Top 10 Field Service Management Software

Top 10 Field Service management Software

TrackoField is one of the best field service management software that’ll enhance your field operations. Choose the right match by checking features, scalability, and budget. 

The world is moving towards a place where every service can be provided at the customer’s home. Resultantly, the field service management industry is set to reach $5.1 billion by 2025

Hence, the best businesses understand this and are part of the 48% organisation that use field service management software for automation and simplicity of operations. 

But the rapid growth is not always great news for developers. Why? Because now, they have added competition in the market. There are thousands of field force management software out there – so, we’ve listed 10 of the most useful ones in this blog. 

What is Field Service Management Software?

A field service management software is a comprehensive digital platform that simplifies all operations taking place on the field, as opposed to operations undergoing in the office. 

It is meant to manage resources, tasks, employees, and everything involved with these three pillars. Therefore, it generally comes with solutions for leave and attendance management, task management, real-time employee tracking, and more. Field service management software, also known as field force management software is the key to smooth and effective field operations.

Who is a Field Service Management Software For? 

Any business needing employees to be on the field needs field service management software. But here are some examples of some sectors where this software can come in handy:

10 Best Field Service Management Software 

Be it for sales or servicing, having field service management software always helps.  

But since the competition is high among software providers, it can be tough for you to find the perfect match for your organisation. But worry not! Check this list to see which of the top field service technology software you’d like to use for your field operations. 

Software Real-time Employee Tracking Attendance Management Tools Task Management Tools Dual App for Managers and Executives
Housecall Pro

1. TrackoField – Best For Comprehensive Field Operations

Field Service management Software 2023

TrackoField is the best field service management software for small businesses because 

  • It offers free usage for up to 10 users 
  • It has the highest-ranking solutions needed to kickstart your business

Known for their expertise in telematics technology, the developers in TrackoField surpassed themselves in this software by creating a one-package platform for all small and large businesses. 

With TrackoField, you can track and manage tasks, location, timesheets, expenses, and much more to make your field operations smooth as butter. Its software is built to bring together a scattered workforce into a comprehensive and systematic whole.

Top Features Offered By TrackoField

  • Dual App: With TrackoField’s dual app everyone sees what they need to – nothing more, nothing less. Separate apps for managers and executives allow smooth communication and clutter-free operations. 
  • Offline Mode: TrackoField tracks executives’ devices’ battery and network status in real-time. However, if an executive loses network, the software will still work as normal and all data packets will be shared when their device has network again. 
  • Distance Travelled Reports: The automated field service software traces employees’ every move on the field. You get to replay their journey, get the total distance travelled, waypoints touched and much more.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Nothing about your field operations can go unnoticed and unanalysed when you have TrackoField by your side. The software tracks all performance metrics in the field and then puts all results in bite-sized reports for you to analyse later. 
  • Fool-proof Attendance: With TrackoField, you can rest assured that all the attendance data you have is absolutely authentic. This is mostly because TrackoField offers you to verify mark-ins through multiple options – visuals, geo-location, etc. 

2. Zuper – Best For Order Management


Zuper is an all-encompassing field service management software. It can manage everything from work orders and executive schedules to location tracking and order bills. 

If you are looking for a workforce management software that can be your one-stop solution for everything related to your remote workforce, Zuper should be your top call. The best thing about this software is that even if it takes care of everything from invoicing to contracts, all organisational data is safe within the platform, and locked away for limited access only.

Top Features Offered By Zuper

  • Invoicing Capabilities: Zuper allows you to automate workflows from one end to another through invoice creation capabilities. It empowers field executives to collect payment at the job site for streamlined operations. 
  • Timesheet Management: Through Zuper, you get time-tracking functionalities that streamline the shift and timesheet management systems in your team. While it doesn’t offer a defined attendance management system, it allows you to check the in and out time for our field executives, while keeping a close track of their working hours. 
  • Contract Building: The Zuper app is made to allow you to handle all types of work contracts. Through the software, you can edit, search, sign, and maintain a record of all your contracts in one place. 

3. Navixy – Best For Field Routing


Just like TrackoField, Navixy is a known name in the fleet management software realm. And we can see that through the solutions it offers for its field service management module. From route optimisation and PODs, everything is in line with the parent fleet management software. 

Navixy’s field force management software is the best for you if you want to optimise the business-front of field operations rather than the operational front. We say so because it offers default features such as route optimisation and digital forms, rather than attendance and task management.

Top Features Offered By Navixy

  • Extension For Everything: The default software is pretty lightweight. However, you can add an extension for almost every feature you want – from access rights management to task management. 
  • Route Optimisation: After the tasks are determined, the first thing Navixy does is assign the most efficient route to field executives to save your business’ time and resources. 
  • Proper Job Dispatching: The system assigns tasks and dispatches executives on the basis of availability, proximity, and skills. This helps your services to be the most planned and strategic for maximum customer satisfaction. 

4. Cryotos – Best For Customer Satisfaction


Cryotos is an upcoming field service monitoring software that allows you to build your organisation stronger by prioritising customer satisfaction. Therefore, the software prioritises getting customer feedback and rating with every task. Moreover, the software’s AI capabilities also assign technicians according to the customers’ previous ratings. 

Another benefit of Cryotos is that it also comes with a nifty mobile app that makes real-time tracking much more powerful and convenient.

Top Features Offered By Cryotos

  • AI-powered Dispatching: The software matches the right executive based on their skills as per the customer’s previous ratings of your business’ services. 
  • Workflow Automation: Cryotos allows you to get rid of repetitive tasks such as repeat order management, and triggered actions like managing customer requests, etc. 
  • Reporting and Analysis: The software gives you detailed reports and analytics facilitating insights into every aspect of your operations. Therefore, you get to track technician performance and even gauge customer satisfaction. 

5. ConnecTeam – Best For Timesheet Management


ConnecTeam is workforce management software known for its impeccable timesheet management functionalities. This is one of the best small business software tools because it allows you to use the entire software’s functionality for absolutely free up to 10 users. So, you know that if you want to scale your workforce, this software will support larger teams. 

The software offers complete field service management functionalities from task management to field communication. However, it doesn’t offer employee attendance tracking and doesn’t have dual apps for managers and executives. 

Top Features Offered By ConnecTeam

  • Detailed Timesheets: Get the best timesheet management systems in the field force management systems. The system tracks employees in real-time to verify time spent on the field. 
  • Payroll Management: ConnectTeam’s impeccable timesheet management integrates with their payroll module, allowing HRs to be able to automate the payroll calculation system. employee time clock to track employees’ working hours & activities.
  • Reminders and Alerts: You can choose among various alert and notification options. Choose the aspects of field operations you want to be quickly notified about for the best results. 

6. Fieldsense – Best For Visit Management

Field Sense

Fieldsense has made a good name for itself in the field service management software realm. It is a powerful tracking, monitoring, and reporting system ideal for any business that has some field executives ready to work in the field. 

From executives’ location tracking and attendance management to expense reimbursement and visit management, Fieldsense makes things much easier for the executives on the field. Moreover, it also strengthens planning and strategizing with a real-time insightful dashboard. 

Top Features Offered By Fieldsense

  • Visit Management: Fieldsense allows you to schedule visits way in advance. Therefore, your executives have an idea of what their day is going to look like beforehand. 
  • Customer Address Management: Whenever an executive in your team visits a task site, the address is added to the system for future reference. This helps future tasks much quicker. 
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Fieldsense makes it simpler for executives to concentrate on the task at hand through turn-by-turn navigation. Therefore, they can see where their next meeting is and how they should reach there. 

7. Unolo – Best For Employee Tracking and Monitoring


Unolo is one of the older field service management software in the market – giving them a good grasp of the industry. While using the software, you will actually feel how the software provider’s team has their complete focus on field force management. From basic features like real-time tracking to advanced systems like target tracking and order booking, Unolo is truly meant to optimise your field operations. 

One of the biggest factors of Unolo’s success is how accurate it is in terms of field executive monitoring. No matter what aspect of field operations you want to look at, Unolo will get you the details.

Top Features Offered By Unolo

  • Real-time Location Tracking: get maximum accuracy in terms of executives’ locations on the field. Know where they are and what they’re doing in real-time. 
  • Verified Client Visits: All client visits (and attendance records) are geo-verified. Therefore, you know the data you’re collecting is 100% accurate. 
  • Managing Executive Targets: A unique feature offered by Unolo, you can define executive targets and see if they have fulfilled them on the software.  

8. Lystloc – Best For Customer Management


Lystloc is one of the more respected field service management software in the industry. And while it offers all the basic solutions – task, attendance, and location management, it goes a step beyond in touching on customer management. 

Lystloc can keep track of all customer orders, history, and interactions through features such as customer URL redirecting, auto-filling of customer details, etc. 

However, Lystloc doesn’t offer leave management capabilities or daily attendance and task linking like other software such as TrackoField do.

Top Features Offered By Lystloc

  • Geofenced Log-ins: Lystloc’s superior location tracking capabilities allows it to know if an executive is actually on the task site while they are marking their attendance, allowing the software to collect more accurate attendance data. 
  • Expense Updates: Through the Lystloc app, managers get real-time updates on when and what expenses executives have made on the field. 
  • Custom Forms and Fields: The software’s digital documentation capabilities are made stronger by the custom forms and fields functions along with auto-filling, wherein the software fills the information it already knows, and executives can add wherever fields they need to add on pre-existing forms. 

9. Housecall Pro – Best For Home Services

Housecall Pro

If you run an HVAC, plumbing, or any home service company, Housecall Pro is the solution for you. It helps you manage all the tasks in your team through efficient scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing tools. 

What sets Housecall Pro apart from all other software on this list is its invoicing capabilities. Therefore, along with helping with employee management, it also becomes a funds collection software. Do check it out if you are not looking for a field service management software not to manage employees, but to manage tasks and business.

Top Features Offered By ClickSchedule

  • Invoicing: The software allows you to send one-click digital invoices and auto reminders to customers. The software is integrated with QuickBooks to streamline the payment procedure. 
  • Recurring Job Scheduling: Through Housecall Pro, you do not have to manually assign the same task every week, month, etc. The software does it automatically for you. Just tell it the gap duration needed between two visits. 
  • Dispatching: Automatically track and manage dispatching from Housecall Pro. The software has complete employee records and hence, sends the right man for all jobs. 

10. GSMtasks- Best For Delivery Staff


Yes, GSMtasks is more of a last-mile software – but it works best for field staff devoted to delivery services. Therefore, it is a great way of managing the after-sales servicing sector where most of the servicing is product or part replacement. 

The best thing about this software is its route planning capabilities. All you have to do is define the tasks and the executives will have an efficient route planned out for them before they even set foot on the field.

Top Features Offered By GSMtasks

  • Driver App: The driver app allows executives to have a good look at all their tasks along with any new updates they might need to complete their tasks. 
  • Recurring Task Scheduling: For recurring tasks such as part replacement, the software can add the recurring task to the executive’s list right away. Therefore, you will not have to go through the whole planning session all over again. 
  • Customer Notifications: GSMtaks is particular about customer experience. Therefore, it can send notifications to employees regarding updates on the deliveries and services they’re expecting. 

Selecting a Field Service Management Software? Ask yourself These Questions! 

Using field service management software is the best way to optimise your routine efforts. But doing it is not child’s play especially if you’re not using the right software. 

So, when choosing the field service tracking solution for your fleet, always ask yourself these questions first. 

  • Does the field service software support my operational requirements?

Every business’ needs are different, and you must check if the software you’re choosing can support what your business needs. It should be able to give you solutions for your team’s size and requirements. Some crucial features to look for:

  • Leave and attendance management 
  • Task tracking and management
  • Distance travelled reports
  • Dual App Functionality
  • Order management
  • How easy will the field service software be for my team to use?

Not everyone in your field operations team will be technically proficient. Therefore, you need to check if the software is easy enough to understand and use for a general user. 

You can do this by checking if the software has:

  • Separate, uncluttered app for executives 
  • Easily understandable interface 
  • Navigating design 
  • Technical support
  • Is the field service automation software powerful enough to give me live updates?

Software robustness and uptime are crucial parameters in choosing the right field service management software. Check what kind of data the software can collect and process, and how its features and procedures help your overall field operations. If the software doesn’t give you live executive locational details, it’s better to move on.  

  • What level of customer support and training does the software provider offer?

Even the best field service software will glitch. Therefore, if the software provider offers 24×7 customer and technical support, it’s your winning bet. If not, you need to look for someone else! 

  • Is the software scalable enough to accommodate future business growth?

Even if you’re looking for small business software tools today, you will need larger software tomorrow. The point is, you’re using field force management software today to be able to grow your business. Therefore, the software you choose should be compatible with the future needs you’ll have with your team. 

Field Service Management Has Never Been Easier! 

There you have it! A comprehensive guide of the field service software you need to look into if you want to up your field servicing game! And doesn’t it get easier than knowing how exactly to choose the right software, right?

As you can see from this list, TrackoField is one of the best field service management software to use to streamline field operations. What’s best is that it is so versatile that it can fit any business needs. So, contact us, and get access to the best field staff management software you can use in 2023!

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Top 10 Field Service Management Software

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