Here Are 4 Types of Anti-Theft Devices for Vehicles You Need

Protect Your Fleet - Explore All Types of Anti-Theft Devices

Are you searching for the various kinds of anti-theft devices available in the market and how they bring wonders when combined with GPS tracking systems? Get all your answers here!

Vehicle theft can cripple a business’s logistics operations, leading to lost productivity, disruptive operations, and expensive replacements. When dealing with a commercial fleet, the stakes even get higher. But don’t worry, with the right anti-theft devices, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and ensure that your fleet stays safe.

This piece of writing dives deep into everything revolving around all types of anti-theft devices for commercial vehicles.

Let’s get right in! But before we dive in, here’s a crucial fact to understand the importance of anti-theft devices.

Did you know 💡

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), a prominent expert on vehicle crime, has released statistics indicating that there has been a significant rise of 10%  in vehicle thefts throughout the United States.

The fact clearly states how important an anti-theft device is.

What are Anti-Theft Devices?

✅ Anti-Theft Devices (definition) – Anti-theft devices are security mechanisms designed to prevent unauthorized access and theft of vehicles, property, or personal belongings. They include physical barriers like locks, electronic systems such as alarms and immobilizers, and tracking tools like GPS systems.

These devices work by deterring potential thieves, preventing theft attempts, detecting unauthorized actions, and aiding in the recovery of stolen items.

How Do Anti-Theft Devices Work- The Nitty-Gritty

Anti-theft devices function through deterrence, prevention, detection, and recovery mechanisms to protect vehicles and property.

Deterrence is achieved by visible devices like steering wheel locks and security cameras, which discourage potential thieves.

Prevention involves making unauthorized access difficult or impossible, as seen with remote vehicle immobilizers that disable the vehicle’s ignition without the correct key or deadbolts that secure the vehicles.

Detection includes car alarms and motion sensors that trigger alerts when suspicious activity is detected.

Finally, recovery is facilitated by GPS tracking devices that provide real-time location data, aiding in the retrieval of stolen items.

By integrating the above approaches, anti-theft devices offer comprehensive security solutions.

Various Types of Anti-Theft Devices For Vehicles

Types of Anti-Theft Devices For Vehicles

1) Electronic Devices

  • Car / Vehicle Alarms

Car alarms are security systems designed to deter theft and vandalism. They typically work by emitting a loud noise when triggered by unauthorized entry, movement, or tampering. Modern car/ vehicle alarms often include features such as remote control, shock sensors, and tilt sensors, and can be integrated with other security systems for enhanced protection.

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilizers

An immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or token) is present. This device works by sending an encrypted code from the key to the engine control unit (ECU). If the code does not match, the engine will not start, effectively immobilizing the vehicle.

  • eLocks

eLocks or electronic locks can be integrated with the software to ensure that the consignment is safely locked away in waiting or transit. These locks are locked by passwords through the software. Therefore, if anyone tries to break containers to get into the consignment, you’ll get an instant notification.

  • Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras aka dash-cams, are cameras mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a vehicle to continuously record the view through the front windscreen. Dash cams help in capturing the in-cabin activities of the drivers as well as the outer surroundings of the vehicle.

They help capture risky driver behavior or driving patterns, hence further providing evidence in case of accidents, and deter theft or vandalism when parked ensuring vehicle safety.

  • Kill Switches

A kill switch is a manual or electronic switch installed in a vehicle to disable the engine. It can be disguised to prevent easy access by potential thieves. When activated, the kill switch interrupts the flow of electricity to the engine, making it impossible to start or run the vehicle.

2) Tracking Devices

  • GPS vehicle trackers

GPS vehicle trackers are devices that use the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle. These trackers can transmit location data in real time to a computer or smartphone. They are often used as a part of fleet management solutions to monitor the precise movements of vehicles and recover the stolen vehicles and ensure vehicle security.

  • RFID

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) uses radio waves to automatically identify and track tags attached to vehicles and consignments. In vehicles, RFID tags other than heping in toll collection and parking access also helps in identification to ensure vehicle security.

An RFID system has two main parts: a tag and a reader. The tag sends data to the reader, which contains information like name, location of the tagged items. The reader captures this data by using radio waves sent from the tag.

3) Mechanical Devices

  • Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks are physical locks that are attached to the steering wheel to prevent its maneuvering. These are also known as crook locks or club locks. It’s the first generation of steering-wheel locks, known as canes, consisting of a lockable bar that connects the steering wheel to the brake pedal or clutch pedal.

  • Pedal & Gear Locks

Pedal locks clamp around the brake or clutch pedal, preventing them from being depressed. Gear locks, also known as gear shift locks, secure the gear lever in position, preventing the vehicle from being shifted out of gear. Both types of locks act as mechanical barriers to deter theft.

  • Hood Locks

Hood locks secure the vehicle’s hood to prevent unauthorized access to the engine compartment. These locks are usually operated by a key and can be installed as an additional security measure to protect valuable components under the hood.

4) Smart Devices

  • Smart Keys

Smart keys are advanced key systems that use radio waves to communicate with the vehicle. They enable keyless entry and ignition, allowing the driver to unlock and start the car without removing the key from their pocket or bag. Smart keys often include features like remote start, remote locking/unlocking, and sometimes even integration with smartphone apps for additional functionalities.

How Fleet Operating Business Benefit From Anti-Theft Devices

Now that we know the various types of anti-theft devices, let’s just unfold how fleet-operating businesses can leverage the devices.

1) Prevention of Theft and Enhanced Security

Anti-theft devices are designed to deter theft and provide security to vehicles. With advanced technologies like GPS tracking, engine immobilizers, and alarm systems, these devices make it significantly harder for thieves to maliciously access and steal vehicles.

GPS tracking systems allow fleet managers to monitor vehicle locations in real-time. The systems help in enabling quick response if a vehicle is stolen. Additionally, anti-theft devices like immobilizers prevent the engine from starting without the correct key authorization, adding another layer of security. Moreover, vehicle alarm systems alert both the driver and the surrounding area in case of unauthorized access to the vehicle.

2) Lowers Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies in most cases offer lower premiums to businesses that install anti-theft devices in their vehicles. This is because the vehicles equipped with these devices are less likely to be stolen or damaged, reducing the risk for insurers.

As a result, fleet-operating businesses can save significantly on insurance costs. These savings can be reinvested into the business, improving overall financial health and allowing for potential expansion or upgrades to the fleet.

3) Better Data Collection and Better Decision-making

Modern anti-theft devices often come with data collection capabilities that provide valuable insights into vehicle usage and driver behavior. Fleet managers can access data on the vehicle’s current location, traveled routes, engine speed, idle times, and more crucial vehicular or operational data.

This data can be analyzed to make informed decisions about route optimization, fuel usage, and driver training programs. By understanding patterns and identifying areas for improvement, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

4) Improves Operational Efficiency

Anti-theft devices contribute to operational efficiency in several ways. Firstly, by preventing theft, they reduce the downtime associated with replacing stolen vehicles and the administrative burden of dealing with theft incidents.

Additionally, the data collected can be used to plan better routes, leading to more timely deliveries and better client service. Additionally, by monitoring driver behavior, fleet managers can identify and address issues such as harsh braking, speeding, or excessive idling, leading to safer and more efficient driving practices. Overall, the use of anti-theft devices streamlines operations and contributes to smoother, more reliable fleet management.

💡Some Stats around Vehicle Theft 

California led with 208,668 thefts in 2023, followed by Texas and Florida. The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Connecticut saw the highest percentage increases in vehicle thefts, with the District of Columbia experiencing a staggering 64% rise​ (National Insurance Crime Bureau)​​ (III)​.

Urban centers tend to be hotspots for these crimes, with densely populated regions like Los Angeles and San Francisco reporting significant theft volumes​ (National Insurance Crime Bureau)​.

The above-mentioned stats clearly state how the theft of commercial vehicles has been a serious concern, so to prevent it, why not opt for a system that is compatible with anti-theft devices? The next section of the blog unfolds the same.

Why Trust TrackoBit’s Vehicle Tracking System?

Complete Safety with a Complete Fleet Tracking System

Enhance the safety of your fleet with any of the anti-theft devices combined with TrackoBit’s real-time tracking systems. Get precise locational coordinates along with vehicle status and activities with a 6-month trip history.

Wait…wait, this is still not the end, as you also get

  • Advanced Geofencing with entry-exit Alerts
  • Live Streaming and Real-time Locational Tracking
  • Instant Theft Alerts and Notifications
  • Long-Term Data Analytics to Review Trends

Additional Vehicle Safety Features You Get with TrackoBit

📌Parking Mode

The parking mode comes in handy when the vehicle is parked. You can simply turn on the parking mode from the software itself and receive a notification whenever the vehicle starts moving, shaking, or getting towed in.

📌SOS Button

 SOS alarms or panic buttons are the best way to help your drivers be safe. TBs Driver app is equipped with an SOS button, which your drivers or operational staff can press in case they are suspected of any danger or are stuck in an emergency situation maybe a vehicle breakdown.

📌Battery Disconnection Alerts

Battery theft is one of the biggest concerns of business. The system provides a unique Battery Disconnection Alarm that will shoot an alert if the battery is removed from the device.

📌Engine Immobilization

With this feature, you can remotely lock/unlock your vehicle to cut the connection between the engine and the battery as soon as you receive an eLock notification or SoS alarm.

To Put Up in a Nutshell

Commercial vehicle theft can be extremely stressful as it results in causing disruptions and financial losses. Anti-theft devices are essential for protecting your fleet, and integrating them with a reliable vehicle tracking system can further enhance security and efficiency.

All in all, anti-theft devices have changed the game of vehicle safety. They come in various types. You really can pick the one that is suitable for your fleet/ for your businesses.

That’s just not it

Simply investing in fleet management software that is compatible with all kinds of fleet management software will not only help you organize your fleet but will also help you reduce theft.

TrackoBit’s leading vehicle tracking system is easily compatible with all kinds of anti-theft devices and has all the right solutions that will help you dive deep into the insight.

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Here Are 4 Types of Anti-Theft Devices for Vehicles You Need

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