identifies patterns and trends.

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How to Choose the Right Delivery Management Software Vendors?

As you assess delivery management software, it is common to overlook the vendors, which can be a grave mistake. A proper evaluation of the vendors is of utmost importance. Software provider evaluation can be done on various factors, such as:

Reputation and Track Record

Foremost, begin by looking up the reputation of the potential providers. This can be done by tracking their previous deliverable success and contacting past or current customers.

Feature Richness and Customisation

Carefully evaluate every feature and solution offered by the vendor. Question: how exactly is it contributing to and enhancing the delivery management process? Also, it’s best to go with a right delivery management software that can be altered according to your brand identity. It is a pocket-friendly option.

TrackoMile’s delivery management offers a suite of solutions for dispatch management, route optimisation, order and rider tracking. These features can be customised to fit the company’s requirements.

Integration Capabilities

A delivery management platform that has the capability to integrate easily with existing systems is ideal. This integration prowess ensures that you choose right delivery management software aligns effortlessly with your other business tools, promoting efficiency and data consistency.

Ease of Use and Training

Any software must have user-friendly interfaces topped with intuitive features in order to be successfully adopted. TrackoMile offers an interface that is simple to use and quick to pick up, demonstrating their understanding of the value of a flawless user experience. This facilitates a seamless transition and quick implementation by guaranteeing that your team can take full advantage of the software without requiring intensive training.

Support and Scalability

Finally, evaluate the solution’s scalability and the vendor’s degree of support. TrackoMile guarantees scalability to meet your changing business needs and provides committed customer support. TrackoMile expands with your business as it grows, offering continuous assistance to improve your delivery management procedures.

with TrackoMile

Why is Delivery Management Important?

Over time, the e-commerce sector has experienced exponential growth, resulting in consumer demand and behaviour shifts. Demand trends and customer expectations have been significantly impacted by this.

By automating the entire delivery process, you can increase your company’s profitability and retain customers.

Meeting customer demands, optimising driver schedules, and managing bookings are all made possible by an effective delivery management system.

Here are some ways how delivery management solutions optimise the delivery operation:

  • It allows you to manage driver schedules to track the availability of delivery drivers, assign jobs to drivers, and automate dispatch.
  • It offers built-in features to confirm that the shipment is delivered to the right recipient, such as an e-signature record confirmation of delivery.
  • The software is enabling companies to deliver on time which is essential for increasing customer satisfaction.
  • By providing live tracking links, it broadens the public awareness of your courier delivery services and helps you gain the trust of your clients through customer service.
  • With multiple stops and locations, you can quickly and efficiently construct an efficient route plan. You may also track traffic trends to optimize the delivery routes.


The success of your delivery operations depends critically on your choice of the right delivery management software. When selecting the software ensure that it has all the required features. Also ensure that it supports your company’s objectives, increases productivity and eventually helps the company grow and expand.

TrackoMile has state-of-the-art solutions that are helping in last-mile logistics to thrive. We at TrackoMile completely understand the unique needs and the challenges companies face when directly dealing with the end consumers. The solutions are designed to help automate and optimise the delivery process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who uses delivery management software?

    Many companies depend on delivery management companies to automate and optimise their delivery process such as:
    -Logistics and Transportation
    -Delivery and Courier services
    -Retail Business
    -Wholesale and Distribution companies
    -Food and Beverage
    -Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
    -Home Services
    -Rental Firms for events

  • How can Delivery Management Software benefit my business?

    The software streamlines and automates order delivery, task assignment, vehicle and consignment tracking, route planning, and other activities that businesses require it to handle deliveries. Additionally, it allows companies to use the fewest resources and expenses possible while eliminating delivery delays and providing total logistics transparency.

  • Is Delivery Management Software suitable for small businesses?

    Yes, choose right delivery management software is a must for small businesses as it helps them streamline their delivery process. This is vital for reducing the cost of operation and helps manage deliveries and orders easily. It's best to go for software like TrackoMile, which offers white-label solutions, is reasonably priced, and has a suite of solutions fulfilling all the requirements of small businesses.

  • What are the benefits of right delivery management software?

    Delivery management software offers numerous benefits for businesses involved in logistics, transportation, and delivery services. Here are some key advantages:
    Efficient Route Planning: Optimizes delivery routes to reduce travel time and fuel costs.
    Real-time Tracking: Enables real-time tracking of delivery vehicles, providing accurate ETAs to customers.
    Customer Communication: Facilitates automated communication with customers, providing updates on delivery status.
    Resource Optimization: Helps businesses manage and allocate resources effectively, optimising workforce and vehicle utilisation.
    Data Analytics and Reporting: Provides valuable insights through analytics and reporting tools.
    Cost Reduction: Lowers operational costs by streamlining processes and reducing manual errors.
    Improved Order Accuracy: Reduces the risk of order errors by automating order processing and fulfillment.
    Scalability: Adapts to the growing needs of a business by providing scalable solutions.
    Enhanced Customer Experience: Builds trust through accurate tracking, communication, and on-time deliveries.
    Competitive Advantage: Allows for differentiation in the market through better service quality.

How to Choose the Right Delivery Management Software?

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